Season 5 Episode 22

Reba's Heart

Aired Unknown May 05, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

After collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's non-wedding, Reba is rushed to the hospital. The family is panicked about her health, but she only wants to focus on helping Van and Cheyenne resolve their relationship troubles. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean tries to help Reba feel better, but only makes Reba's blood pressure continue to climb.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Awsome show!!!! Never take it off the air. Love the concept of the show, the characters, and the plots.

    Reba is the best show on TV. It would be a sad day, week, month, year.... if it EVER went off the air. Please never cancell the show. My heart dropped when at the end of the \"final episode\" they were showing scenes from previous seasons. I did not know that Reba was not going to come back. I was so grateful when I found out the series was renewed for 13 more episodes. My husband and I adore the show and cast. Do the viewing audience a favor, KEEP REBA on the air. All the characters work so well together, the show keeps my interest, and I can\'t wait to watch the next one.moreless
  • Reba's Strong heart!

    I caught the season's finale of "Reba" one day before the end of the WB. Seeing Reba in the hospital bed is very powerful. I don't watch the show much. If I do is bewcause of Reba McEntire. I notice that everybody else gave the episode a 10. Well I gave it a 7.5., because I didn't care for the cast that much, but I love to watch Reba. she the light of the series. I love her acting and I love her songs, but most of all. I love her appeal. She is a red head hot singer in a series of her own. Right On Reba!moreless
  • Another great installment to the Reba series!

    In this episode after collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's wedding, Reba is rushed to the hospital. It is soon discovered that she needs surgery. It turns out however that she does not and she just needs to watch her blood pressure. I loved this episode because it was not only funny but also very emotional. Personally, no other Reba episode can live up to this one. I have watched it at least 20 times and hope it comes out on DVD. Take it from me, if there is one episode that will get you hooked to Reba, this is the one.moreless
  • Reba is rushed to the hospital after collapsing. Barbra Jean is still pushing Reba's high blood pressure to the max. Now she needs surgery!

    During van and cheyannes remarriage cheyanne is mad. Meanwhile Reba has collapsed and is rushed to the hospital. Barbra Jean is trying to make reba feel better by filming her. Brock is trying to get Barbra Jean out of the room But she refuses. Reba's blood pressure continues to climb. While Van and cheyanne try to fix things without Reba the docter comes in with a message that she is going to have to have surgery. Everybody in the room is scared with Barbra jean saying "What if they leave a pair of scissors or gloves in you." Brock doesn't believe it but Barbra jean says "It happens!" Van and Cheyanne still doesn't know about the surgery.moreless
  • i love this show. it is so funny and so great. i watch it evry chance i get. i hope it wont end for a long while. and steve hoew is hilarious :]moreless

    i love this show.

    it is so funny and so great.

    i watch it evry chance i get.

    i hope it wont end for a long while.

    and steve howey is hilarious :]i love this show.

    it is so funny and so great.

    i watch it evry chance i get.

    i hope it wont end for a long while.

    and steve hoew is hilarious :]i love this show.

    it is so funny and so great.

    i watch it evry chance i get.

    i hope it wont end for a long while.

    and steve hoew is hilarious :]i love this show.

    it is so funny and so great.

    i watch it evry chance i get.

    i hope it wont end for a long while.

    and steve hoew is hilarious :]i love this show.

    it is so funny and so great.

    i watch it evry chance i get.

    i hope it wont end for a long while.

    and steve hoew is hilarious :]moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the end of the episode, clips from past episodes with all the actors, including Scarlett Pomers (Kyra) are shown.

    • Oddity: This would have been an appropriate episode for Kyra to return. However, the studio (20th Century Fox) didn't want her to come back, because they thought it might in some way promote her anorexia. However, the producers and cast wanted her back, and she eventually came back for Season 6.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Barbra Jean: Yeah, for a moment there, when I was running behind the ambulance, I couldn't remember what you looked like!

    • Barbra Jean: I always wanted to tape my grandfather before HE died but I never got the chance!

      Reba: What'd he die of?

      Barbra Jean: High blood pre....hit by a car.

    • Van: Mrs. H. You gave us a good exuse to cancel the wedding. Mother of the bride collapsing, sounds better than psycho bride dumps sweet innocent groom.

