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Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2001 on The CW
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The Harts are in court-ordered therapy. As the story unfolds, Brock and Reba reveal that they are separated due to Brock's midlife crisis and while in court the entire family - Reba, Brock, Cheyenne, Jake and Kyra - got into what the judge described as a brawl.
While in therapy Brock reveals that he won't be moving back home because he has to marry his dental hygienist/assistant Barbra Jean. Why? She's pregnant. And...Oops, little Jake lets it slip that Cheyenne, the Hart's 17-year-old daughter, is pregnant as well.
Cheyenne and Van, her all-star football-playing boyfriend decides that they're going to get married. Reba organizes a shotgun wedding while trying to keep terminally perky Barbra Jean at a safe distance.
Van's parents won't come to the wedding and have kicked him out of the house but, on the bright side, he managed to arrange a honeymoon at his uncle's beach house in Galveston. On the wedding day, Cheyenne is upset that her Dad hasn't arrived yet. Reba starts to lose it when she burns some of the food. Brock arrives with Barbra Jean. Cheyenne and Van get into an argument because Van plans to play football on their wedding night. Things are thrown, and Barbra Jean falls into the cake. Reba finally loses it, shouting at everyone. Reba and Cheyenne commiserate. Then Reba gives Cheyenne a pep talk about facing reality, plotting a new course. Cheyenne asks Reba if she can wear her wedding dress, instead of the sexy little number she had planned on. They have the wedding, and all ends well.moreless

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  • A surprisingly good pilot episode.

    I hesitantly borrowed the Reba DVD's from my mom expecting that I wouldn't be very interested in the show. The pilot episode quickly proved my expectations wrong. The beauty of this episode is that it didn't actually feel like a pilot. All the cast seemed pretty comfortable and accustomed to their characters.

    Also helping to make this episode feel like anything but a pilot is that fact that some significant story lines are quickly introduced. Cheyenne's pregnancy and subsequent marriage to Van is a major plot point. A high-school marriage could also be considered pretty controversial, so right out of the gates we know this show won't hide from sensitive issues.

    I really enjoyed this pilot. It had some funny writing and the acting was good all around.moreless
  • Great Pilot Episode!

    What a great episode. It really shows off what this show has to offer. And it has to offer LAUGHS! Laugh, after laugh, after laugh. This is just a hilarious episode.

    From the beginning of the episode when their in therapy to the end of the episode when their taking a picture, they manage to make every scene funny it its own way.

    In therapy, it comes out that Brock's mistress Barbra Jean is pregnant and also that Cheyenne, Reba's 17 year old daughter is also pregnant. They make it very funny.

    It definitely shows all about how this show will go far.moreless
  • Brutally Honest TV

    It was obvious that the pilot was the start of something special. Most other tv shows never touched on the reality of a divorce, and teen pregnancy while the ex husband is to busy going through a mid life crisis to try and handle the situation.

    I think the realness of Reba is what made this pilot wonderful. There are aolt of single moms out there who have pregnant teen daughters that have to move their daughter boyfriends into the house so the baby will have a chance. I have never seen another show that hits so close to home on realism.

    The court appointed therapy shows another side of divorce that is real. And sometimes the exes and new spouses have to get along for the sake of the kids. Never has their been a more realistic pilot. Superb!!moreless
  • Soo funny and emotional too!!!

    This was the very first episode of the best show in the world, and guess what? I loved it, loved it, loved it! When the family's at therapy, Jake blurts out that Cheyenne is pregnant. Cheyenne is only 17 years old, so you can probably guess how her parents reacted. They freaked. Her boyfriend, Van, tells his parents, and they just lose it and kick the poor kid out! That part upset me! What happened after that was really cool though. Van asked Cheyenn to marry him! Aww!!! That is so sweet! Now, I don't wanna get married at 17, but I really thing they made a beautiful couple. Reba was shocked about the pregnancy and the marriage, but she has faith in her daughter. Hey, Cheyenne is the daughter of a survivor. You know, she handles things very well for someone who's only 17 years old and about to become a mom. This episode touched me, but it also made me laugh. I loved it! I really loved it!moreless
  • The show couldn't ask for a better start.

