Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 15, 2002 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • 20 years since her last date? Yeah, right. Obviously when they made this episode, they forgot to review the episode called "The Story Of A Divorce", where she goes on a date with someone called Parker Reynolds, played by Peter Scolari.

  • Quotes

    • Reba: (talking to a guy she met while holding photos) That's my grandchild shes nine months old. Oh, and heres the rest of family! Thats a house full, huh? You wouldn't think I'd be so lonely.
      Guy: Yeah. (Flicks a fork off the counter on to the ground) Will you excuse me?
      Reba: Yeah.
      (The guy picks up the fork off the ground and runs out of the bar)
      Lori Ann: (After seeing it) OK honey, that's the third time, I don't think it's them. Reba, your children are only cute to you. You need to talk about somthing interesting.
      Reba: Well I guess I could talk about my job. Hey the other day, I got two appointments mixed up and the wrong Mr. Smith came for a teeth cleaning! (laughs) that was a hoot
      Lori Ann: OK, forget about interesting, you need to lie.
      Reba: I can't do that!
      Lori Ann: Sure you can! I tell men I'm a Romanian gymniast. Men love a flexable women who can't speak English.

    • Cheyenne: (about Kyra babysitting) Don't worry Mom, she'll be fine!
      Reba: I know. At least she won't be on the couch makin' out with her boyfriend all night long!
      Cheyenne: Mom, he was not my boyfriend!

    • Kyra: (About babysitting Jake) It's not fair! Why can't you babysit Jake?! I mean, you're married with a kid, I still have a life!
      Cheyenne: What is the big deal? I used to babysit you all the time!
      Kyra: Yeah right! You used to stick me in my room while you sat on the couch making out with your boyfriend!
      Cheyenne: (smiles) Oh right!

    • Hank: Hi, I'm Hank. I like to make people laugh.
      Reba: That's nice, I'm Reba.
      Hank: (imitating Reba) That's nice, I'm Reba.
      Reba: I'm sorry?!
      Hank: (imitating Reba) I'm sorry?!
      Reba: Wait, are you just gonna sit there and repeat everything I say?!
      Hank: (imitating Reba) Wait, are you just gonna sit there and repeat everything I say?!
      Reba: That's not funny
      Hank: Yes, it is
      Reba: Ha! You missed one
      Hank: (imitating Reba) Ha! You missed one
      Reba: I like men
      Hank: I like me..... (realizes what Reba said)
      Reba: Switch!
      Hank: SWITCH!
      (After they switch, Brian sits in front of Reba)
      Reba: Hi there!
      Brian: Hi there!
      Reba: (Gets angry) I swear if you're gonna sit there and repeat everything I say, I'mm gonna slug ya!
      Brian: (laughs) Good to know.

    • (Lori Ann wants Reba to start dating)
      Brock: Actually, I think you should do it.
      Reba and Lori Ann: What!?
      Brock: Yeah, it's been long enough. You deserve to be happy.
      Reba: So, you two agree that I should go out??
      Brock and Lori Ann: Yeah.
      Reba: Well, if you two agree on something, then maybe I should do it!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Reba randí (Reba Is Dating)

    • Mark Thompson, who portrays "Brian" in this is episode, is a well known morning radio personality on KLOS in Los Angeles. The character's name Brian is a nod to his on-air partner of 20 years, Brian Phelps.

    • The bald man who talks really fast during Reba's speed dating session, also played the man from the funeral home in "Brock's Swan Song." He also happens to be Melissa Peterman's (who plays Barbra Jean) husband.

    • The scene in the season 2 (Episodes 11- 24) 3 and 4 theme song where Kyra rolls her eyes is from this episode.

    • This is Park Overall's (Lori-Anne's) final episode. She was contracted for 7 episodes, and her contract was not renewed as she was no longer required. She was dropped from the series completely in 2003.

    • During the speed dating scene the annoying guy who repeats everything Reba says is played Pat Bullard, who is an Executive Producer and a writer for the show. This maybe an inside joke as Bullard hosted Love Connection for a few season (a show where the audience would vote for who a person should date, and then they would talk about the date and see if it works out or not).

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