Season 3 Episode 2

War and Peace

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2003 on The CW
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Reba is happy to find out that she and Kyra are closer than ever since Krya moved in with Brock and Barbra Jean. Kyra's behavior is driving Brock and Barbra Jean crazy. Meanwhile, Cheyenne's snoring is causing problems for Van.

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  • Kyra and Reba are.... getting along!

    Now that Kyra's moved in with Brock and BJ, Reba feels like they're closer then ever. They're going to movies, aand talking about her personal life. BJ thinks that teenagers need rules, so she reads a bunch of parenting magazines. When BJ makes up another rule, Kyra gets mad and makes fun of her. BJ gets mad at Brock for not sticking up for her. Brock and BJ beg for Reba to discipline her, but she refuses because they're getting along. When Reba stops by to pick Kyra up, she talks to BJ, and tells her that Kyra only need absolute nessacery rules. When BJ talks to Kyra, she takes her advice, but she makes a comment about bringing down the hammer, and Kyra yells at her. Reba tellls her to respect BJ and to apologize. Kyra refuses so she grounds her. Reba ruined her new relationship, but she feels good because she's acting like a mom.moreless
  • Kyra moves and everything starts to go crazy. Crazier, anyway.

    This episode's main plot is annoying at best; pathetic at worst. Kyra's attitude makes Brock's and BJ's like a living nightmare. Of course, it would help if BJ didn't make so many stupid and unnecessary rules. Reba, however, is enjoying it. Not only is BJ and Brock miserable, she gets a chance to get closer to her only child that has intelligence. The subplot between Van and Cheyenne is a lot worse than the main plot. Once again, the two are arguing in an extremely immature way. This time, it is about bedroom noises. At the end of the main plot, Reba ruins her friendship with Kyra. And for reasons beyond logic and common sense, she prefers it that way.moreless
  • reba has a close relationship with kyra

    i find this one extremely funny becasue kyra seems to have a really good relationship with whoever she does not live with..when she lived with reba, her relationship with everyone at the house was horrible..i'm not saying it was completely better..she still hates van and cheyenne for all the attention they get and picks on jake when she can..but other relationships got better...i watched one yesterday i think it was where barbra jean and kyra had a great relationship as kyra tried to go behind her mother's that she lives with barbra jean and brock she has that relationship with her mom..she hates authority in the house...i love when reba puts her foot down though...altogether hilariousmoreless
  • In this episode, Reba is feeling closer than ever to Kyra since she moved out. Meanwhile, Cheyenne's snoring is causing problems for Van.

    I LOVED the part in this episode where Kyra said: Congratgilations! B.J: For the rule? Kyra: Ya I didn't think it was possible to come up with a dumber one than slice the bananas liewise but you did it! B.J: New rule! No saying dumb at the table! Kyra: New rule! No being dumb at the table! That was SO funny!

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