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  • Woooo!

    I love everything about REBA, but the theme song (for me) wasn't that great.
  • I love it

    I loved the show only thing I didn't like was the opening music , other then that I would have loved to see what happened to the daughters if Reba ever remarried & how can anyone forget barber jean she had me cracking up during treatment when I'm watching it .
  • Kill Me Now

    So why does anyone watch this garbage? This lady is so fake and corny it actually hurts to watch her 8yo antics. Seriously ppl without a brain cell may laugh, but why would anyone watch this garbage, it is an insult to normal intelligence? Really the Flinstones operate at a higher level....
  • simply love this show!

    REBAS is simply THE BEST COMEDY DRAMA of all time!!! When I saw the first episode of this show, I found myself completely addicted and absorbed in the storyline of this show and of course I'm amazed with the characters. It's all about the very genuine and real life family situations. This TV show knows when to be serious due to the nature of the issues tackled in weekly episodes, but there is no boring moments that's why I love it so much!! I bought a DVD boxset of this show which I bought at memorylanedvd. com. Received fine quality DVDs that made me completely satisfied! This DVD set is very well-produced. I still enjoy watching every moment of this great funny show!

  • Best show ever

    Im only 12 and i love reba so much i cant go a day without watching it !!!!!!!!!!!!! BeSt ShOw eVeR
  • Beautifully clever and realistic view of normal dysfunctionality

    "Reba" was the one show that 4/5 and sometimes 5/5 of the people in my family would sit to watch. The humor was intelligent (and funny) and the show as a whole was realistic, portraying the life of a Texan mother raising three kids (one pregnant and marrying her baby's father) who must contend with her insensitive ex, who cheated on her with a woman from their office who has tried incessantly to be Reba's best friend.

    After a while, Reba's first grandchild (a girl) is born, the same year her ex's mistress/wife has her baby, a boy. The dysfunction of everyday, real families is very true to all I know of life, although for someone thought to be so strong-headed, Reba certainly takes the blame for many of her ex's mishaps and deals with the mistress's clinginess quite well - maybe more than any real woman would.

    All in all, excellent show - funny, dramatic, touching, and honest, taking a good look into most of the family's lives and everyday ongoings, and the chemistry between the actresses/actors is amazing. Even in the bloopers, they behave much like a real and caring family. Worth watching over and over!
  • The mommy you want to have

    Reba is a great show... she is one random actress in this family show... I like it! Everyone works well together on screen...
  • For a sitcom, it's pretty decent.

    A few years back, I loved this show. But I must admit, now when I see Reba going through the guide, I cringe just a little bit. It's a pretty good show, I just get annoyed at the fact that it's like the same old sitcom over and over. The storylines are somewhat unrealistic; For example, Babra Jean, the woman Brock cheated on Reba with is now obsessed with becoming Reba's best friend. And Reba puts up with it! There are many other unrealistic points of this show, but I feel this one stands out more than any other. Other than that, I feel this show is pretty funny. Back in the day I would find myself laughing out loud, but that may have been due to my age.
  • Uh Oh.Bad show.

    What the heck is up with this show?It's not even funny.What the heck has Lifetime created?It's much worse than Gossip Girl.It's a piece of junk tied to a lot of bad shows.Who would create this stuff?It's not even better than Drake And Josh.I would say that it's terrible and not better than The Nanny.It's really a bad show and it's very terrible and boring than True Jackson,VP or Gossip Girl.I can say that someone should cancel this show because it's very bad.I would say that I can grade this show a F because it's not even that funny or good.
  • Real classic.

    It is truly wonderful how such a show can be created on such a bad network. Reba was a sitcom that was just amazing, in my opinion, and could have lived for several years had it not have been airing on the CW (or WB).

    There are three reasons why this sitcom was a big success: Reba, Barbara Jean and Van. Basing the entire show around these three was amazing, because each and every one of them was special in their own way.

    I just loved how sarcastic Reba was, all the way through the entire series, and her relationships with her children, her ex-husband and his wife was what brought me into this show. Reba (the actress/singer) did wonderful in this role. On the other hand, her "best friend," Barbara Jean, slowly developed from a little obstacle to a big obstacle, bringing the smiles to my face every time she was on screen. I've had many people who watch the show comment on how brilliant this character was - with the faces she made, and the humorous situations she got herself into.

