Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • One of the women in the background at Barbra Jean's family reunion is wearing the same shirt that Reba wore in Meet the Parents. The shirt was from Reba's mom.

    • When Reba is putting the bottled drink into her first pocketbook, you can clearly see that the Gatorade label has been blocked off.

    • Barbara-Jean and Blanche Deveraux (from The Golden Girls's) father have the same name--Big Daddy.

    • Nitpick: When Brian first comes to the Hart's house, he tells Jake that he put gummy BEARS in the ice cream. Then later, Jake tells Van that there were gummy WORMS in the ice cream.

    • When Reba leaves for the night to meet Brian, she leaves the bag and 2 purses on the bed. When she takes Brian to her room for the tour, the bed is perfectly clean.

  • Quotes

    • Reba: (Reba and Brian are kissing and the lights flicker on and off) Whew-we, you can kiss!

    • Reba: I don't think people should ring-a-ding to see if they fall in love, I think people should ring-a-ding because they're already in love.

    • Van: Well Brian you can take a seat.
      (Brian sits down)
      Kyra: Not Daddy's chair!
      Brian: Good one.

    • Kyra: Hurry up and open the door. I want to meet my new daddy.

    • Brock: Kyra we are not leaving!
      Kyra: Why don't you just give me the room key and I'll go watch the moving picture box.

    • Cheyenne: Look, whatever happens between you and Brian while we're away, I'm sure it'll be great.
      (Elizabeth cries off-screen)
      Cheyenne: Just be careful!

    • [Barbara Jean, Brock and the kids are going to Barbara Jeans family reunion in Fisheye Bottom]
      Barbara Jean:You are welcome to come you know.
      Reba: As much as I would like driving 9 hours to meet the people you sprung from, I'm busy. I'm going to put my divorce papers in a golden frame.

    • Brian: I have a better idea. What if me and your mom sometimes takes Jake with us when we go out, so you can get your life back.
      Kyra: God bless you, sweet stranger!

    • Reba (walks into kitchen): I think your Daddy is ready to go!
      Cheyenne: I don't think Dad wants to get there, he circled a spot on the map and labeled it "engine trouble". What are you doing?
      Reba: Making breakfast. (cuts up grapefruit)
      Cheyenne: A grapefruit?? Don't you usually eat something good, like ham and sausage between pancakes?
      Reba: I wanted a grapefruit...soooo?
      Cheyenne (smiles): Didn't you go to the gym yesterday??
      Reba: I went out for a cheeseburger, I was in my sweats, it just happened.
      Cheyenne (nods happily): Oh my God! You are so cute! But Mom you can relax you have a great body.
      Reba (looks stunned): Ohh.. well this is an awkward mother-daughter moment.
      (zips up jacket)
      Cheyenne: It's cause Brian's got a hot body riight? Mom, don't worry I'm sure he thinks you look great naked!
      Reba (jaw drops): I think your father is ready to go! (starts to push Cheyenne through door)
      Cheyenne: What are you so freaked out about....we can talk about stuff like this?!?!
      Reba: Cheyenne, Stop! This is none of your business. You are my child, not my girlfriend! I appreciate your interest, and that you think Brian has a "hot" body, but this isn't something I'm comfortable talking to you about.
      Cheyenne: Mom....I may be your daughter but I am also a married woman. I think this is great, as long as you two are being careful!
      (Reba embarassed keeps chopping grapefruit
      Cheyenne: (looks surprised) You are being careful right?!?!?!
      Reba: Cheyenne! Yes! Very Careful! 100% fool-proof careful!!
      Cheyenne: Oh... I just thought...
      Reba: No!
      Cheyenne: Not even a little bit?
      Reba: I don't fully understand that question, but no.

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