Season 1 Episode 3

Someone's at the Gyno with Reba

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 2001 on The CW
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Van has finally moved some of his stuff (that his parents thoughtfully threw out on their front lawn for him) into the room he shares with Cheyenne. Unfortunately, most of it's either in bad taste or just downright unacceptable (like the cheerleaders poster). But when Cheyenne doesn't object, Reba can't understand why she wouldn't tell Van how she really feels. While on a visit to the gynecologist, Reba also discovers that Cheyenne and Barbra Jean are sharing the same doctor... and Brock has brought little Jake to the appointment. When Cheyenne accuses Reba of being a control freak and running Brock out of the marriage, Reba goes to therapy by herself. The therapist agrees that Reba is too controlling and suggests that she just let go of a few things; do something for herself like go to a movie. Van and Cheyenne are fighting because she's finally told him that she doesn't like the things he's added to their room. Reba goes to a movie, leaving the kids to fend for themselves for dinner. In a panic, Cheyenne calls Brock for help. Cheyenne and Brock both complain about Reba's controlling behavior, but when Cheyenne says that she thinks it's the reason her parents marriage ended, Brock gets serious for a minute and corrects her. He tells her that it was a two way street and that Reba is not entirely to blame. In fact, he likes that she always speaks her mind. When Reba returns from the movie, she and Cheyenne have a heart to heart talk and Cheyenne apologizes.moreless

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  • Sooo funny!

    This episode was hilarious! Oh my gosh! I nearly spat soda everywhere, because I was laughing so hard! Maybe I should wait and have a sip of soda when I'm not laughing. Haha! This was an awesome episode. Brock takes Jake places he shouldn't, and Van moved his things into his and Cheyenne's room. Unfortunately, Van has some things in the room that do not go in a bedroom or just make the wife so uncomfortable. He and Cheyenne have their first married fight. Reba learns that she shouldn't always try to fix other people's problems. She should just take it easy and let them work it out. Yeah, I loved this episode. It was hilarious! I almost wet myself!moreless
  • Another great episode!

    This episode shows us Van and Cheyenne adjusting more to married life, as Van moves his stuff in, and he and Cheyenne have their first fight. The gynoclogist part was funny too! It was funny to see Brock and BJ taking Jake to the gynoclogist. And it was eally funny when Van thought HE was the one who was going to see the gynoclogist! This episode is also the last episode to feature Nell Carter as Dr. Susan Peters, who unfortunatly dies next year. Brock also sticks up for Reba in this episode and admits that he was mostly responsible for their marriage ending.moreless
  • Reba? Is It Just Me Or Are You AWSOME!

    I decied to write a little poem about this episode that reflects my review. Ehem. Reba, oh Reba, The girl i liked to watcha. lol You made me laugh, you made me cry, now you are in a terrible situation at the gyno's. lol

    This is one of the only shows I watch. And Reba McEntire, aswell as the whole cast make the show. I couldn't see any other actors or actress' portray these very loveable characters. Reba is a show that when you watch, you feel like family. And when the show's over, you feel so sad, that you take out your DVD set and start watching the eppies all over again.moreless
  • The third episdoe & it is still hilarious.

    In the third episode Van & Cheyenne learn that living together is not an easy thing & they are going to have many fights. As Van moves all of his things into their room Cheyenne dosen't like it. It causes for too much clutter in what used to be her own room. This is the cause of their first married fight. There are so many funny things in this episode from start to finish. It is very well written & flows very well. Truly entertainment at it's peak. By the end of the episode Van & Cheyenne sort things out at the end & make up. Highly recommended.moreless
  • Van has finally moved some of his stuff into the room he shares with Cheyenne. Unfortunately, most of it's either in bad taste or just downright unacceptable. But when Cheyenne doesn't object, Reba can't understand why she wouldn't tell Van how she realmoreless

    To me, this episode is special because it was the last time we would see the late great Nell Carter a therapist who the Hart family were ordered by the court to see on a daily basis.

    I beleive if she were still alive today, the show would still focus on Reba and Nell talking about the problems that Reba must go through on a daily basis throughout the years!!!

    Nell did make the first three episodes even more enjoyable for me!!!moreless
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Nell Carter

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