Season 2 Episode 7

Mommy Nearest

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 2002 on The CW

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  • Funny

    Now that Reba quit her job from Brock's office, his rival Eugene gives her a job. Reba hires Mrs. Wolf to babysit. When Reba returns, she finds out Mrs. Wolf got sick and left, and that BJ has been there the whole time. Reba sees everything she's done and actually approves of her being there. They even joke around. But when BJ's about to go home, Jake says, "Bye mommy". Reba thinks that's because Bj's been spending so much time over there and Reba hasn't been, so she decides to bring Jake to work with her. When BJ sees him there, she suspects why Reba doesn't want her to babysit anymore.
  • When Reba goes to work full-time for Brock's rival, Jake starts referring to Barbra Jean as "Mommy." Van gets a new job working as a gardener, and Cheyenne can't understand why he'd rather spend time with his fellow "lawn jockeys" than

    This was a very serious and funny episode at the same time. Barbara Jean starts cooking, cleaning, and babysitting Kyra and Jake when Reba goes to work full time for Brock's dentist rival. Reba is happy about the wonderful food and having her kids being taken care of. She goes all crazy and gets made when Jake calls Barbara Jean "Mommy." This upsets Reba because she doesn't want to be replaced by Barbara Jean. People can relate to this by two best friends getting a new friend and thinking the other one is being replaced for a new best friend. Reba's sadness can really affect the way you feel towards somebody because you know them as the one that took something away from you. Reba stayed strong and realized that Barbara Jean was only doing everything at her house because she liked Reba and didn't want Reba to hate her. She wanted to strengthen the friendship with Reba by showing her that she can take care of Kyra and Jake, cook a wonderful meal, and clean the house. Reba and Barbara Jean, in the middle of the episode, were laughing and talking like friends and that's where I hope that it would lead them to it forever.
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