Season 4 Episode 17

The Pageant of Grandmas

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Jake enters Reba in a school fundraiser - "Pageant of the Grandmas" knowing that she is hot and will win. When Barbra Jean hears about it, she wants to enter too. Reba lets her and drops out, only to find that Jake really wanted her to be in it. She decides that she will compete -- against Barbra Jean. With some coaching and glamour prepping from Cheyenne and Van, Reba is ready. As the pageant is about to begin the teacher tells the two grandmothers that only one Grandma Hart can enter...leaving the two to decide who will compete.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Exactly Hilarious!

    In this episode, Jake and his friends suggest that their school runs a granny pagent, and Jake asks Reba to sign Up. Reba accepts and is not so thrilled,... that is untill Brabra Jean signs up because shes Elizabeths Step Grandma. Then Reba gets determined to win. Even though Reba wants to win she really needs help, and who better to ask then Cheyanne, and not expecting Van. Van probably knew more than Cheyanne did(very strange). But Brabra Jean is also strengthinging up. By the night of when the pagent comes around Reba is ready, and Barbra Jean has been waiting for this her whole life. Then the organizer comes up and tells them only one grandma Hart, well who was, it? Well after a very long discussion, Barbra Jean goes in, and comes out with a bouquet of flowers, and a crown.moreless
  • Barbra Jean and Reba enter a pageant of grandmas to support Jake's school.

    This episode is a very great episode. Jake tells Reba that he would like her to be in a pageant of grandmas for his school. Reba ends up saying yes to his offer. However when Barbra Jean finds out she goes to the house to try and impress Jake. After Reba finds out that the only reason Jake asked her was so that she could win, Reba tries to change Barbra Jean's mind. In the end both of them end up trying out for the pageant. At the pageant only one grandma can represent the Hart Family and Reba gives the honour to Barbra Jean. This was a great episode!moreless
  • When Reba and Barbara Jean both enter a beauty pageant for Grandmas, sparks fly - along with a flaming baton.

    Jake comes home and asks Reba to enter a beauty pageant for Grandmas and Reba reluctantly agrees to do it. But when Brock tells Barbara Jean about the competition she joins, hoping she'll finally have a chance to win a beauty pageant. At first Reba decides to bow out, but Kyra tells her Jake will be heartbroken if she does.

    Thus begins an absolutely hilarious montage of Reba and Barbara Jean each getting ready for the competition in their own way.

    I love this episode all because of Barbara Jean. This episode is a real showcase for the actress and her character. She's completely hilarious in it. It's everything we love and hate about Barbara Jean.moreless
  • In this episode, Jake signs Reba up for a "Paegent of Grandmas" When BarbraJean finds out, the two have to decide who will get to be the "Grandma Hart" after the teacher tell them there can only be one.moreless

    This episode has an interesting storyline. It was funny when BarbraJean was doing that break dance thing in the living room in front of everyone. I thought it was pretty creative the first time I saw it. It was also cool that the two grandmas that guest stared, where B.J and Reba's mom in real life.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Barbra Jean is talking about the strategically placed rubber bands and one snaps, you can see Mitch (Jake) and Reba struggling not to crack up.

    • When Reba is struggling to walk in the heals, it is a little in-side joke. Reba has said in interviews that she isn't very good at walking in heals and that she would rather have her cowboy boots on.

    • The Grandma who reba asks, "I am a hotter looking Grandma than she is, right?" is Reba McEntire's real-life mother.

    • Editing Oops:

      When Barbra Jean is spinning the baton that is lit on fire, at the beginning part, her hair is not tied back, but after about 2 seconds the camera switches and her hair is all tied back. However, this was most likely a safety precaution. They stopped filming and let her tie her hair back so it didn't catch on fire.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kyra: What exactly missing from your life that would make you enter a pageant?
      Barbra Jean: That's a good question Bob. I want to be a role model. Not just to grandmas. But to all people. (Kyra tries to leave unsuccessfully) To show compassion for the human race by visiting children wards and volunteering at the senior center and reading to the eyeless.
      Reba: You mean the blind?
      Barbra Jean: No, I mean the eyeless that can see. OK gee wiz.

    • Reba: (to Barbra Jean) I'm Elisabeth's real Grandma! You're just a crazy woman who married Grandpa!

    • Barbra Jean: But, I have to be in this [beauty pagent] one.
      Reba: Why? How many do you have to enter until it's enough.
      Barbra Jean: One.
      Reba: What?
      Barbra Jean: I just wanna win one.
      Reba: I thought you were Miss Frozen Meat?
      Barbra Jean: I was Miss Tasty Freeze and I came in last, I always came in last. Even at the wet t-shirt contest down in Galveston. How was I supposed to know it was a gay bar?

    • Barbra Jean: Guess what I am?
      Reba: The new fruit in the fruit of the loom?

  • NOTES (7)