    Then there's Van - you know, the dumb guy. Each sitcom has to have one. Thankfully, Van wasn't as dumb as the others. He had a soul, much like the rest of the characters. I guess that was the thing that set apart this sitcom from the others - they were all funny, yet there was always a deeper meaning.

    Rounding up the circle were the other characters - the beautiful Cheyenne, the young Jake, the tanning Brock, and the wonderful Kyra. Out of all of these, Kyra was the best. A young version of Reba, some might say.

    I loved all the storylines the show had as well, from the very beginning of Cheyenne and Van dealing with married life, to B.J.'s and Brock's marriage problems, Reba's dating, Kyra's growing up - there really wasn't anything that I hated about this show.
  • Reba Hart leads the life of a single, divorced women who takes care of her three children, a son-in-law and a grand child...who all live in her house. She also deals on a daily basis with her ex and his new wife.,,all in her humorous way.

    Reba is a fun show about family. It's incredibly hilarious and is always entertaining. This show is definitely worth watching. Every one of the actors is funny in their own way. You won't be able to hold back your laughter. It's a good family show with references to good & bad, right & wrong, God and religion, relationships, and so on. It also features Reba McIntire...who is always funny. I especially like how no matter what the problem that the family is dealing with they always get through a family. I just can't stop laughing when I watch this show!
  • This is my most fav show ever!!!! Pleeeeeaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring it back!!!!

    Totally love Reba's homestyle, can relate with some of the issues and love the attitude ... true role model for any woman to be strong and stand up for yourself!!! Please... I don't know what we'd have to do to bring it back but we should all write producers daily ... fill up their inboxes ha ha ha... it was such a GREAT show.. I just don't get why it was discontinued... it still had so many possibilities... WOW.. Well if anyone has any suggestions ..I'm all ears... Bottom line.. tv's just not the same without Reba.. I used to come home and look forward to having a good laugh to cheer me up and there aren't many shows that can get to me.. then I got my mom ( and though they'd never admit it even my brothers would come sit and watch it ) and now it's just not the same.. there's truly no other show like it or even remotely the same...
  • Oh my God! Reba has to be my favorite show!

    Reba is just absolutely hilarious! Out of everyone of the shows that I have ever seen, I think Reba would have to be number one. And I'm totally serious! All of the episodes make me laugh out loud and when it's over, I'll be wishing for more. I have not met one person whose seen this show and hated it. Everyone of the characters are so funny and I also enjoy Reba's character. To me, she's a great mother and I'm glad she doesn't treat her kids like crap. Another thing I like about this series is that the characters don't curse or really say much that's inappropriate. I love Reba so much and I think that it's one of the best TV shows ever to come on.
  • Reba is a story about a single mother doing the best she can to raise her family.

    Reba is about as corny as a show can get. You know the kind of show. Super mom, lots of hugs, happy endings, sappy characters, etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Reba, but I think the corny-factor is a big part of the reason why I enjoy it so much. Reba is a feel-good kind of show!

    The show is kind of odd. I think the weirdest part is how her ex-husband and his wife are constantly dropping in. I mean, these people are ALWAYS over there. And at first, both characters really rubbed me the wrong way and they were both extremely annoying. As time goes by, though, they started to grow on me and now I actually kind of like them. Reba's teenager daughter, her teenage daughter's husband, and their baby also live at home with Reba. I think, for a cheesy feel-good TV show, Reba does a pretty good job showing some of the struggles of a young mom. Her daughter goes through sleep deprivation, missing cheer leading activities at school, yearning for some alone time with her husband, etc. etc. As most shows do, though, the baby rarely ever makes any appearances, so sometimes you just forget the baby is even there!

    Worse is Reba's husband's baby. As often as the ex-husband and his new wife come and go, they rarely take the baby with them. I'm always left wondering, "Where in the heck is Henry?!"

    Anyways, Reba has been a very fun show to watch. The story lines always leave me smiling, and its nice to watch a show that you don't really have to think about. I can see myself re-watching quite a few of the episodes in the future.
  • Best Damn thing!10/10Where do i start. It was simply the best thing that has happened too T.V serious and then it goes and get cancelled what a joke!

