Season 2 Episode 4

Reba Works for Brock

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 2002 on The CW

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  • Reba works for BARBRA JEAN!

    Now that Reba has her job at Brock's office, and Cheyenne's tarting college, Van has to watch Elizabeth by himself. To make it easier, she signs Jake up for a tap dance class, and Kyra has a math study group. When Reba gets there, she finds out she's gonna be working for BJ! She has a specific way of doing everything, and this irritates Reba. When she gets home, Cheyenne wants to quit college and Kyra wants to drop her math class. Reba tells them that their family does not quit. But when BJ drives Reba up the wall, she may be the one quitting!
  • Reba works for Brock, Cheyenne goes to college, and Jake learns how to tap dance.

    This episode is extremely pivotal to the entire show. Reba willingly takes a job from Brock, her ex-husband and finds out that she is actually working for his new wife. This was well written and showcased how much BJ loves Reba and how much Reba learns to love her back in the end of the show. Cheyenne also heads off to college, and this makes Van open his eyes. He has a daughter and he is not that silly, immature teenager he was back then. He is a father. On a not so serious note, Jake learns to dance tap. Sucusesfully or a little too sucusesfully? Good episode, overall, and would watch it again any old time.
  • To get work experience, Reba has to work at Brock's dental office.

    I think this is a really funny episode.
    Reba having to work for Barbara Jean is hilarious.
    Barbara Jean is her usual crazy self, and she tries to teach Reba to be her assistant ("Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Brock Ha-art. To syllables in "Hart". Come on, sing it with me, Ha-art.")
    And Reba getting dragged into Brock and Barbara Jeans marriage, when Barbara Jean complaints that she and Brock haven't had "intimacies" in over a month and asks Reba for advice.
    With Cheyenne starting college, Van has to stay home to watch Elizabeth. It so funny when he's using a stopwatch to practise changing a diaper fast.