Season 6 Episode 12

The Housewarming

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2007 on The CW

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  • Kids today haven't a clue, Reba made life too easy for them, but they learned the hard way Mom isn't gong to be there always

    I've been a fan of Reba's since she began her career,there's nothing she can do wrong. The housewarming was great. Those kids don't know how lucky they had it, most kids would be on their own. If in real life those kids had to do even a mininum of what they did, they'd be cosidered lucky, those kids have it made, she did way to much for them, and made life way to easy for them, they needed to be held more accountable, but it's tv and it's for peoples enjoyment so they have to sugar coat things. She must be a great Mom in real life.
  • basically i didn't see it. they changed time and channel and i lost Reba.

    basically i didn't see it. they changed time and channel and i lost Reba. I go to find it and it is never on except reruns which haven't shown the series finale. I enjoyed the series and went to google to find what happened and find out the series finale was ona sunday at 7 : 30 pm i mean wasn't it on at 8 or 9 on fridays. so it is gon and i missed like half a season. and why does tv flip these shows around no wonder they lose viewers we can't find them!!!!! even when we are loosing for them
  • Exciting.

    In this episode we find Van and Cheyenne moved into their new home. Reba feels loney so she makes surpeise visits everyday. Van and Cheyenne both get tired of Reba just showing up unexpected. Van makes fun of Reba by calling her their Barba Jean. When Reba hears this she swears she wont be like her and decides not return. Later Reba learns Kyra is forced to drive Brock back home from the bar. She decided to go and finds out Brock doesn't wont to get divorced. Barba Jean freaks out during live air. I thought this episode was very funny. I loved to see Barba Jean freak out.