    Where do i start. It was simply the best thing that has happened too T.V serious and then it goes and get cancelled what a joke! I mean everybody loved this show coz it is so funny! A lot of people will denie it. But seriously it was really funny.I'm angry about it being cancelled but what are you going too do about it. Just plz bring it back. Serious it will help the network it goes on next, it really will! I wouldn't care if they put out old repeats because it is just so funny! Bring it back.

    I have seen them all and want more! Anyway we can convince the network and Reba to bring back the show. I used to watch it every day and miss it. I would definitely be interested in seeing the same crew, only a few years down the road and see if Reba and Brock actually get together...but definitely the whole crew! I was funny and touching and something to definitely look forward to. OR, if not Reba, then something else with her in it, she is a good actress, not to mention singer...also, they should have her sing more...I thought it was hysterical the show where they said she couldn't sing. REBA, I MISS YOU!!!
  • Great Show

    I love this show I need my daily fix of it. This show has the perfect amount comedy and yet it is like a normal family with it normal ups and downs. i believe that this is one of the best television shows that has ever aired and when the CW decided to get rid of it for no good reason not only me but everyone who watched is was more than just upset. i believe that this is a show that eveyone that is a normal family will love because this is a normal family and they are far from perfect. This show is just perfect in every way.
  • Bring the show back so we can keep watching it.

    Bring the show back! These are some awesome shows! I watch this show every night. The people who made the reba episodes if your reading this then please bring back the show for at least one more season. Me and my family watch the same seasons. We need new episodes! Reba is an awesome film and I hate to see it go down, so please get the show back with new episodes. This is my number one show so please get it back on track with more shows. You've had some awesome shows in the past, but I think you have still got a few more in you. Please bring back the show!
  • Reba finds out that her soon to be ex-husband, Brock got his 22 year old dental hygenist pregnant. And also that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant too and that she and her new husband will be living in their house. KEEP THE LAUGHS COMING!

    Reba is one of the funniest sitcoms I have ever seen beside Friends of course. Reba and Barbra Jean are a hilarious team. Reba will go down as one of my all time favorite shows ever. I wish that it was still on. I still can't believe that it is cancelled. What's not to like?

    This show is one of the few shows on today that families can enjoy together. Not many shows now a days are for the whole family, like this one.

    Reba has never gone downhill. All 6 seasons are great. Now all I need are the last 2 seasons on DVD and I will watch this show over and over again.
  • OMG! such a fab show!

    oh my gosh i love this show i like watch it everyday and am in love with it reba rules shes like my idol i wish i was more lie her and shes cool too i like cheyenne shes funny and vans hot and sos brock and jake and barbrajeans very funny but kyras a little snot my fav eps are the ones where van taught that guy football and thought was gay and when van and brock gone to the spa and miostaken as a couple i also like the one where vans agent thinks rebas gay this is so funny anyway i love te sho bye
  • yes bring it back i like this show and i have all 4 seasons on the dvd.........................................................................................................................................................................................

    I love the Episode "HE'S HAVING A BABY" where Van pretends to give birth and Cheyenne gave birth on the Season Finale and I love this show and i have all 4 seasons on Dvd and i am going to get Seasons 5 and 6.and i created Episode Ideas Thread for REBA,Create Your Own Spinoff for REBA,My Spinoffs For REBA,and i love the show.I wish THE CW bring it back for a 7th Season.I started watching REBA as a Repeat.but it was too late i never watch it on THE CW because THE CW cancelled it and didn't renewed for a 7th Season.
  • Mama-mia, what a hilarious show!!!!! Thank you FOXlife!!!!!

    This show is probably now on 2nd place of my favorite comedy shows, behind Will & Grace. Wow, this show's a major success! If it weren't for Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman), I think this show definitely wouldn't be the same!!! Man, that woman's a goddess of comedy, I swear!!! I love her the most in the show, then Reba right behind her. Then Van and Cheyenne, then Kyra and Jake, and then Brock, but really, I like all of them quite a lot, none of them are lousy actors, just Brock could've been a little better... But Melissa makes me both laugh and cry at the same time. Thank you producers of Reba, for hiring Melissa for Barbra Jean's role and creating this golden show, and thank you FOXlife, for getting me into this fantastic show!!!
  • Great show!

