Season 6 Episode 4

Roll With It

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 2006 on The CW

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  • kyra moves back in with reba just as van and cheyenne decide to move out. although thrilled with kyra moving in with her again, reba is not thrilled with the bad habits kyra picked up at brock's. meanwhile, jake joins a wheelchair basketball team.

    i loved this episode a lot. i lvoe how everyone was trying to tell reba how to handle kyra when kyra's her daughter. barbra jean says they only let kyra drink once in a while and kyra has to be at home to drink. cheyenne told reba not to tell her not to do something because she'll just rebel. finally, reba follows her own instinct and sets down some rules for kyra. i lvoe how she finally takes charge and gets into her character at the end. she usually doesn't listen to what the others have to say and i don't know why she did it this time. i was happy when she set the limits for kyra. jake was another story. he was trying to hide the fact from everyone that he was on a wheelchair basketball team. it was funny when they found out. reba's like you can't do this, jake. it was funny when the coach came to the house and jake was walking down the stairs...i think he knows and i don't think he's going to be on that team anymore. it was a really good episode. i say see it for yourself before judging it.