Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on The CW

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  • An hour long episode!

    This is such a funny episode! Reba finally introduces her boyfriend to her kids. Brock and BJ will be taking them to Fisheye Bottom for BJ's family reunion. When Cheyenne notices that Reba is starting to work out and eating healthier, she suspects that it's because she wants to look good naked. This causes Cheyenne to give her insite on "the talk". When they arrive at BJ's reunion, Kyra's immediatly bored. Brock is scared of BJ's father, Big Daddy, because he doesn't approve of their marriage. And because he has a gun and drinks a bit. BJ's sister Katie Ann immediatly starts to pick on BJ. When Kyra sees this, she tells her how to make her sister shut up.Kyra actually enjoys herself, and warms up to BJ. At home, Reba attempts to have sex with Brian in her bedroom... until she sees all her kids pictures stareing at her. She decides to go to a motel... but the clerk was reading the bible.... Reba decides she's not ready, and is afraid that Brian will break up with her. He assures her he won't, and as he leaves, Reba gives him gatorade and a granola bar for the long ride home.