Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 15, 2002 on The CW

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  • This is my absolute favorite episode of Reba!

    This episode is hilarious, I loved every minute of it! In this episode Reba's best friend, Lori Ann, notices her lack of love life. Reba says she doesn't feel like she's ready to date, until Brock tells her he thinks it's time for her to go out again. Reba goes to a bar, where all she does is talk about her family, and after chasing off three guys, Lori Ann tells her she needs to make somthing up about her life. Just then Reba bumps into Van and Cheyenne, who suggest they go to speed dating. There, Reba meets a few guys, including one who has cleary been to many speed dates, and another who repeats everything she says. Finally Reba meets a man who she really likes, and to keep him she tells him that she writes children's books. When they go out, Reba's afraid that he will find out she was lying, and finally admits sshe was lying, but Reba wasn't the only one who lied about her job!