Season 1 Episode 16

Vanny Dearest

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2002 on The CW
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Van is named the football "player of the year" and the only thing that would make his moment complete is to have his parents there. Reba tries to convince the Montgomerys to mend the rift with their son over his marriage to Cheyenne. Van's mom Sue attends the awards ceremony, and being so moved by her son's sentiments, she smothers him with attention. This causes Cheyenne to get upset over Van's new mama's boy behavior, especially when Sue leaves her husband and moves in with Reba. Reba encourages Van to cut the apron strings.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Cheyenne was jealous of Van's mom lol.

    This episode was really cool. Van was named "Player of the Year," and he really wanted his mom there. Reba convinced her to come, and she did. I can imagine how happy Van was to see his mom again and to know that she still loves him. I thought it was funny how Cheyenne got really jealous of Van's mom though when she was getting all the attention. Cheyenne is kind of an attention lover, which makes this show even funnier. Well, soon, Van's mom was getting a little too involved in his life. What Van wanted was his mother's love, not his mother as his roommate lol. It was really funny and touching at the same time. It really makes me think how much I totally love my mommy.moreless
  • I love it!

    This was a hilarious episode! I loved it when Reba was at the gym, and had no idea what she was doing! Anyway, when Van's named football player of the year, Reba decides to see his mother to tell her how much he misses her. When she comes to the ceremony both Van AND Cheyenne are in shock. Cheyenne's upset because his mother took the lime light away from her. The next day, his mother comes over, and spends the whole day there, this pleases Van, but disgusts everyone else. Meanwhile at Brock's house, Brock can't figure out how to make a grilled cheese sandwich the way Jake likes it.moreless
  • Not a horribly bad episode, but still worth watching.

    It wasn't my favorite episode, but I still think it was good. Like an episode you only see once then never watch it again. And Van's parents actually made me mad in this episode, but that didn't really have anything to do with the show I guess, since it was supposed to happen. At least it kept me watching. This was kind of like a filler episode to me though. Nothing really special or exciting happening, just another day with Reba. But like I said, still a good episode, but it needed a really good twist to brighten it up.moreless
  • Van is named the football "player of the year" and the only thing that would make his moment complete is to have his parents there. Reba tries to convince the Montgomerys to mend the rift with their son over his marriage to Cheyenne.moreless

    This episode was not that bad! I like the fact that it tried to reunite Van and his parents so they can be apart of there son's life. The only thing that hurt this episode is they never tried to explore this storyline. We didn't see his parents again until season two in one episode number 41 "The Wall" and again his parents just vanished throughout the years and still no trace of them?

    I just wished they had explored this storyline a little more throughout the years, it would have made for some interesting storylines!!!

  • Not a good episode.

    You feel sorry for Kyra because everything she does seems small compared to Van and Cheyenne, then when Van gets named all-city football player of the year it is awesome because it is like the only thing he will ever win. The outfit that Reba wears to work out in is something that no one else would wear. The fact that Brock doesn't know how to make a grilled cheese sandwhich for Jake is hilarious and the reason is really obvious. Cheyenne not happy because Van thanked his mom instead of her is funny. The "Dad and Jake special" that Brock and Jake make instead of a grilled cheese sounds disgusting.moreless

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    • Kyra: (walks in on Reba and Cheyenne talking) Mom, she's measuring Jake for a sailor suit.

    • Mrs. Montgomery: My sweet little Kyra, such long hair.
      (starts playing with Kyra's hair)
      Mrs. Montgomery: Such long, long hair.
      Kyra: Mom, make it stop.

    • Cheyenne:(to Van when she asks him what birthing class they should do and he turns to his mother) You know what? Maybe you and your Mom should have this baby.

    • Van: I want to thank a very special woman in my life someone who has always been there for me, my Mom.

      Cheyenne: That's not what I wrote?!?!

    • Sue Montgomery: Vanny!
      Van: Mommy!
      Cheyenne: Shoot me.

      Sue: Reba, can I do anything?
      Reba: I don't know. Can you?

      Sue: My baby's having a baby.
      Reba: Mine too.
      Sue: Oh dear God, we're going to be granny's.
      Reba: And you were doing so well.

    • Cheyenne (in describing Van): Muscles, talent
      Van: A beautiful trophy wife.
      Cheyenne: Aw, thats what I was gonna say

    • Cheyenne: Look at this you can actually have a baby underwater.
      Van: I hear whales do that.
      Cheyenne: Was that a slam?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Reba(about Van's mother): Cheyenne, at least she's making an effort now. I think it's good for Van. I wish they'd spend more time together.
      (Van's mother enters the kitchen)
      Mrs. Montgomery: Hello!
      Kyra: Mom, next time wish for a pony.

      Interestingly, in the Season 2 episode "The Wall", Van's parents, as a gift to Cheyenne and Van's daughter, get her a pony.

    • Tittle: Vanny Dearest

      From the 1981 movie: Mommie Dearest starring Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford.