Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on The CW

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  • Reba gets comfortable enough in her relationship with Brian to invite him to meet her family.Meanwhile Brock,Barbera Jean,Kyra,Jake,Van and Cheyanne go to one of Barbera Jean`s family reunions.

    Reba invites her boyfriend, Brian to meet her family. I think it was funny because Van was Mr. Macho and protective of Reba when he met Brian.He had this serious look about him when he met him.I also think it was sweet that Brian would have rather stayed in the kitchen and make out with Reba than go socialize with Reba`s family.Perfect man for Reba. Well first of all, ring-a-ding is Reba`s word for sex. I think this episode is funny because it`s been a couple years since Reba well ring-a-dinged. She gets so nervous and offensive when Cheyanne talks to her about birth control[maybe she should have used it]and being careful.She gets nervous that her and Brian are going to get into it while the kids are away and they have the house to themselves.I remember Reba didnt even want to invite Brian in she was so nervous but she did anyway.In the end Reba tells Brian about her nerves. My favorite quote was from Reba:
    I dont think people should ring-a-ding to find out if they fall in love.I think people should ring-a-ding because their already in love.