Season 3 Episode 16

Sister Act

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • NITPICK: In real life, a "zero tolerance" policy means just that: ZERO TOLERANCE. Kyra would've been expelled for fighting that girl, no exception to the rule for anybody.

  • Quotes

    • Kyra: All the times you weren't hugging me. I actually like talking to you.
      (Cheyenne goes forward to hug Kyra)
      Kyra: All the times you WEREN'T hugging me!

    • (Barbra Jean and Cheyenne pretend to cry)
      Kyra: Mom!
      Reba: If it looks fake I'll make them stop (looks at Barbra Jean and Cheyenne) Stop it.

    • Cheyenne: So what did you like most about talking to me?
      Kyra: All the words you mispronounced.

    • Kyra: (about going shopping with Cheyenne) Mom I have something to confess, and if you ever tell anyone, I'll deny it and I'll never tell you anything again.
      Reba: What?
      Kyra: I actually had a good time with her! (covers her mouth in suprise)

    • Kyra: She called Cheyenne a slut ok! She called Cheyenne a slut so I punched her. (storms out of the living room)

      Cheyenne: Wow! My pysco sister loves me!

    • Cheyenne: I was not a slut, I was a tease.
      Brock: Cheyenne, if you were a tease, I wouldn't be a grandfather right now.

    • Cheyenne: it takes one to know one, except I'm not one, but if I was one then she would have to be one too

    • Reba (to Kyra): If you were a little bit older, I'd offer you a drink.

    • Cheyenne: So she didn't call me a slut?
      Kyra: No, she called you s slut,a loser, and a teenage baby-machine.
      Cheyenne: You could have just said yes!

    • Barbra Jean: No, you can't talk to her teacher! Otherwise, you'll be smashed into a locker with chalk up your nose and duct tape in your hair!
      Brock: Oh honey, I'm sorry. I wish I could've been there to protect you.
      Reba: Except you were 34.

    • Brock: Kyra, when things get tough you have to stick with them.
      (Reba gives him a look)

    • Barbra Jean: Kyra, there are two ways you can deal with bullies: You can either hide in a bush till they forget about you, or you can buy them presents. Oh, that reminds me Reba, I picked you up something nice at the mall.

    • Reba: Kyra! What did this girl do to get you to snap?
      Kyra: SHE CALLED CHEYENNE A SLUT! She called Cheyenne a slut, so I punched her, ok?
      Cheyenne: Oh my gosh, my psycho sister loves me!

    • Reba: Did that seem weird to you?
      Barbra Jean: Yeah, why?
      Reba: Because Kyra faked being sick. She's never faked being sick before! She's faked being well just so she can go to school!
      Barbra Jean: Wow, I am so easily fooled. I wonder if those kids are really blind. You know, I think some of them are just lazy.

    • Reba: Oh honey, what's wrong?
      Barbra Jean: I'll tell you what's wrong! She's sick, and it's Tuesday! The day I read to the blind kids! Who's gonna tell them I'm not there?

    • Barbara Jean: It's always the bullies, or the jocks, or preps. The nerds aren't all that friendly, either!
      Reba (to Kyra, ignoring Barbra Jean): How long has this been going on?
      Barbra Jean: My whole life!

    • Kyra: You know how it is, one minute we're standing around drinking, the next we're throwing punches.

    • Reba: Kyra, why would you hit someone?
      Cheyenne: It's how she shows affection!
      Kyra: Yeah, that's right. Why don't come over here for a hug?

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