Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on The CW

Episode Recap

Brock and Barbra Jean announce that they are going to a family reunion in Fisheye bottom and that they are taking the kids, Van, and Cheyenne with them. Cheyenne then informs Reba that she should invite Brian over while everyone is away for the weekend. Reba feeling very uncomfortable, tells Cheyenne that this is none of her business. However Cheyenne tells Reba "the basics" of what she will need on her weekend. A purse with underwear, gatorade, money, candy bars and birth control. The family then disembarks for a 12 hour drive in a rented mini bus. However Van insists they call it a van. When they arrive Brock is very nervous about meeting Barbra Jean's father Big daddy, while Kyra is wishing she wasn't there.[she also believes they are all just like Barbra Jean]. During the party Kyra is bored, Brock is hiding from big daddy, while Barbra Jean is nervous while being around her sister Katie Ann. While back at home Reba invites Brian inside after her date with him. She is very nervous about what might happen, sitting in a separate chair from Brian. While Brian states "whatever happens is what you want to happen." Meanwhile while back at the party, Brock finally comes out of hiding, Kyra tells Barbra Jean to "fight back" to her sister and everyone has a good time. Reba then tells Brian back at home after they almost had "Ring-a-ding" that people shouldn't Ring-a-ding to see IF they're in love, but because they're ALREADY in love, Brian understands and goes home. When back at home Kyra tells Barbra Jean that she had fun and they hug. Then Reba asks Kyra if she had fun, Kyra says, "There was only one sane person there" Reba replies "Oh who's that?" "Oh you don't know her"
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