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  • Beautifully clever and realistic view of normal dysfunctionality

    "Reba" was the one show that 4/5 and sometimes 5/5 of the people in my family would sit to watch. The humor was intelligent (and funny) and the show as a whole was realistic, portraying the life of a Texan mother raising three kids (one pregnant and marrying her baby's father) who must contend with her insensitive ex, who cheated on her with a woman from their office who has tried incessantly to be Reba's best friend.

    After a while, Reba's first grandchild (a girl) is born, the same year her ex's mistress/wife has her baby, a boy. The dysfunction of everyday, real families is very true to all I know of life, although for someone thought to be so strong-headed, Reba certainly takes the blame for many of her ex's mishaps and deals with the mistress's clinginess quite well - maybe more than any real woman would.

    All in all, excellent show - funny, dramatic, touching, and honest, taking a good look into most of the family's lives and everyday ongoings, and the chemistry between the actresses/actors is amazing. Even in the bloopers, they behave much like a real and caring family. Worth watching over and over!