Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 15, 2002 on The CW

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  • In hopes of resuscitating her non-existent love life, Reba hits the bar scene with her friend Lori Ann but is mortified when they run into Brock, Barbra Jean, Cheyenne and Van on a double date. Cheyenne convinces Reba to try speed dating!

    This was a Great episode but a sad one for me for the simple reason Park Overall who plays Reba's friend "Lori Ann" would no longer be seen in the REBA series!!!

    This episode was the beginning of a new love interest for Reba which she hits it off with a guy named Brian played by Mark Thompson!!!

    It was interesting to see Reba trying to move on with her life and interesting in seeing Brock's feelings of his ex-wife moving on without him!!!