Season 6 Episode 1

Let's Get Physical

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 2006 on The CW
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After Barbra Jean's successful weight loss, Reba becomes worried that she'll soon become the chubby friend and starts to eat healthy. Meanwhile, Brock is becoming suspicious that Barbra Jean maybe having an affair with her trainer, Jordan, leading him to ask Reba to check out what is really happening at the gym.moreless

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  • Funny.

    Reba, One really funny episode. The show starts its 6 season with this episode. To me this epsisode was funny. B.J comes and she is al skinny and all and Brock seems bothered by this. He sends Reba out to the Gym to spy on her. In the end they find out nothing was wrong but really funny,
  • barbra jean walks into reba's house in the beginning of the episode and she is very skinny. brock likes the new her until she starts going to the gym all the time. reba has to go check out the trainer at the gym and can't believe what she sees.moreless

    this was an awesome episode. it was liek the best way ever to start the season. this sixth season opened with a bang because of this episode. i don't know hwere to begin. barbra jean is skinny. that was the wildest thing ever. i could not believe my eyes when i saw was so shocking. the whole episode was hilarious, but i lvoed the gym part the best. the "exercises" barbra jean's personal trainer had her do were hilarious because they didn't look right. then, the guy ordered another trainer and it was girl. the girl did the same "exercises" with reba. watch this episode it is so funny.moreless
  • Great epsisode i hope that CW keeps Reba hard to find shows like this

    i like it how when she came in they were like where have you been reminded me of Rosane(speeled that wrong i know)when becky had the now actress on scubs play becky for a while and when she came back they made jokes about her being gone like it a bought time you got back or something like that i think they made comment of where have you been ..lolmoreless
  • Reba has a very bad dream where she is fat and Barbra Jean walks in. Brock is worried about her so he asks Reba to go Barbra Jean's gym. He finds out some things he does not relize that he is gay.moreless

    I thought that this was a verry interesting episode. I really liked it. I loved how Barbra Jean was so skinny. I was laughing outloud. There was a twist in this episode. I absolutly love how Barbra Jean had a hot guy for her trainer and reba happened to get an ugly woman as her trainer. I loved how Reba had a bad dream that she was extremly fat. I still could not belive that from the last season Barbra Jean was so fat and the next season she is as skinny as a stick. The dream Reba had was not very pretty. I give this episide one hundred starmoreless
  • I didn't like this episode at all.

    I thought that this episode was awfully tacky and not very funny at all. I found the parts where the trainer slaps Barbara Jean on the bottom and later grabbed her breasts offensive. I have really been looking forward to the return of Reba this season and I was very, VERY disappointed in the poor story line and poor quality of the writing of this installment of this show. Barbara Jean really has lost a lot of weight, but that didn't make the episode any fact, I kind of miss the old overweight Barbara Jean.

    A bright spot for the episode was that Scarlett Pommers was back on the show. I have missed her.

    It makes me sad that Reba has gone down hill over the last several seasons. It started out as a wonderful show with wit, charm and heart. Last season was a big dispointment and it doesn't look like this season is any better.moreless

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