Season 4 Episode 4

Van's Agent

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 2004 on The CW
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Van reaching the next season's negotiations realizes he won't get the amount he wants nor deserves if he doesn't hire a agent. He ends up finding the best but she would like to do an evaluation of his family before she decides to take him on. At her arrival the Hart clan unravels and makes a fool out of Van in front of the agent. Reba missing her friendship with Lori Ann decides to ask the agent to hang out with her as a friend not knowing that Van had lied and told this lesbian agent that Reba is gay. Reba not wanting to hurt Van's chance of a getting this great agent goes along with the lie but later confesses, but all ends in a great new friendship.moreless

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    Van tells Reba that he doesn't have an agent, and she tells him he should get one. Later he tells them all that an agent he called over's gonna interview the family. They're already, but BJ comes over and Van gets worried. Then the agent comes over, and as usual BJ makes a toral fool out of herself. Cheyenne starts to make dumb comments. Then Brock comes over and says something sexist to the agent. Then he and BJ have a huge arguement and Van brings them in a kitchen. Cheyenne makes a comment about Van knocking her up at 17, and runs embarresed to the kitchen, leaving Reba and Sadie alone. They chat, and realize they have alot in common, like they're both divorced and one of their children lives with their father. Reba asks if she's like to go out sometime, and Sadie tells her this is what she'd been hoping would happen when she "switched teams". Reba's confused, and Saie tells her she's gay and Van tells her Reba was also gay Reba asks him later why he told her that. He tells her he made a comment aabout gay people and wanted Sadie to realize he wasn't homophobic so he told her his mother-in-law was "super gay He begs Reba to go out with Sadie, or she may not represent him.moreless
  • Reba gets called gay

    In this episode, Reba is sad that Lori Ann won't be flying in. When Van gets a new agent, he tells her that his mother-in-law is gay in order to cover up for an inappropriate joke. When the agent comes over to the house to meet the family, Reba unknowingly asks her out and that's where the comedy starts! I thought this episode was extremely well-written. There was that non-stop humor, but at the same time, the episode never actually insulted gay people in anyway. I believe that the show is so much greater when Reba is the one with the problem every once in a while. That's what made this episode a fantastic asset to the series. Good job "Reba"!moreless
  • Van gets an agent that can help him with his football. Reba missing her friendship with Lori Ann decides to ask the agent to hang out with her as a friend not knowing that Van had lied and told this lesbian agent that Reba is gay, but all ends great.moreless

    This is the best episode of Reba that I have ever seen! Its funny and I couldn't stop laughing about what Van told his agent, Sadie. The look on Reba's face was so surprising and funny that I knew that this was up in my top episodes. This is one of the reasons why I watch this series. For starters: Its so hilarious and Van and Reba end up in funny sticky situations that they must laugh the audience right out to get out of the lie. Van's humorous ways and Reba's funny life style make this the best episode ever!!moreless
  • In this episode Van gets an agent. Reba wants a new friend but then finds out that Van told her that she was gay.

    Ths is my second favorite episode ever. It's really funny and it's a very creative idea. It always makes me laugh when i see it. I've seen it 4 times. Jake was funny when he was taking about how he cut wholes in his shirt for halloween after Reba said no.

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    • Reba: Barbra Jean, could you give us a minute here?
      Barbra Jean: Oh, yeah, sure. And I have a suggestion on where you guys can go.
      Reba: I have a suggestion on where you can go.

    • Reba: Oh, it's okay I was coming out anyway... of the kitchen! Coming out of the kitchen.
      Sadie: Well, it's fine, I have to get going anyway.

    • Sadie: Well, I have a daughter who lives with her father too.
      Reba: Yeah?
      Sadie: Oh yeah, I miss her like crazy but she makes her father's life so miserable that it somehow evens out.

    • Brock: I'm a pro-golfer and a part-time dentist.
      Sadie: Oh, you're the one on the pills.

    • Van: (Van thinks the meeting is going horrible) Great, between you and your daughter, you're killing me.

    • Sadie: (Barbra Jean is bothering her and annoying her with many questions) Yeah, it really was a great film. Now do you mind if I get to know other people here?
      Barbra Jean: Yeah, okay, ok.

    • Reba: Don't worry Van, we'll make you proud.
      Kyra: (Sarcastically) Proud?? Look around buddy. You live with the divorced mother of your teenage bride due to pregnancy, whose dad ran off with his dental assistant, also with child. I may claim to be pregnant just to fit in.
      Van: She's right, we're practically circus people.
      Kyra: (Sarcastically) Practically?? Put Barbra Jean in a car and we could sell tickets.

    • Van: Mrs. H, the circus is in town. (talking about Barbra Jean because she came to the house and wanted to meet the agent.)

    • Cheyenne: You better give me plenty of warning before this woman comes over.
      Van: She'll be here in 2 hours.
      Cheyenne: What! It takes 2 hours just to figure out what to wear!

    • Cheyenne: So Sadie. I just love that name. How do you spell it, with a y or an ie?
      Sadie: I don't think anyone spells it with a y.
      Van: (whispering to Cheyenne) Stop asking stupid questions.
      Cheyenne:(whispering back) Then why don't you ask her something.
      Van: So Sadie, how long have you been spelling it that way?

    • Cheyenne: How do I look?
      Van: My agent's a woman. Put those away!!!

    • (Reba closes the cupboard with her elbow; She is on the phone)
      Reba: Shoot Lorianne I was looking forward to seeing ya! Well if he left the priesthood for you the least you could do is go to Jamaica with him. OK call me when you get back. Bye.
      Cheyenne: Lorianne's not flying in?
      Reba: No! And I had so much I needed to talk to her about!
      Cheyenne: You can talk to me!
      Reba: Oh thanks Cheyenne but most of it was about you and you tend to take your side!
      (Kyra comes in)
      Kyra: Hey mom. Hey girl and blonde jokes.
      Cheyenne: You want me to tell you something about red hair Kyra? You're lucky mom's here.

    • (Jake is putting on a suit that's to small for him.)
      Reba: Were's last year's suit Jake?
      Jake: Remember how last year I asked you if I could be a business man for Halloween who stabbed a thousand times?
      Reba: Ya?
      Jake: Well I kinda already made the costume...
      (Reba looks annoyed)
      Jake: I'm sending my self to my room now! (Runs upstairs)

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    • Cheyenne tells Van to stop singing the song about Reba and Sadie in a tree. This is a reference to the popular children song where you insert two peoples names. Reba and Sadie sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G.