Season 3 Episode 4

Spies Like Reba

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2003 on The CW
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Barbra Jean becomes suspicious about Kyra's secretiveness and convinces Reba to hack in to Kyra's e-mail account. Barbra Jean and Reba discover that Kyra is planning to go to an unsupervised party and possibly go to the next level with a boy. Brock, Barbra Jean, and Reba all want to prevent Kyra from making the same mistake as Cheyenne so they stake out the party.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Brock gets to put his foot down as Kyra's father.

    Barbra Jean reveals that she spies on Kyra using computer surveillance software. This piques Reba and Brock's curiosity. Watching the three adults attempt to decipher teenage typing was a good gag, although I don't think Kyra's name should have tripped up Reba at all. That was a bit of an exaggeration. I was caught off guard by the hard stance Brock took with Kyra at the end of the episode. It was quite a shock to see him do some real parenting. I thought his treatment of Kyra was fair, without being overly punishing. It was also nice of Brock to do this for Reba, establishing that Kyra's not going to get a free pass just because she's from under her mom's roof.moreless
  • A great example of Reba's slap stick comedy talent!

    BJ tells Reba that she spies on Kyra. Reba gets mad, and tells her to stop. When Reba starts to suspect that Kyra likes a boy, she starts to go through her backpack. When she sees Kyra in Cheyenne's "boy meeting" sweater, she knows somethings up. She goes to Brock and BJ's where they pretend to be her on IM. They find out that she went to an unsupervised party, and the three of them go over to spy on her. When she spots BJ, she gets really mad and tells Reba that she didn't expect her to do that. Reba tells Kyra that she was worried because she didn't know where she was going. Kyra tells that it's because she checks in with Brock. Brock tells her that she needs to check in with Reba too, and tells her that he's going to tell her friend's parents about the party. Reba's shocked that Brock actually acted responsible, and tells him he did a good job.moreless
  • Barbra Jean becomes suspicious about Kyra's secretiveness and convinces Reba to hack in to Kyra's e-mail account. Barbra Jean and Reba discover that Kyra is planning to go to an unsupervised party and possibly go to the next level with a boy.moreless

    I think that this showed a side to both sides of the family of Reba and Barbara Jean and Brock. Even though Kyra lives with her father, she thinks that she can get away with any little or big thing. While she was living with Reba, she only though of rules and rules but never thought about her sister Cheyenne because she didn't want to have the life of her sister. This episode shows that families that have had some problems in the pass can work together to help there children and steer them in the right path. The suspicion that the adults had on Kyra shows that they love Kyra and that they don't want her to make the wrong decision.moreless
  • Despite divorce and one child moving to live with the other parent, the parents can still parent together and do what is best for the child, without worrying about loosing that child's respect and love. No alienation of affections here.moreless

    This was a great episode. It shows that despite divorce, parents can and should still parent their children together. Far too many parents create hostile and aggressive parenting situations that alienate the children from the other parent. In fact, this episode showed that just because K is living with her Dad does not mean that it is a free ride and she must still abide by the rules and respect both her parents. Kudos for this point.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Reba tosses Kyra's backpack onto the coffee table as Kyra is coming downstairs, a clip or something flies off the backpack.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Reba: We know it's an unsupervised party, Kyra.
      Kyra: Where did you hear that? Have you been following me?
      Barbara Jean: No, we got it from your email.

    • Kyra: I'm with my friends, okay?
      Brock: Friends or boys?
      Kyra: What's the difference?
      Barbara Jean: Oh, you don't know? (To Reba) It's okay, we got nothing to worry about.

    • Reba: I'd like think your wife is insane for climbing a tree in night vision goggles, but then I realize, she's my leader.
      Brock: What?
      Reba: I spied on my kid today, Brock! I'm spying on her right now!
      Brock: Not if she doesn't show up! Then you're just the creepy old lady watching teenagers party.

    • Reba: You need to know who they're with, where they're going for how long, and get a phone number! And a cell number in case they lie about the phone number!
      Brock: Maybe we could just put a chip in her head and track her by satellite!
      Reba: Well, if you weren't so cheap!

    • Reba: Night vision goggles?
      Brock: Barbara Jean, we're in the suburbs. Not 'Nam.
      Reba: You can't go peeping in people's windows!
      Barbara Jean: I'll radio if I see anything. And don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything that looks suspicious. (Gets out of the car)
      Brock: I can't believe this is happening.
      Reba: Oh come on, Brock. You knew she was crazy when you married her.

    • Reba: It's an unsupervised party Brock!
      Brock: That she may not be going to!
      Reba: She's asking why I'm not responding. What do I say?
      Barbara Jean: Don't say anything! She'll know you're not Kyra!
      Reba: It's all caps! She's mad!
      Brock: Turn it off! TIO! TIO!

    • Reba: What'd I do? Did I set off the alarm??
      Barbara Jean: No, it's the instant message. It's like talking to someone over the phone, but less private and more difficult.

    • Reba: So you're not the least bit concerned Kyra just left my house wearing Cheyenne's sweater?
      Brock: Hey I spent so much money on those clothes I hope Jake wears Cheyenne's sweater!

    • Van: Wow, Kyra's life as a movie. You know who I'd wanna play me?
      Reba: Who?
      Van: Densel Washington.

    • (Kyra walks upstairs)
      Reba: (quietly) Oh Kyra, I'm gonna go through you're backpack. If it's okay, don't say anything.

    • Kyra: I know it's kind of dark out, but if you borrow Barbra Jean's spy goggles, you'll be able to see I'm not Cheyenne.
      Reba: Well maybe we got confused because you're wearing her boy meeting sweater.
      Kyra: So you guys really think I'm so stupid, I'd sneak off and have sex when I'm 14? And even if I did, why would I wear Cheyenne's sweater? For good luck?

    • Barbra Jean: Boop! You've got mail!
      (opens Kyra's laptop and makes poses)
      Reba: (to Brock) Boop! You've got a goof-ball!

    • Reba: I Don't Want Your Parenting Advise, Barbra Jean.
      Barbra Jean: Yes, you do. Because you know that I know things about Kyra that you wanna know. And you wanna know how I know them. And I'll let you know how I know them if you let me know...
      Reba: OKAY, FINE!!! Tell me your secret. Tell me how you get my daughter to completely open up about every detail in her life.
      Barbra Jean: I Spy On Her.
      (Reba drops all she's holding and makes an extremely shocked face, while Barbra Jean jumps up and down with laughter)

    • Barbra Jean: You wanna know how I know who gave her that friendship necklace?
      Reba: Yes! How do you get Kyra to tell you everything that goes on in her life, and I can't get one little conversation?!
      Barbra Jean: I spy on her!

    • Van: Do you know what I think Mrs. H?
      Reba: That you're not really Jimmy?

    • Cheyenne: You also always went through my pockets.
      Reba: That's not spying, Cheyenne. It's called doing your laundry.
      Cheyenne: Oh, well then I'll do your laundry and see how you like it!
      Reba: Yeah, and do my ironing too. That'll show me!

    • Reba: I would never spy on one of my kids!
      Cheyenne: You spied on me all the time!
      Reba: No I didn't.
      Cheyenne: Then how did you know I liked Jimmy?
      Reba: Because you wrote his name all over your notebook!

  • NOTES (4)