Season 4 Episode 2

Mother's Intuition

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 2004 on The CW

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  • Kyra's been canceling her plans with Reba.... but why?!

    After Kyra cancels her dinner date with Reba for the third time, she comes to the conclusion that BJ's making Kyra watch Henry while she goes out with old friends. Reba tells this to Brock who tells her that it's not true, because he has Henry. Reba goes over to ask Kyra what's going on, but Kyra denies anything. Just then BJ comes downstairs dressed identical to Kyra. Reba thinks Kyra's in charge over there and BJ's doing anything she wants, so she decides to make Kyra move back with her. She goes to BJ's and overhears BJ depressed, and Kyra trying to cheer her up. Reba realizes BJ's feeling the same way she did when Brock left, andd Kyra's trying to get her out more.
  • this episode was very good...

    This episode could have been a little bit stronger, but it was very good. Except for i don't get how Reba came into Brock and Barbra Jean's house and closed the door, and a few seconds later, it was open again!

    It was very funny, and i like it. But, Jake seemed quite out of character in this episode. Other than that, thumbs up episode!

    Matt Berry is very talented. I like his episodes. Keep up the good work writing team!
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