    • Barbra Jean: (worried sick about Reba being in the hospital) Oh Reba, I'm never ever going to leave your side again.
      Reba: That's nice Barbra Jean. They think it's Bird Flu.
      (Barbra Jean jumps away from Reba and tries to rub her "disease" off on the wall while Reba is watching laughing)

    • (The doctor gives Reba good news and that she needs to take it easy from now on)
      Reba: Sure Doc, whatever you say. I'm going to spend more time with my family, make sure there's enough milk in the house and Barbra Jean, go rent a convertible corvette. 'Cause we're going the Grand Canynon!
      Barbra Jean: (runs out the door screaming, while the rest of the family looks on in shock) We're going to Grand Canynon!
      Brock: (confused) You're going to the Grand Canyon with Barbra Jean?
      Reba: No, I just did that to get rid of her. (starts to laugh)

    • Reba: Brock, this is going to be very difficult, but if I do die, there's something I want you to know.
      Brock: Yes Reba? What is it?
      Reba: You done me wrong.

    • Barbara Jean: Ok, Reba, just in case the surgery doesn't go well...Any last words?
      Reba: Bite me.

    • Cheyenne: Surgery? Van, I can not believe this!
      Van: She'll be alright. (pause) She's a survivor.

  • NOTES (13)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Operace (Surgery)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: October 6, 2009 on Prima

    • At the time this episode was written and filmed, the future of the show was unknown (due to the new network The CW being formed), so this episode was treated as if it was a series finale. When it was aired on The WB, it was promoted as the season finale. This explains why this episode and the previous one play out like a series finale.

      A similar thing had happened to Roseanne, a show Reba is constantly compared to. At the end of its eighth season, it was unknown if a ninth season would take place or not, which is why the final two episodes of the eighth season play out as a series finale.

    • This is the tenth and final episode to include Reba's name in it's title.

    • The main set, Reba's house, is not used at all in this episode. Only the hospital set is used.

    • Although he appears very briefly, Mitch Holleman (Jake Hart) does not have any lines in this episode. He is seen at the very beginning going to the vending machines. During taping, he had a larger scene, but it was cut.

    • This episode was originally taped as a season finale with a cliff hanger of Van and Cheyenne deciding they are not meant to be together. It ended with Cheyenne sayings it's over and stomping off and Van stating "Happy Anniversary Cheyenne" and then they faded to black. When The CW mentioned the show would probably not be coming back, the show producers took out the cliffhanger and replaced it with the clips of all 5 seasons going with the theme song.

    • After the WB and UPN merged to form the CW network Reba was the only show on the WB's Friday night Schedule to be picked up for another season.

    • This is the final episode ever to be aired on The WB. The WB & UPN merged to form a new network "The CW". However, Reba was not picked for the full 22 episodes in the fall schedule. Season 6 were authorized at the last minute for a mid-season replacement if any shows were cancelled or were put on hiatus.

    • Ratings: Households: 2.0/4, #12; adults 18-49: 1.1, #T11

    • This is a continuation of the previous episode, Two Weddings and a Funeral.

    • Season Finale.

    • This episode was taped on March 14th 2006.


    • Barbra Jean mentions renting a car and driving Reba's ashes over the rim of the Grand Canyon. This is a reference to the movie Thelma and Louise. This is the third Thelma and Louise reference in the series.

    • Reba: (about the wedding) "Fancy" is my name.
      Reba sings a song called "Fancy" which some consider her career song.

    • Brock: I'm just gonna have a little chat with Paris and Nicole, here.

      This is a reference of the infamous year long conflict between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, which was dramatized on The Simple Life 4: Till Death Do Us Part. When asked the reason for the break-up, Paris cryptically said, "Nicole knows what she did." Nicole's comment was that they had been friends in two years. It is reported now that Paris and Nicole are friends again and are currently filming The Simple Life 5.

    • Van: She'll be alright. (pause) She's a survivor.

      This is a little joke, since that's the theme song for the show, which Reba McEntire sings.

    • The fifth season finale of Reba's Heart episode refers to the symbolism of the Hart family. We know that Reba is the center of the show, but she is also the heart of the Hart family. When Reba faints from the renewal vow ceremony, everyone gathers to the hospital to support Reba - indicating that regardless of any trouble, without the heart, or in this case, Reba, the family falls apart.