Season 4 Episode 1

The Accidental Role Model

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

After hearing Brock admit he made a mistake, Reba gets upset and confused at the same time. She yells at Brock telling him that these outbursts of his feelings is what gets him in trouble and hurts the people around him. She tells him he doesn't think before he speaks. Brock wants to explain himself but Reba wants to hear and also doesn't want to hear it. Barbra Jean bursts in and tells them she is not going to let the two of them decide her life. She argues with Reba on who is going to leave Brock first. Kyra tells Van & Cheyenne that Barbra Jean caught Brock and Reba in bed. Cheyenne tells Reba that they shouldn't get back together cause Reba has become such a strong person and she is so much happier since she had divorced from Brock. Reba goes back to tell Brock that it wouldn't be smart for the two of them to get back together even though Brock didn't want that anyway. He admits that he needs to talk to Barbra Jean because he still loves her and wants to work it out. Barbra Jean tells Reba that she has sat and thought about how her inspiration would handle it. "WWRD - What would Reba do?" Reba tells her she needs to do what she feels right. Barbra Jean decides she is going to kick him out. Barbra Jean blurts this news out to Cheyenne and Van and then leaves, they both decide to go over to the their house to watch it happen only to find that Barbra Jean hadn't shown up yet. They tell Kyra what is going to happen right when Brock walks in and almost over hears it. They try not to tell him but he follows them back to Reba's house where he confronts Reba and demands she tells him what they know. Reba lets him in on the news right when Kyra walks in and tells him that Barbra Jean is home and wants to talk to him. We end with Brock coming back to Reba's after being kicked out by Barbra Jean. Reba tells him that he better go look for a cheap motel.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Brock thinks leaving Reba may have been a huge mistake...

    After Brock tells Reba he thinks leaving her was a mistake, he quickly says he's not really sure what he feels. Reba gets annoyed and leaves. Later BJ tells her that she was thinking what Reba would do in this situation and comes to the conclusion to kick him out. She tells Van and Cheyenne who tell Kyra. While telling Kyra, Brock overhears them saying something about not wanting him to know, and he immediatly jumps to conclusion. He follows Van and Cheyenne home, unknown to Reba when she asks if BJ did it. He asks her what, and is forced to tell him. BJ calls him home, and tells him to leave.moreless
  • This is the episode that everyone had been waiting on. Would Brock and Reba get back together?

    This is a great story, and answers the question on eveyone's mind...would Brock and Reba get back together? Simply...not at this time. Brock told Reba in the series 3 finale that he thinks he made a mistake by leaving Reba and in the season opener he wants to tell her why, but she won't hear it. Reba is once again in the middle of Brock and Barbara Jean's marriage and she may be the reason that they have problems and she IS the reason Barbara Jean kicks Brock out. She looks to Reba for inspiration...WWRD, What would Reba do? Apparently, Reba would kick her husband out and then go running to his ex-wife for support. The writers did a great job with this episode. It answers the pressing question of "would Reba take Brock back right now?" The answer is no. Do Brock and Reba still love each other - that remains to be seen, and that's why we keep coming back for more!moreless
  • brock tells reba his marriage to Barbra Jean was a mistake...

    this episode had its moments but it really was a dissapointment. I mean their was never anything exciting going on and it was just going from scene to scene without anything really happening. for a season premier this was a big dissapointmant. I'm glad that the next episode, "Mother's intuition" is so good!

    Kevin Abbot can do WAY better than this he has proved it ten million times. But i'm glad that this was bassically the only episode that was bad.

    but... i liked the Mr. HHHHHHHHHHOt thing. it was kinda neat.

    "she just can't stay away from mr. hhhhhhhhot!"

    that was cool.


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    • Kyra: (To Cheyenne and Van) I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a little freaked out because Barbra Jean said she saw mom and dad in bed together.
      (Van spits out his juice and it goes everywhere and some gets in his eyes so Cheyenne gives him a tissue.)
      Van: What?
      Cheyenne: Are you serious?
      Kyra: That's what Barbra Jean said.
      Cheyenne: Kyra don't lie. Don't try to get us to overreact and make us look stupid.
      Van: (To Cheyenne) Honey, Kyra doesn't have that power over us, only we can make ourselves look stupid.

    • Reba: Are you listening to me? I do and I don't want to know. How much more clear can I be?

    • Barbra Jean: So I was driving down the Interstate and I passed this old church and it hit me. WWRD. What Would Reba Do?

    • Reba: One of these days I'm gonna get remarried and I'm gonna stick you in these situations!
      Van (scoffs): Ok...

    • Reba: I'll get a couple of beers.
      Brock: Thanks Reba.
      Reba: They're for me! You can't drink. You're gonna have to drive to a cheap motel.
      Brock: I still don't know why I married either one of them!

    • Reba: You're really gonna kick Brock out?
      Barbra Jean: Oh yeah! Bye, bye blondie.

    • Barbra Jean: 1, 2, 3 Shoo! Ha ha ha! Rock beats air! I win.
      Reba: You didn't win. I wasn't playing.
      Barbra Jean: Well let's play now.
      Reba: Ok. Paper covers rock. Bye (leaves).
      Barbra Jean: Reba! You get back here! You cheated! (Pauses) What are you looking at old lady? Just walk your dog!

    • Reba: Well you're really in a good mood. I guess you talked to Brock.
      Barbra Jean: Oh not yet.
      Reba: I think you should.
      Barbra Jean: Oh I don't need to.
      Reba: I think you might.
      Barbra Jean: I'm kickin' him out.
      Reba (Laughs): Oh you...ha ha ha.
      Barbra Jean: I'm serious!
      Reba: I know, I'm just laughing at my life.

    • Van and Cheyenne walk in on Reba and Barbra Jean hugging
      Van: It was then they realized that neither one of them needed a man.

    • Van: Hey Kyra, you're doing the dishes.
      Kyra: Hey Van, you're bothering me.

    • Van: Oh Kyra...sweet, sweet, vulnerable Kyra. Clean dishes won't keep daddy home.
      Kyra: What is wrong with you? Specific to this moment?

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