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Season 3 Episode 7

The Ghost and Mrs. Hart

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2003 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Reba convinces Barbra Jean her house is haunted by the previous owner, but the joke wears thin when Barbra Jean moves in with her. After a "ghost-ridding" ceremony, Reba finds out that after all this time Barbra Jean thinks she stole Brock from her.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This was a good vehicle for Reba playing pranks on Barbra Jean.

    Barbra Jean is convinced her new house is haunted after Brock reveals a previous owner had died on the property. The measures she takes around the house to stop evil spirits border on insane, which makes total sense considering it's Barbra Jean. I loved how easily she fell for the trick Reba played on her with the mirror. Reba got her good, and Barbra Jean's terrified face looking back at her in the mirror was hilarious. Their scene together with the Ouija board was fun because it pitted someone who bought into its legitimacy completely against someone who thought it was a load of bull. The writers got good conflict and humor from that climatic scene.moreless
  • Hilarious!!!!!!!

    When Reba fonds out that a person died at BJ's house, and Brock tells Reba not to tell BJ because she'll make his life miserable, Reba of course tells her. Later Reba visits them and teases BJ. But her jokes come back to bite her when Brock suggests she stays with Reba. Reba's just ready to get her out of there. When Brock returns he tells BJ that the house can't be haunted because the person died peacefully. Then Kyra lets it slip that his wife killed herself and her pet dog. BJ's even more afraid of the house now. Reba gives her a book on how to get rid of the unwanted, and tells her that it takes 2 people to do it. Brock can't because he's going away, and Kyra's sleeping at a friends. Reba refuses to help until BJ decides to stay at Reba's for the weekend.moreless
  • Barbara Jean is scared of the ghost that's in her house. Is it because she's crazy? Well, yes, but also because she's afraid of why the ghost may be after her!moreless

    Barbara Jean is scared that there is a ghost in her house. Reba "accidentally" lets it slip that the former owner died there. She tells this to Barbara Jean to make Brock's life harder, but unfortunately it backfires on Reba. Barbara Jean's fears lead her to spend all of her time at Reba's making Reba crazy.

    Reba reluctantly agrees to help Barbara Jean with a séance to get rid of the Ghost. Reba takes it all as being a joke, and even pretends that she's been possessed by a ghost. But, her humor flees when she realizes that Barbara Jean isn't scared of the ghost, but rather what she thinks the ghost will do to her because she stole Reba's husband. Reba realizes that Barbara Jean is remorseful for her actions during Reba's divorce from Brock. Barbara Jean again calls Reba her "best friend" and although Reba says that they're not, she's begining to realize that they are indeed friends, although she'd never admit that to Barbara Jean.moreless

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