Season 6 Episode 3

Trading Spaces

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

After Van declines the offer from Norris, he decides to build an office in the Hart's garage for him and Reba to work from. Reba questioning his decision finds out that Cheyenne is pregnant again but was told not to let Cheyenne know he told her. Meanwhile, with only 10 months to college, Kyra decides to move back in with Reba. Reba gets Cheyenne to confess only to also learn that they plan on moving out. Reba is torn emotionally with the return of Kyra and the probable move of Van and Cheyenne.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • van just turned down the job offer from norris realty because of his allegiance to reba. he pushes reba hard when they're working in their new office and reba is getting annoyed. van tells her he needs the money because cheyenne is pregnant.moreless

    this was such an awesome episode. van turned down the job offer and he's never letting reba forget it. he brings it up every time reba is trying to stop working or taking a break or not putting any effort into it. van surprises her with the garage turned office and he wants to get to work right away. she realizes he's acting weird and he finally says that cheyenne is pregnant. i love it during that part when he keeps reminding her of how he turned down the "big job." then, i love when she finds out cheyenne is pregnant..she is squealing...she's so funny when she's talking to cheyenne trying to hear it from her. the whole conversation is funny...then it's also so hilarious when kyra wants to move out from brock's back to reba's and barbra jean tries to chain the door. reba does the same thing when cheyenne and van want to leave. the whole episode was so precious.moreless
  • ok,so this episode was hysterical.after van passes up the realtor job from steve norris,he decides to make him and reba an office in the garage.kyra decides she is going to move back in w/ reba.cheyenne is pregnant and her van are moving out.moreless

    i thought this episode was funny.i love when barbra jean wouldnt let kyra move out and put a chain on her door.and when van puts a shelf with all the files on the back of the garage door then opens it and they all fall out then after reba finds out that van and cheyenne are moving out,and she takes it very well,she starts working and kyra decides to move back in and reba is exited takes the day and they leave and kyra hits the garage door button..classic.i loved this episode i thought it was great!one of the best!!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the end when Reba is locking Van and Cheyenne in the house, Van says to tie sheets together because they were going out the window. That was not necessary because there is a window behind the dinning room table. As well as the windows that are not seen in front of the couch.

    • When Cheyenne finally tells Reba her baby news, Reba questions Cheyenne's hesitation on sharing the news with her, since Cheyene didn't have a problem telling the first time around. That isn't actually true, Jake was the one who accidentally blurted it out at court appointed therapy and Cheyenne wasn't happy that her parents knew.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Cheyenne: (Comes downstairs while Reba is on the phone with a client) Mom, I need help, Elizabeth's doll is stuck in the toilet, I think she tried to flush it.
      Reba: How can you tell?
      Cheyenne: Because the toilet's clogged and water's on the floor.
      Reba: Well, get a plunger or something!
      Cheyenne: Well, the doll's stuck!
      Reba: Well, STICK YOUR HAND IN THE TOILET!!! (the client on the phone) Oh no, not you, sir!

    • Reba: Kyra, you have to make a decision, college is ten months away!
      Kyra: Is it that soon?
      Reba: YES! and if you don't make a decision soon, you could wind up going to the Good Buddy Trucking School.

    • Kyra: ...I actually wanted to move back in with you.
      Reba: Don't mess with me, Kyra, 'cause right now I'm very fragile.
      Kyra: No, I mean it.
      Reba: YES! I'm takin' the day off!
      Van: But we have work to do!
      Reba: Family comes first, Van. Let's go fix your room up. Sign out for me.
      (Reba heads out. Kyra follows her, and her finger moves towards the big red button)
      Van: No, no! Don't touch that!
      (Kyra hits it. The garage door opens. Van's bookshelves just happen to be filled with books and nailed to the garage door)
      Van: (after everything has fallen out) I have got to move those bookshelves.

    • (Van and Cheyenne are sitting on the couch on talking about their move)
      Cheyenne: She is something else, isn't she? I just hope that when it's time to let Elizabeth go that we can be as selfless as she is.
      The pair suddenly hear a noise coming from right outside the front door. Van goes over to investigate. When he opens the door, he sees Reba with a drill. She's chaining the door shut)
      Van: Mrs. H, what are you doing?
      Reba: I changed my mind. Nobodies' goin' nowhere.
      (She shuts the door and gets back to work)
      Van: (to Cheyenne) Start packing, I'll get the bolt cutters.
      (Cheyenne heads upstairs, and Van heads to the kitchen)
      Van: She got the back door, too! Tie two sheets together, we're going out the window!

    • Van: She got the back door too! Cheyenne tie two sheets together, we're going out the window!

    • Reba walks into the kitchen and sees Cheyenne sitting there eating ice cream and tries to contain her excitement over the 'secret' news that Cheyenne is pregnant again
      Reba: (cheeful) Hi, Cheyenne!
      Cheyenne: Hi, Mom.
      Reba: You know, I don't know what made me think of this but, uh, when I was pregnant with Jake, I ate a lot of ice cream.
      Cheyenne: Yeah and look what happened to him. (Reba laughs and lightly punches Cheyenne in the shoulder)
      Reba: Can I hug you?
      Cheyenne: What for?
      Reba: No reason .... (squeezes Cheyenne and squeals at her) I love you. I love you. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
      Cheyenne: Mom, are you all right? You're acting weird.
      Reba: Oh I'm doing great! You know, I'm takin' this new high blood pressure medication and it's really workin'.
      Cheyenne: (gives Reba a suspicious look) Are you smokin' that medication?
      Reba: You are so funny!

    • a few minutes later Cheyenne and Reba are still in the kitchen where Cheyenne is still eating ice cream
      Reba: ...Speaking of Children. I was watching Elizabeth the other day, and she seemed so lonely. You know we ought to get her a pet or a baby... (Cheyenne gives Reba a strange look) a baby pet. Just thought I'd share that with you. Got anything you wanna share with me?
      Cheyenne: Nope, I'm good.
      Reba: Ok, ok. (takes a couple of steps towards the living room and then spins around really fast to look back at Cheyenne, still eating ice cream) Sorry, what was that?
      Cheyenne: Nothing.
      Reba: Ok.
      Cheyenne: Mom...
      Reba: Yes, honey?
      Cheyenne: Never mind.
      Reba: Cheyenne, I'm gettin' dizzy!
      Cheyenne: I'm pregnant!
      Reba: I know, Van told me!
      Cheyenne: Oh, I'm gonna kill him!
      Reba: After we celebrate! Cheyenne and Reba hug

    • Kyra is walking around admiring the newly furnished garage office
      Van: ...And what are you doing here?
      Kyra: Well, I heard that besides knocking up my sister, you were actually good at something and I had to see it for myself.
      Van: Well, now that you have, why don't you go down to the Malt shop and hang out with Potsie and Ralph?
      (Kyra rolls her eyes and walks towards the switch that opens the garage door)
      Kyra: Hey, what's this?
      Van: No, don't touch that! Get away from there! (runs over and pulls Kyra away from the switch)
      Kyra: Why not?
      Van: Because if you do, I will follow you to college, stand outside your dorm and tell everyone I see, I'm your boyfriend and I'll say it like this: (throws an arm around Krya and starts talking in a loud fake southern accent) "Hey! Kyra's my girlfriend and I love her!" Kyra moves away and looks at Van like he's nuts

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