Season 3 Episode 16

Sister Act

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2004 on The CW
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Reba and Brock don't know whether to hug or ground Kyra after she admits to punching a classmate who called Cheyenne a slut. Meanwhile, Van gets a bit carried away helping Jake build a volcano for his science fair.

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  • Hilaroius!

    When Kyra fakes being sick to get out of school Reba calls down there to find out what's going. She finds Kyra skipped 3 times this month. When she comfronts Kyra she tells her it's because somedays she doesn't feel like dealing with the kids harrasing her. When Brock and BJ come over later, they reveal Kyra punched a girl out. They keep asking her why, until finally she reveals the girl called Cheyenne a slut. Cheyenne is so happy to find out Kyra actually likes her and wants to spend every minute with her now. Later they all go to the principal to talk about Kyra's incident. Kyra then reveals that she punched the girl because she wanted to get kicked out.moreless
  • This series just keeps getting better...

    Every episode of Reba seems to get progressively better than the last at this point in season three. I am beginning to think that season three is the best season Reba has to offer. In this episode Kyra is having problems at school. It does not sound like an original plot, but they put the Reba twist one it and make it fresh. Van is in a story where he is helping Jake with a school project which also causes some laughs. Van is just as funny as he is in every episode here. In conclusion, this is an above average episode of Reba and you'll have lots of fun when watching it.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • NITPICK: In real life, a "zero tolerance" policy means just that: ZERO TOLERANCE. Kyra would've been expelled for fighting that girl, no exception to the rule for anybody.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Kyra: All the times you weren't hugging me. I actually like talking to you.
      (Cheyenne goes forward to hug Kyra)
      Kyra: All the times you WEREN'T hugging me!

    • (Barbra Jean and Cheyenne pretend to cry)
      Kyra: Mom!
      Reba: If it looks fake I'll make them stop (looks at Barbra Jean and Cheyenne) Stop it.

    • Cheyenne: So what did you like most about talking to me?
      Kyra: All the words you mispronounced.

    • Kyra: (about going shopping with Cheyenne) Mom I have something to confess, and if you ever tell anyone, I'll deny it and I'll never tell you anything again.
      Reba: What?
      Kyra: I actually had a good time with her! (covers her mouth in suprise)

    • Kyra: She called Cheyenne a slut ok! She called Cheyenne a slut so I punched her. (storms out of the living room)

      Cheyenne: Wow! My pysco sister loves me!

    • Cheyenne: I was not a slut, I was a tease.
      Brock: Cheyenne, if you were a tease, I wouldn't be a grandfather right now.

    • Cheyenne: it takes one to know one, except I'm not one, but if I was one then she would have to be one too

    • Reba (to Kyra): If you were a little bit older, I'd offer you a drink.

    • Cheyenne: So she didn't call me a slut?
      Kyra: No, she called you s slut,a loser, and a teenage baby-machine.
      Cheyenne: You could have just said yes!

    • Barbra Jean: No, you can't talk to her teacher! Otherwise, you'll be smashed into a locker with chalk up your nose and duct tape in your hair!
      Brock: Oh honey, I'm sorry. I wish I could've been there to protect you.
      Reba: Except you were 34.

    • Brock: Kyra, when things get tough you have to stick with them.
      (Reba gives him a look)

    • Barbra Jean: Kyra, there are two ways you can deal with bullies: You can either hide in a bush till they forget about you, or you can buy them presents. Oh, that reminds me Reba, I picked you up something nice at the mall.

    • Reba: Kyra! What did this girl do to get you to snap?
      Kyra: SHE CALLED CHEYENNE A SLUT! She called Cheyenne a slut, so I punched her, ok?
      Cheyenne: Oh my gosh, my psycho sister loves me!

    • Reba: Did that seem weird to you?
      Barbra Jean: Yeah, why?
      Reba: Because Kyra faked being sick. She's never faked being sick before! She's faked being well just so she can go to school!
      Barbra Jean: Wow, I am so easily fooled. I wonder if those kids are really blind. You know, I think some of them are just lazy.

    • Reba: Oh honey, what's wrong?
      Barbra Jean: I'll tell you what's wrong! She's sick, and it's Tuesday! The day I read to the blind kids! Who's gonna tell them I'm not there?

    • Barbara Jean: It's always the bullies, or the jocks, or preps. The nerds aren't all that friendly, either!
      Reba (to Kyra, ignoring Barbra Jean): How long has this been going on?
      Barbra Jean: My whole life!

    • Kyra: You know how it is, one minute we're standing around drinking, the next we're throwing punches.

    • Reba: Kyra, why would you hit someone?
      Cheyenne: It's how she shows affection!
      Kyra: Yeah, that's right. Why don't come over here for a hug?

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