Season 4 Episode 3

The Two Girl Theory

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 2004 on The CW
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Reba notices that Barbra Jean has been spending too much time moping around the house so she talks her into going out to the bars again and living it up. Barbra Jean not wanting to go alone talks Reba into joining her. She insists that they must follow "The Two Girl Theory" and go as a pair cause one woman going alone looks desperate but two women look like they're going out for the fun. Van talks to Jake about the birds and the bees.moreless

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  • Reba and BJ go "barhopping"

    BJ's been really depressed lately, so Kyra calls Reba over to help out. BJ said she's feel better if she could go with Reba to a bar because of "the two girl theory". Reba reluctantly goes along. The next day Reba tells Van and Cheyenne she had a great time. BJ brings over a scrapbook full of names of guys she met lastnight. Then Brock comes over and tells BJ she missed their therapy. BJ tells him she doesn't want to go. Reba agrees because she knows what a jerk Brock was at their therapy. That night Reba and BJ go bar hopping and they have a fun time. They discusss about going again, and BJ tells her she wants to go when she's suppose to have therapy. Reba agrees and tells her he probably blames BJ for everything. But BJ tells her he keeps bugging her about talking things out, and working on their relationship. Reba realizes Brock is really trying, and tells BJ to go to her therapy.moreless
  • Reba and Barbara Jean together for a night out on the town, what could be better?

    This is definately one of the funniest story lines for the show. Reba and Barbara Jean out on the town together. The plot takes the twist that it used to be Brock sneaking around on the town with Barbara Jean, but now it's Reba sneaking out with her.

    This episode also shows how no matter what Reba tries to do, she will always be involved in Brock and Barbara Jean's marriage. Barbara Jean turns to Reba for help, and being the kind person Reba is, she gives Barbara Jean advice. But it's also Reba who puts her foot down saying that Barbara Jean needs to work out her problems with Brock before she decides if she wants to call it quits on her marriage.moreless
  • Reba and Barbera Jean go to a bar together

    This eposode is really funny one of the best parts is when barbera jean brings Reba her "Cocktail napkin Scarpbook" that has all the guys phone numbers on it the she met My favorite lines are reba: I had a good time with Barbera Jean

    Van: oh grandma's still drunk and

    Reba: I give that guy a 5 (has a jello shot) now he's a 8

    It's exacly why I watch reba i watch every night on CMT This eposode is a 10 out of 10 it's always funny Also Barbera Jean skips her and brocks maragge councling and Brock gets madmoreless
  • Reba and Barbra Jean follow the "Two girl theory" and go out to bars where they meet alot of men...

    This episode was a silly, thumbs up, interesting reveling, totaly AWSEME episode! I loved it.

    This is one of Donald's best episodes. I think it is his best episode. It might even be the best episode of the season!!!!!!!!!!!! Although, it was a little bit silly. I mean, like how unrealistic is it that oe of Brock's golf buddies works at the bar and just HAPPENED to see Barbra Jean there? But this was a tottlay awseome episode!

    I can't wait for the fourth season to cme out on DVD so i can get it and watch ALL teh episodes over, and over and drive my parents outta there flippin birds.

    Awseome episode. There's not uch mre to say.moreless

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    • Brock: Reba, guess what? Barbra Jean was out barhopping last night.
      Reba throws "Reba's Cocktail Napkin Scrapbook" into the living room.
      Reba: Oh really, how do you know that?
      Brock: Oh this golf buddy of mine is the bartender over at the Blue Lounge.
      Reba: Oh yea.
      Brock: Yea he said she was cruising with some slutty friend.
      Reba: Well maybe your friend, should stop judging his customers and learn how to make a pink squirrel. Plus, I bet you the women was perfectly lovely.
      Brock: Well who cares about her, she's probably just some old tramp. No, the point is Barbra Jean missed our therapy session last night, which I find really rude and inconsiderate. Yea, I'm sitting there, pouring my heart out to this guy. You have no idea what that feels like.
      Reba: Oh, yea I do Brock, when we were going through our divorce, I spent hours with the therapist trying to fix our relationship, but you were out with Barbra Jean. Well guess what, now I'm off with Barbra Jean what do you think about that?
      Brock looks really confused.
      Brock What? You were out with Barbra Jean last night?
      Reba: Yes, I'm the slutty friend! Surprise!
      Reba throws her hands in the air.
      Brock looks shocked.
      Reba: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put on my warpaint, cuz Barbra Jean and I are going out man-hunting.
      Reba begins to leave and as she does she says...
      Reba: Can i get a WOO-HOO!!!
      The audience screams the biggest WOO-HOO ever.
      Brock is still in shock.

    • Barbara Jean: Why are you writing your name on those napkins? Trying to beat the rush??
      Reba: Yeah well, after a few jello-shots my name starts to look like "Robo"

    • Barbra Jean: Reba we have to go together! You know because of the two girl theory!
      Reba: Never heard of it.
      Kyra: We have a two girl theory at school except it about the girls field hockey team.

    • (Barbra Jean dances crazily)
      Kyra: (to Reba about going out with Barbra Jean) What are you going wear?
      Reba: (looks at Barbra Jean and then back at Kyra) A disguise.

    • Van: I'm not afraid of you. (pause) I'm afraid of your mother!

    • Barbra Jean: I rate that guy a five. (drinks a jello shot) Now he's an eight!

    • Reba: I had a fun time with Barbra Jean. She's a funny old woman.
      Van: Ha, ha. Grandma's still drunk!

    • Kyra: Oh no, they've discovered boys.

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