Season 5 Episode 12

Parenting with Puppets

Aired Unknown Jan 20, 2006 on The CW
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Reba doesn't approve of Barbra Jean's method of disciplining Henry. However, when Jake lies and blames Henry for breaking Reba's lamp, Reba is forced to apologize for criticizing Barbra Jean's parenting skills. Meanwhile, Brock and Van are mistaken for a gay couple when they spend their "guy time" at a day spa.moreless

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  • Just poor.

    I am a huge fan of the Reba show and for me to rate and episode this low is a first. I found this particular episode to be difficult to watch. Reba was so out of character. I did like the change in her hair, but I think it played a role in her being out of character. Barbara Jean wasn't as funny as she usually is written as well. Plus, the Van and Brock scenes, I think, could've been much funnier than they were. Also, I feel like we had a lack of character interaction. There was really only Reba and Barbara Jean/Brock and Van scenes. However, because Reba is such an amazing show, I will in no way let this episode change my attitude towards it.moreless
  • You saw it coming, now it happened- Reba finally spanks BJ!

    One of my favorite episodes.

    Reba doesn't approve of BJ's lack of disciplining Henrey,

    and when henrey breaks Reba's lamp,

    she orders BJ out of her house.

    BJ refuses to leave cause she belives they can talk it over,

    so Reba spanks her.

    Later, Reba finds out Jake broke the lamp and blamed it on henrey, so Reba appoligizes to BJ.

    Then BJ admitts Henrey is a demon child

    and Reba gets upset cause she knows Jake is mad at her

    but she has to deal with it cause she's his mom,

    not his friend.

    So her and BJ cry,

    then we here Henrey break something in the other room

    and Reba turns to BJ in shock and BJ says,

    in a frightened voice,

    "He's awake!"

    A scene that always makes me laugh.moreless
  • Basically, Reba has to take care of Barbara--Jean's kid and she gets annoyed at botht he kid, Henry - and Barbara-Jean for the way she disciplines - or lack there of - Henry. He doesn't learn anything from it Reba would like to flat out yell at Barbara-Jemoreless

    This episode reallly developes and shows that Reba is at the melting point in their relationship. She is about to blow, either physically - like the spanking - or emotionally - like the crying- which this episode was full of. It had some surprises - like the spanking and the bonding when they cry - so it kind of leaves you with no help. Reba is mad at her,then they hang out. It's a good episode I would say, but rather confusing if you put it all to thought. If you don't put it to thought, it was great!moreless
  • Reba finally spanked Barbra Jean.

    While I did like that they did tackle disiplin on this episode, and it had it's funny moments, I didn't feel as entertained as I normally am on a Reba episode.

    The trip to the day spa that Van and Brock took was ok, but not even close to most of the stuff that they usually bring to the show.

    And usually the situations have much more comedy in them, where as this one didn't have much going for it until Barbra Jean got spanked (which was so funny to me). The apology wasn't all that funny to me either. I don't know, this episode fell kind of flat as far as Reba episodes go, but it was still entertaining.moreless
  • Viewer Complaint of Reba Show: Gross Insensitivity


    Nancy Donohue



    On Friday night (1/21/06) we watched an episode of Reba on television and were shocked to hear a line spoken twice by the character Van, saying \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s go toss a dwarf\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".

    Our six month old grandson, Seamus-John, has Achondroplasia (dwarfism). We felt that the line was extremely insensitive and demeaning to the dwarf population, especially in this day and age.

    As your writers should realize, adolescents have difficulty accepting differences in their lives no matter what condition they might have. Think of a dwarf, especially an impressionable adolescent, watching the program and hearing such a degrading remark. Are your writers unaware of disabilities, or more concerned about getting a cheap laugh?

    We respectfully request that you respond to our concerns about this matter and take appropriate action. We anxiously await your response.

    Nancy and John Donohue

    43 Donegal Avenue

    Troy NY 12180


Christopher Rich

Christopher Rich

Dr. Brock Hart

JoAnna Garcia

JoAnna Garcia

Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery

Jon Paul DeFabry

Jon Paul DeFabry

Toddler Henry Jesus Hart

Melissa Peterman

Melissa Peterman

Barbra Jean Booker Hart

Mitch Holleman

Mitch Holleman

Jake Hart

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire

Reba Hart

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    • Barbra Jean: (on the phone) Yes I'd like to report an assault!....... My husband's ex wife spanked me....... I'm a blond, and she's a red head... WHAT'S THAT GOT TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!

    • Cheyenne: Jake do you know where the glue is? Elizabeth broke her picture frame, and I don't want get her mad after the lamp.
      Jake: Just blame it on Henry, that's what I did.
      Cheyenne: What?
      Jake: Yeap, I blame him, and don't get in trouble.....sweet!
      Reba: (walking in) Hey!
      Cheyenne: Jake broke your lamp and blamed Henry!
      Reba: You broke the lamp, and blamed it on Henry?
      Jake: Yeah, he gets blamed and gets ice cream, and I don't get punished!
      Reba: Well you're grounded! One week for breaking the lamp, and another for lying!
      Reba: Hey, who broke my picture frame?
      Cheyenne:... Jake did!

    • (Brock and Van are at a Day Spa)
      Brock: Hey, so you did the warm milk bath, huh? How was that?
      Van: Oh man. It was terrific. Hey, did you know if you pass gas in milk - the bubble takes like forever to reach the surface?
      Brock: You should try it in a mud bath! I don't even know where it goes!

    • Barbra Jean (While Rapping With Puppets): Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, BEHAVE!
      Reba: Your Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Banannas

    • Barbra Jean: Oh Reba!
      (BJ hugs Reba)
      Reba: This is why most of my clothes smell like Barbra Jean.

    • Barbra Jean: Ding Dong.
      (Barbra Jean and Henry come in the back kitchen door.)
      Reba: Yes. You are.
      Barbra Jean: Clever. What if I would have said 'knock knock'.
      Reba: Then I would have said you're a ding dong.

    • (Reba and Barbra Jean are talking about Henry, who is currently napping. Barbra Jean finishes talking and hears the sound of glass breaking)
      Barbra Jean: (with horrified look on her face) He's...AWAKE!
      (episode ends)

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    • When Reba tells Barbra Jean to get out, she calls Henry Chucky. This is a reference to the character Chucky in a series of horror movies. Chucky is a murderer who was brought back to life in a doll's body.

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