Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2002 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Reba (walks into kitchen): I think your Daddy is ready to go!
      Cheyenne: I don't think Dad wants to get there, he circled a spot on the map and labeled it "engine trouble". What are you doing?
      Reba: Making breakfast. (cuts up grapefruit)
      Cheyenne: A grapefruit?? Don't you usually eat something good, like ham and sausage between pancakes?
      Reba: I wanted a grapefruit...soooo?
      Cheyenne (smiles): Didn't you go to the gym yesterday??
      Reba: I went out for a cheeseburger, I was in my sweats, it just happened.
      Cheyenne (nods happily): Oh my God! You are so cute! But Mom you can relax you have a great body.
      Reba (looks stunned): Ohh.. well this is an awkward mother-daughter moment.
      (zips up jacket)
      Cheyenne: It's cause Brian's got a hot body riight? Mom, don't worry I'm sure he thinks you look great naked!
      Reba (jaw drops): I think your father is ready to go! (starts to push Cheyenne through door)
      Cheyenne: What are you so freaked out about....we can talk about stuff like this?!?!
      Reba: Cheyenne, Stop! This is none of your business. You are my child, not my girlfriend! I appreciate your interest, and that you think Brian has a "hot" body, but this isn't something I'm comfortable talking to you about.
      Cheyenne: Mom....I may be your daughter but I am also a married woman. I think this is great, as long as you two are being careful!
      (Reba embarassed keeps chopping grapefruit
      Cheyenne: (looks surprised) You are being careful right?!?!?!
      Reba: Cheyenne! Yes! Very Careful! 100% fool-proof careful!!
      Cheyenne: Oh... I just thought...
      Reba: No!
      Cheyenne: Not even a little bit?
      Reba: I don't fully understand that question, but no.

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