Season 6 Episode 5

The Break-Up

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The picture of Reba on her business card is a promotional picture from Season 4.

    • This ISN'T the only time Reba wore a skirt throughout the entire series. There was an episode earlier in the series (season 4 I believe) that Reba wore a black skirt and blouse to church.

      There have also been many other occasions when Reba has worn a skirt. Such as in No Good Deed and other episodes

    • This is the only time that Reba wore a skirt throughout the entire series. She was either seen in a dress (only a few times) and pajamas and pants the rest of the time.

    • This is not the first time BJ was wet. She claimed to have won (and then admitted to losing) a wet t-shirt contest in the Pageant of the Grandmas episode.

  • Quotes

    • (Van has been trying to avoid Reba since he was offered (and turned down) the job with another realtor)
      Reba: Hello, Van.
      Van: Ah! (jumps and turns around, revealing that he is holding a metal garbage can lid for protection) People know I'm here, Mrs. H. My car's parked right out front, so don't think you can kill me and roll my dead body up in a rug, because we don't have a rug!
      (Both look down at the floor, notice they are in fact standing upon a small rug)

    • Reba: Porpoise Poop!

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