    This has got to be the absolute best start of a television show ever. So pilot's have tendencies to be boring, but not this one. When the episode is over you know exactly where each character stands and you know the whole story of the family. You totally get the whole Reba, BJ situation. The Cheyenne- Van situation is made clear. You get everything, and you want to see where the season is going. This episode is one of my all-time favorites. Also, another thing I like about this episode is that even though it is the very first episode, you can see chemistry. The best cast ever. Loved this episode and I love this show.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • This episode was shot on the re-dressed set of "The Hughleys" after it wrapped for the season and was thought to be canceled, but when that series was unexpectedly picked up for another year, the producers built a matching set for "Reba" on a different soundstage.

    • This is the only episode (Disluding flashback scenes) in the entire series that Reba wears a wedding ring in.

    • When Reba first appeared in syndication in 2004, this was marked as the second episode, with The Honeymoons Over, Now What being the first.

    • The reason this show's name was changed was because the producers felt that the audience would relate better if the main actress (Reba) used her real name for the show.

    • One hour before the shooting of this episode, the producers quickly changed the name of the show, and main character from "Sally" to "Reba". They actually filmed a complete pilot using both names.

    • The original air date for this show's first episode was September 14 2001, but was delayed following the terrorist attacks on the USA on September 11, 2001.

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  • NOTES (11)

    • For the first episode the scenes in the opening credits go like this; It starts with a black screen with blue letters R-E-B-A flashing in the backround as a solid Reba forms, and the letters in the backround fade to black. Then it shows four different clips of Reba on a soundstage with a blue backround. Then it shows another clip of Reba on a soundstage with Created By Alison M. Gibson in blue letters, on the left side.

    • For this episode, the cast is credited during the scene after the theme song.

    • All of the scenes in the first season theme song (starting in episode two) are from this episode:

      Reba's scene is from a part that didn't air (possibly a blooper) where she stands at the counter and laugh

      Brock's scene is from the part where Reba says you can get pregnant from in a hotel hot tub, using the part where Brock smiles.

      Cheyenne's scene is from the part where Van kneels down to propose to her and she smiles.

      Van's scene is from an unaired part where he and Cheyenne kiss.

      Kyra's scene is from the part where Reba says the food is ruined, and Kyra says much like our lives, using the part where Reba gives her an annoyed look, and Kyra looks at her like she's in trouble.

      Jake's scene is from a blooper where he puts his hands up and smiles.

      Barbara Jean's scene is from the part where she walks in the door, and Reba frowns.

    • The shortened version of the theme song "I'm a Survivor" is used in this episode, using the lines, "Who I am is who I want to be,I'm a Survivor" while showing Reba.

    • During the wedding at the end, Reba's "Walk On" is heard.

    • This episode was taped on April 16th 2001.

    • Goof/Nitpick: Near the end of the episode, in the scene where Cheyenne and Reba are talking about Chyenne's and Van's wedding (which went totally wrong), the camera goes slightly out of focus (gets a little bit blurry), just before Cheyenne asks to wear Reba's wedding dress. According to the audio commentary on that episode, they kept the version when the camera goes out of focus because they thought it was Joanna Garica's and Reba McEntire's best take (out of all 5 takes).

    • Since President George W. Bush had declared September 14th a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, the WB did not air its fall premiere schedule on that day, as was originally planned. It was pushed back to the 19th, then the 21st and was yet again pushed back for a telethon. The series then debuted on October 5.

    • Writer/Creator/Producer Allison M. Gibson is a Houston, Texas (the same place the series is set) native.

    • The three new Friday WB series premiered to the highest numbers ever for the weblet. "Reba" was the network's standout for the night scoring a 4.4/7 and came in second in 14 of the 53 markets across the country.

    • Other titles considered for the series were Sally, Deep in the Heart, The Reba McEntire Show and Family Planning. However, Sally was going to be the title of the show, until the last minute.