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Season 1 Episode 2

The Honeymoon's Over or Now What?

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 2001 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The high school's principal Mrs. Hodge calls Reba and Brock into her office to give them a brochure on an alternative school for pregnant mothers, called Hollyhouse, that she feels Cheyenne should attend. When Reba returns to say that Cheyenne's decision is to stay in her regular high school the principal makes it clear that this wasn't a request. When Reba insists that Cheyenne be allowed to stay, the principal suspends the pregnant teen for three weeks, enough time to ruin her grades.

First, Brock brings Barbra Jean into the group, making Reba more than unhappy. Then they begin discussing Cheyenne's situation and Reba comes up with an idea. If they keep Van out of school as long as Cheyenne is out of school, the principal will have to give in and let them both back. Why? They'll lose their chance at a football championship without star cornerback Van.

Cheyenne and Van have been staying at home in protest, but as the next big game approaches without any word from the Principal Hodge, everyone begins to get nervous and doubt Reba's plan.

At the last minute the principal arrives (she was booed by the football crowd during pre-game warm-ups) and says that Cheyenne is welcome back to school. But suddenly Cheyenne says she won't go back. When Reba takes her aside to ask why, Cheyenne admits that before all this happened she was a role model to the younger girls and what kind of role model is she now that she's a married and pregnant 17-year-old? When Reba explains that standing up for what she believes in was the right thing to do, Cheyenne realizes that it's that action that makes her a role model and decides to return to school.moreless

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  • I love this episode, but I can't stand Mrs. Hodge!

    Cheyenne and Van just got married and have just come back from their honeymoon. When they go back to school, Mrs. Hodges finds out. Oh my gosh. I cannot STAND that woman! She was so mean to Cheyenne. Just because Cheyenne was pregnant, she suspended her just because she didn't want to go to a special school for pregnant women. That part really made me mad, but I loved the scene when Mrs. Hodges said she got booed at the football game! Nananananana! She deserved it! Although, I'm surprised she's never been booed before, but that really cracked me up! I'm glad that Cheyenne was allowed to go back to school again and Reba was learning to adjust to have a married woman in her house. This episode was awesome!moreless
  • Great second episode!

    This was an interesting and funny episode. I think Reba becomes more accepting of Van and Cheyenne's marriage in this episode. This is also the first episode with Mrs. Hodge, who's very funny. We also see another side of Cheyenne when she says she does not want to go back to Weschester high school. She takes a stand for herself, and realizes she was only invited back because of Van. It was also interesting to see Kyra be nicer to Cheyenne, and encourages her. She even hugged her! This episode is really great, and I think every one should watch it!moreless
  • Reba Just Gets Better

    This episode is the second episode of the series and when it first premiered I remember having a tear in my eye because I knew that this show was gonna be a part of my family somehow and for a ong time.

    This is one of the only shows I watch. And Reba McEntire, aswell as the whole cast make the show. I couldn't see any other actors or actress' portray these very loveable characters. Reba is a show that when you watch, you feel like family. And when the show's over, you feel so sad, that you take out your DVD set and start watching the eppies all over again.moreless
  • This is the second episode of this wonderful series & it picks up right where the pilot left off.

    Wow! As I write these reviews this is the first time I have viewed the series & all I can say to this point is that I am very impressed. I just bought seasons 1 & 2 on DVD blindly so I will be reviewing each episode as I watch them. I really enjoyed the pilot & this episode is just as funny. Van & Cheyenne have returned from their honeymoon & now they have to go back to school. But the school doesn’t want Cheyenne because they are afraid having a married, pregnant teen will make their school look bad. In the end she gets to go back to school. This episode is truly great television. Watch is as soon as you can because every minute of it is hilarious.moreless
  • A hilarious second episode.

    Everyone not enjoying Cheyenne's and Van's PDA is hilarious especially since it is at the breakfast table. Cheyenne's school not letting her stay there only because she is pregnant is really rude and it shows how much the school really cares about the female population. When Reba and Cheyenne are talking Van doesn't really help matters by saying what's on his mind. Since the principal suspended Cheyenne, Reba coming up with the idea that Van shouldn't be able to go to school if Cheyenne isn't there is brilliant. It's funny though how Kyra is the one who tells Cheyenne some good advice.moreless

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