Season 2 Episode 19

The Wall

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 2003 on The CW

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  • Another fine example of the physical humor capabilities of the cast of Reba

    In this episode, Reba brings a bucket of chicken home to the family, only to find that Van's parents, who he recently reconciled with, have bought Elizabeth a pony. Throughout the episode, Reba struggles with the fact that she is being replaced by the people who were absent from her grandchild's life for years.

    This episode was a perfect example of how funny the cast of Reba is, physically. It is definately a rare thing. The Wall scene when Barbra Jean is boosting Reba was drop dead hilarious! It was sooo Lucille Ball material. I really wish Reba hadn't have been cancelled, it was the ideal show in so many ways, on and off the set.