Season 6 Episode 13

The Kids are Alright

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2007 on The CW

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  • The best finale a show could have

    Van sets their house on fire and him and Cheyenne go to live with Reba, BJ says she's moving to Arkansas for her new job, Brock says he's changed and will go where ever she wants him to, they get back together, Reba calls BJ her best friend, they gather for a family photo, Reba says they had a crazy six years together but they got through it all because they're survivors, as the photo is shown the theme song plays and the audience applauses and the photo from Van and Cheyenne's wedding is shown. This is the best series finale I've ever seen. This show began well and ended well.
  • Bring the show back!!!!!

    This was one of the best shows ever in my opinion. I can't believe Reba was cancelled. This was a show I could sit down with my kids and not worry about what they were watching. I just hate to hear this was the last, even though there is reruns everywhere on Reba, I still am sad to know it will no longer be. I do watch Reba everyday, but its getting to where Im seeing episode for 3-4 times now. I still love it though and can't get enough..
    Bring Reba Back! Bring Reba Back! Bring Reba Back! Sincerely

    This is the end of what is probabally one of the top 10 shows in th entire world! I thought that it was great that Reba got a proper series finale. Most shows now a days get cancelled without warning and their series finale doesn't bring any closure. This is also one of the few modern series's to break 100 episodes. Reba deffinitly should've gone on for another 5 seasons and had over 200 episodes but shows today aren't making it as well. I'm still glad Reba got many interesting episodes, (this is one of the few shows I LOL to) and it will be greatly missed. Reba: 2001 - 2007.
  • What A Waste!!!

    I have lukewarm feelings about this series finale of Reba. I believe that the writers, cast and crew knew that this was most likely the last episode that would be filmed, so they tried to bring closure to the series while keeping the door open for a possible (though not probable) return. Reba had long been the most popular sitcom on the WB network and held this distinction during its limited run on the CW network. It is such a shame that the CW powers that be could not look past their beloved "sought after demographics" to recognize and reward this gem of a show. Considering that the network is struggling, they should hang on to the few things that work for them. So long Reba. You will be missed and I hope that all of the Reba cast and crew will hold their chuckles and "told you so's" inside as best as they can when this sub-par network folds in the near future!
  • i thought this show was returning but apparently now thats so sad

    this show was amazing and so hilarious. im gonna miss it so much. the odd thing was hearing reba call barbra jean her best friend that kind of didnt fit. but it was also kinda sad at the end when reba said case we're survivors that kind of got to me. but anyway this show was awesome im gonna miss it :(
  • The last episode of Reba EVER. So exciting yet tearful.

    This episode of Reba was a really good one. Reba admits that she is Barbera Jeans best friend. Van sets his and Cheyennes house on fire. Cheyenne and Van get into a fight with Reba because they told her that she was at their new house to much. They eventually work it out though(as always) It is kinda funny how Reba is smug to them. I can't really remember what happened with Jake and Kyra though. Dangit. This episode was really entertaning to watch yet at the same time when I knew that the hour of Reba was getting closer and closer to being over I got more and more sad.
  • It brings tears to your eyes to hear the theme song play after the quote "We got through it all, because we're survivors".

    This is a great conclusion for a great show, Reba. I just wish the CW didn't cancel the show, but this episode is a great way to remember it. In The Kids Are Alright, Van causes a small fire in their house and then Reba has to let them stay in her house. The description for the episode can't say it any better, "Barbra Jean turns down an out of state job promotion to make it work with Brock". Despite all the confusion and crazyness that Reba and the rest of her family went through on the six seasons, they realize that they got through it all, because they're survivors. Those words at the end ("We got through it all, because we're survivors") will remain to stick in my head for a long time yet. I'm a huge fan of the show and I'm really disappointed that I missed the series finale of the show. (I did see it later on my friend's satellite TV PVR) Reba was such a good show without all the violence and nudity you see in some shows today, and it's a sin that it's been cancelled.

    Farewall, Reba.
  • Disapointing

    It was really sad to see Reba come to an end, I had always been a huge fan of this non stop funny show, so as a series fanaile, was expecting it to be great, well I was disapointed. There was not really much to the end and not much really happened, one would think that there would be a huge ending or somthing shocking would happen, well it did not it just sort of ended and was over. It was really disapointing.
  • This is such a well done episode. Especially when Reba says the line "We got through it all, cuz we're surviviors!" I loved that line so much. It made me cry a little because it is actually over. It's a special show that will be missed.

    I am super glad that "Reba" ended with everyone together and happy. I am also glad that Reba finally told Barbra Jean that they were best friends. Epsecially since that is the way Melissa Peterman (Barbra Jean) wanted it to end. She said in an interview that "The way I want the show to end is when we (Barbra Jean and Reba) finally hug as friends and you say thanks for loving my kids and I say thanks for letting me love them. Or something along those lines" So I'm glad they got their wish. Also I heard that Joanna Garcia (Cheyenne) cried at the table read for the last episode because the show was over. She said that "she is really going to miss everyone, but it's time to move on."
    So I know that a lot of people beside me will continue to watch the re-runs and I still love the show. Even Reba McEntire said that "We'll never be gone. We're on six times a day, five days a week. So we'll never be over!" WHich is true!
  • What??? I can't believe this show is over. I kept thinking it will come back in the fall but I find out it will not. Why??? I am so sad!!!

    I love this show! I can't believe it is over. I love the way the show was handled. It had a beautiful ending. Especially the last family picture. I love how Barbara Jean played that she didn't take the job. At first, I thought she would but thank goodness. I was impressed how Reba called her as her bestfriend. I never thought of that way. I am very proud of Cheyenne and Van finally took the step to move on and live on their own, that is very healthy! I am so sad to see how Kyra turned out by not going to college but hey, that is life. I like to think she succeeded her life by going to college later. Jake has been a great character and made the whole show as a tearjerker of trying to make the family normal as possible.
  • Great Series Finale.

    I thought that it ws the best series finale that they could have possibly done with the small time that they were given. I find it so sad that this amazing show had to go. It is a complete and awful desision by the CW (Complete Waste). The only problem I had was that Jake and Kyra's parts were not big enough and we did not get to see Henry and Elizabeth, Henry wasn't even mentioned. Still I thought it was brilliant how they took the picture at the end of the show and the flashed back to the first episode. And I also loved how Reba said the last line, "Cuz we're survivors." Purely amazing, and I'm going to miss this show.
  • Sad to see this show go

    I really enjoyed Reba. I was so sad to hear that it was being cancelled on CW. That being said, I watched the final episodes tonight and I thought they tied up everything as best they could. The bulk of the episodes centered around Barbra Jean and Brock and whether or not their marriage could be saved. Also on whether or not Cheyenne and Van could make it out on their own. Not much was said about Jake or Kyra, which was disappointing actually. I think that they did the best they could with the short notice they got about the cancellation. I will miss ya, Reba!