    This show is so interesting. It is very funny with all the problems they have and they have a lot of humor. Reba is very funny and she is great person. They problems in the show are very original. All the actors are great and the characters are great. I love love love love love love love this show. It is awesome. I wish this show was still on, but they show old episodes of it. The show is a great show that kids, adults, and teens can watch. I hope you will like my next review. See ya , bye.
  • One of the best family comedy sitcoms on television today. I cant believe it is going off.

    Please bring this show back. I just found it and I love it. My mom has always watched Reba and when she moved in with us she had it on and within 2 shows I was hooked. I want to see more of the Hart family's life. You feel like you know everyone in the family so you want to see more of their lives unfolding. I love every character in this show. By taking this off its like having the family next door move to a faraway country. It makes me laugh and sometimes even cry. Please , Please , Please bring it back!!!!!
  • I absolutly love this show!!! I wish they would make new episodes.

    I absolutly love this show!!! It is my all time favorite. I wish they would bring it back and make new episodes of it. Van is my favorite and he makes me laugh all the time. I can always, always count on this show to cheer me up and make me laugh. They picked amazing people for the cast of this show. I never miss it when it is on tv. The story lines are great and very realistic. I love how they use comedy in a serious moment and make it fit into the scene so perfectly. This will be a hard show to top.
  • AMAZING! Simply Perfect.

    Reba was, and still is a perfect 10 amazing show. Everything is brilliant in this comedy about a single texas mom raising 3 kids including one that's a teenage mother and her less than smart son in law, while dealing with her ex pretty boy dentist husband and his jesus obsessed crazy wife. I absolutely love this show and I always will. The actors do a perfect job and every episode is fresh and keeps you laughing. It never gets old, even after you see the reruns 70 times a day. This show ended way to soon. It was amazing and I applaud Reba for such a perfect family comedy.

    Reba is AWESOME! I watch it every chance I get. Why did the stupid CW have to cancel it anyway?! I HATE the CW! Reba was oringinal, and everything that was good in life. My favorite charactors are Van, Reba, and BarberJean. But I haven't seen any of them in anything else yet. I couldn't really picture them as anyone else though. Did I mention how much I HATE the CW!
    Right now, the CW wouldn't know a good show if it came crolling up out of the water and bit them on the butt! Sorry sometimes I get carried away when a television station cancels a perfectly good show!
  • Reba was a great show, that ended way too soon.

    Reba is a great show. Who would have thought a Country signer would get her own television show? She pulled it off amazingly! Her relationship with Brock is kind of confusing. Reba vs. Barbra Jean is hilarious! I love Barbra Jean! She's just too funny with her stupid comments and saying random stuff! She's probably my favorite character. Cheyenne and Van are the perfect couple. Yeah, they're young and having a baby as such a young age but they really pull it off well. The actors that play them are dead on and play the characters very well. Van is so funny because he doesn't like making decisions and fear of Reba as times and other stuff, he's just really funny. Cheyenne is so ditsy that you can't help but laugh! She really cracks me up. Kira is a little weird but her dry humor is one of her highlights. I've only seen a few episodes where the A plot is about her. I can't really say much. Jake is pretty much just there, in my opinion. No offense. He has funny moments, but nothing special. This is a great family show! It was really funny and it ended WAY too soon. I could see potential in this show and too bad they couldn't make a deal to keep the show going. This is still one of my favorite comedy's. Long live Reba!
  • This show was HILARIOUS!!!

    They need to bring back comedy shows like this. This show was so underrated by the network and underappreciated, I think this show should have continued on. I can sit and re-watch the episodes of this show over and over and still laugh as hard as I did watching it for the first time.

    Barbara Jean was hilarious and the relationship she had with Reba was so unreal. This show was one that you never got tired of. When it was cancelled, I couldn't believe it. Then for the network to not release the final two seasons, that was sad. The fans of this show deserve to have all the episodes. I am just thankful that we got a proper send off and wasn't left hanging without a series finale. I guess that is something to be grateful for.
  • I love Reba :]

    What can I say about Reba? I love this show! It's so so funny! There's great characters, great storylines, great episodes, and awesome cast. Which all adds up to one amazing show! I'm sad that this show ended. It was definitely one of my very favorites. My favorite characters are Barbara Jean, Reba, and Van. But I love every one of them. I have to say that I still watch the reruns all the time. This show just never gets old to me. Maybe it never will. But regardless, Reba will always be one of my favorite shows. For sure. :]
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