Season 2 Episode 16

Valentine's Day

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 2003 on The CW

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  • It's Valentines Day

    It's Valentines Day and Van Van has the perfect gift for Cheyenne. Brock tells him that he eneed to set the bar low, because every year, your wife expects you to top it. They decide to go to a buffet on a double date. When Brock and BJ arrive BJ reveals Brock bought her chocolates. Cheyenne's a little upset that Van didn't buy her anything. Van's mad at Brock because of what they said, and now they compete to top each other. Meanwhile, Reba pretends to be sick, so that she doesn't have to go on a date, because she hates Valentines Day. But when Brian cmes over, Reba has to try to get him to leave!