Season 3 Episode 16

Sister Act

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2004 on The CW

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  • Hilaroius!

    When Kyra fakes being sick to get out of school Reba calls down there to find out what's going. She finds Kyra skipped 3 times this month. When she comfronts Kyra she tells her it's because somedays she doesn't feel like dealing with the kids harrasing her. When Brock and BJ come over later, they reveal Kyra punched a girl out. They keep asking her why, until finally she reveals the girl called Cheyenne a slut. Cheyenne is so happy to find out Kyra actually likes her and wants to spend every minute with her now. Later they all go to the principal to talk about Kyra's incident. Kyra then reveals that she punched the girl because she wanted to get kicked out.