Season 3 Episode 13

To Tell You the Truth

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

To Tell You the Truth
Cheyenne finds out that Van got a ride home from the team's attractive female publicist, and suspects he's cheating on her. An upset Cheyenne kicks Van out of the house, and admits to Reba that she's afraid her marriage will fail just like her parents.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Fun scenes with Van and Brock.

    This episode managed to tackle infidelity in a pretty funny way. And yet, there was a serious moment at the end where Cheyenne reveals she thinks anyone, Van included, is capable of cheating because she saw Brock do it to Reba. I liked how that moment came out of nowhere to bring a serious conclusion to an otherwise funny show. Van handled his wife's worries well, reassuring her that he's not going to make the same mistake. The relationship between Brock and Van was strengthened as well. For once we actually see Brock concerned that Van could somehow cause harm to his daughter. This was a definite change from season one's Brock that seemed not to notice that Van had impregnated his daughter when they were seniors in high school.moreless
  • Another good episode.

    Just as Cheyenne plans to surprise Van at the airport, he comes home and reveals he got a ride. They decide to go out to dinner, and a few seconds later a women rings the bell, and tells Reba that Van left his jacket in her car. Brock and BJ find out, and they all tells Van that they know he lied. He begs them not to tell Cheyenne because she'll suspect the worst. Reba accidentily lets it slip, and Cheyenne throws Van out of the house. Reba and Brock set it up so that they run into each other at the airport.moreless
  • Another fresh installment of the hilarious series Reba.

    This episode, like most other Reba episodes, is extremely funny. Whenever Van and Cheyenne get in a fight it manages to crack me up. Joanna Garcia and Steve Howey have brilliant chemistry and can make a funny script come to life ever funnier. That is what stands out in this episode. If you have never seen Reba, than this episode would be a great place to start watching and if you have I highly recommend it also. You will not be let down. The writing and acting in this episode are both superb and demonstrate why Reba stands out among many other sitcoms.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the scene when Cheyenne shoves Van's jacket down the garbage disposal, "Gordy" a crew member was actually hidden in the set. He was stowed under the sink pulling down on the jacket to create the illusion that the disposal was sucking the jacket down by itself!

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Van: Do you think I should have told Cheyenne?
      Reba: Yes.
      Barbara Jean: Yes.
      Brock: No.
      Van: I see the no's have it.

    • (After Reba tells her about Van's dinner)
      Kyra: As soon as I move out, things get interesting.

    • (After watching Van and Cheyenne fighting about Van lying who he had dinner with)
      Kyra: Seriously, I gotta move back here.

    • (Cheyenne puts Van's jacket in the sink disposal)
      Reba: Kinda gives it that rugged, outdoors look, don't ya think?

    • Van: Oh, my jacket! I left it in... (looks at Reba, Barbra Jean and Brock looking at him) .. oh.
      Reba: Yeah, oh!
      Brock: Oh? Is that all you have to say?
      Barbra Jean: Here's one for ya: Ah huh!

    • Reba: Kyra, Van had a business dinner with a business woman.
      Kyra: Yeah, a hot one. Man, right when I move out you people decide to get interesting lives.

    • Reba: Oh wait, are you the buddy that Van had dinner with?
      Kate: Oh yes, I'm Kate. I work on the team. And you are?
      Reba: Worried.

    • Cheyenne: I wanted to come get you.
      Van: Oh, well I got an earlier fight in and I wanted to surprise you. SURPRISE!

    • (Cheyenne comes down in a nice dress)
      Reba: Wow, you look nice.
      Cheyenne: Yeah.

    • Van: Where's Cheyenne? I bought her some flowers.
      Reba: Oh, that's a good idea. You may wanna through in a diamond ring, a convertible, and a beach house.
      Van: But I spent all my money on the flowers.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Mluviti pravdu (Telling the Truth)

    • Steve Howey and Sarah Shaia met on this episode and developed quite a liking for each other. They began dating and were together for over three years before Steve decided to propose to Sarah in 2007. Sarah accepted and the couple is still very happy today.