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  • Real classic.

    It is truly wonderful how such a show can be created on such a bad network. Reba was a sitcom that was just amazing, in my opinion, and could have lived for several years had it not have been airing on the CW (or WB).

    There are three reasons why this sitcom was a big success: Reba, Barbara Jean and Van. Basing the entire show around these three was amazing, because each and every one of them was special in their own way.

    I just loved how sarcastic Reba was, all the way through the entire series, and her relationships with her children, her ex-husband and his wife was what brought me into this show. Reba (the actress/singer) did wonderful in this role. On the other hand, her "best friend," Barbara Jean, slowly developed from a little obstacle to a big obstacle, bringing the smiles to my face every time she was on screen. I've had many people who watch the show comment on how brilliant this character was - with the faces she made, and the humorous situations she got herself into.

    Then there's Van - you know, the dumb guy. Each sitcom has to have one. Thankfully, Van wasn't as dumb as the others. He had a soul, much like the rest of the characters. I guess that was the thing that set apart this sitcom from the others - they were all funny, yet there was always a deeper meaning.

    Rounding up the circle were the other characters - the beautiful Cheyenne, the young Jake, the tanning Brock, and the wonderful Kyra. Out of all of these, Kyra was the best. A young version of Reba, some might say.

    I loved all the storylines the show had as well, from the very beginning of Cheyenne and Van dealing with married life, to B.J.'s and Brock's marriage problems, Reba's dating, Kyra's growing up - there really wasn't anything that I hated about this show.