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Season 1 Episode 4

You Make Me Sick

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 2001 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Cheyenne is experiencing morning sickness for the first time and Van is tired of her vomiting. Reba suspects that a neighbor does not want her son hanging out at Reba's house with Jake because of all the objectionable things that go on.

Brock convinces Van that Cheyenne's morning sickness is mental and that she just needs to get over it - after all, Barbra Jean only had one day of queasiness and now she's fine. He suggests that Van and Cheyenne come over to his place for a nice dinner. Cheyenne agrees to go but still doesn't feel well. BJ takes her aside and tells her that she just needs to lie. BJ feels terrible and has morning sickness too, but she hides it from Brock to keep him happy. Cheyenne attempts to act happy but finally breaks down and admits to Van that she feels awful. They agree to be honest with each other. Reba's neighbor admits that she doesn't want her son at Reba's house so Reba denies Jake permission to go on a campout with his friend. She tries to cheer Jake up with an indoors campout at home, but he doesn't buy it. Reba's neighbor shows up and says that she's sorry and she should have known that she can trust Reba.moreless

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  • Aww, poor Cheyenne!

    Cheyenne, being pregnant, was finally experiencing the dreaded Morning Sickness. Unfortunately, it was driving Van crazy, and Barbra Jean tries to convince Cheyenne to act like she wasn't sick and have fun. You should NEVER keep an illness bottled up like that, even if it makes others happy, because in the end, you'll explode. You'll hurt yourself physically and hurt them emotionally, because you tried to hide your illness to make them happy. Aww, poor Cheyenne! Although Van was so funny in this episode, I still wanted to cry, knowing that Cheyenne was sick and trying to hide it to make Van happy. Never do that to yourself! It's unhealthy. I thought what happened to Reba was unfair. Her so-called "friend," Caroline, didn't trust her. She didn't want her son at Reba's house with Jake because of the "things" that were going on there. I honestly think that if she's really Reba's friend, she should trust her. This episode was really good though, even if it did make me want to cry. In the end, it all worked out. Most of the time, it works out great. This show gets better and better with every episode. I absolutely love Reba!moreless
  • "I think I threw-up my actual stomach"!

    Cheyenne's pregnancy finally kicks in and she gets morning sickness. Van think it will be a good idea to take her to Brock and Barbra Jean's for dinner. BJ reveals to Cheyenne the secret of not throwing-up... fake it! She tells her to put food in her pockets, and to step out when she's nautious. Meanwhile Jake's friend's mom thinks Reba's house is inappropriate for her son to play at because of Cheyenne's pregnancy. Reba gets mad at her, but realizes she shouldn't let her feelings get in the way of Jake's friendship. This is deffinitly the best episode so far!moreless
  • Reba - the 4th episode of season 1. It just how van really feels about cheyenne when she's pregant.

    Episode Recap:

    Cheyenne suffers from morning sickness, while Reba discovers a friend no longer approves of her lifestyle.

    Cheyenne is suffering from morning sickness. Reba is sympathetic, but Van has no idea what to do. ake asks if he can go to see his friend, Robbie. Reba says it is time for Robbie to come to their house for a change. Later that day, Robbie's mother, Carolyn, brings the boys to Reba's house. Reba invites Robbie to spend the night with Jake on Friday. Though Reba does not notice, Carolyn is uncomfortable, but she cannot come up with a good reason to say no. That afternoon at the high school, Van confides to Brock that he is exhausted because Cheyenne is sick all the time. Brock says that Barbra Jean does not have morning sickness. He believes it is largely mind of matter and that Cheyenne can "shake it off" if she wants to. Brock invites Cheyenne and Van to dinner on Friday.

    Later that afternoon, Van tells Cheyenne that she can shake off her nausea, just as Barbra Jean has. Cheyenne cannot believe he is serious. On Friday, Jake announces that he and Robbie are going to camp out in his backyard that night. Reba wonders what happened to the sleepover at her house. She goes to see Carolyn. When Reba asks what is going on, at first Carolyn pretends she forgot about the sleepover. Her reluctance to reschedule finally prompt Reba to realize there is something else going on. Carolyn confesses she is unhappy about things that are going on at Reba's house. Reba assures her nothing is going on, but she is angry at Carolyn for not being honest with her. Reba says Jake cannot come to Carolyn's house anymore.

    That evening, Reba tells Jake the campout has been cancelled - she and Jake will have their own campout in the living room. But later, Reba is unsuccessful in amusing Jake at their fake campout. He asks if he can go to Robbie's the next day. Meanwhile at Brock's condo, Barbra Jean serves food to the men and a very queasy Cheyenne. Barbra Jean pulls Cheyenne into the kitchen. Barbra Jean reveals that she too has morning sickness. She only pretends to eat and hides her sickness from Brock in order to keep her man happy. Barbra Jean urges Cheyenne to do the same. That night, Reba comes to Carolyn's house to say that Jake can see Robbie.Reba does not want to spoil her son's friendship just because Carolyn does not trust her.

    Later at Brock's condo, Barbra Jean congratulates Cheyenne on how well she is stashing her food. But when Brock says he will take them all out for dessert, Cheyenne cannot pretend any longer. She says she is sick and that Barbra Jean is too. Van says he hates seeing Cheyenne ill when he cannot do anything to help. Cheyenne says she is scared too. Later when Cheyenne and Van arrive home, Van tells Reba that he will take care of Cheyenne from now on. Carolyn and Robbie stop by. Carolyn sends Robbie upstairs to spend the night with Jake. She says she does trust Reba.

    This episode just show's van really feels about cheyenne when she's pregant.

  • Ohhh! Reba You Da Bomb! lol

    This episode was so great. Reba continued in this eppy to show this show has the potential to make it throught the rain. She is basiclly, a survivour, as she says in her classic song...

    This is one of the only shows I watch. And Reba McEntire, aswell as the whole cast make the show. I couldn't see any other actors or actress' portray these very loveable characters. Reba is a show that when you watch, you feel like family. And when the show's over, you feel so sad, that you take out your DVD set and start watching the eppies all over again.moreless
  • This series just keeps getting better & better!

    I love this show! As I have stated in previous reviews, this is the first time for me seeing all of these episodes & I can't get enough of it. The plots are just so hilarious as are the characters. I am beginning to think this series is really something special. In this episode Cheyenne experiences morning sickness & Jake makes a new friend. Van is sick of seeing Cheyenne feeling sick so he tells her to boost up her spirits. Big mistake. She just can't fake it like Barbara-Jean can. Jake's new friend seems to never be able to go over to Jake's house & that makes Reba suspicious. It turns out that Jake’s friends mom doesn’t trust Reba because of all the crazy things that go on in her household. In the end Cheyenne's morning sickness issue is sorted out & so is Jake's problem. Great stuff, great series.moreless

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