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Reboot is a Canadian animated show about Sprites that live inside a computer. "I come from the Net--through systems, peoples, and cities--to this place: MAINFRAME. My format: Guardian. To mend and defend--to defend my new found friends, their hopes and dreams, and to defend them from their enemies."

-Bob's narration from the opening sequence of Reboot (Seasons One, Two, and Four)

Welcome to the city of Mainframe, a computer system inhabited by binomes and sprites who go about their business, trying to keep everything running smoothly. Unfortunately, they live under the constant threat of the User, whose games wreak havoc, if left unchecked, and the viruses Hexadecimal and Megabyte, who seek to infect and replace the system core with their own malicious code. That's where Guardian Bob comes in. Armed with his versatile key-tool, Glitch, he tries his best to keep citizens safe, upholding his mandate: "To Mend and Defend".

While ReBoot started as an children's show on ABC, it was later forced to move to other venues, using the increased creative freedom to change its focus towards increased continuity and more intelligent and mature stories during the latter part of the second season. The writers also satirized other TV shows, such as X-Files, as well as video games, such as The Evil Dead, which became something of a "trademark" for the show.

The third season of ReBoot is currently available on 4 DVDs from ADV Films.

Also, I would like to stress that NO links to Bit.Torrent sites be posted on the forums, as downloading is illegal on TVTOME.COM and can ruin its long-standing reputationmoreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Hack #2/ Specky (Season 4; Recurring Previously)

Jesse Moss

Jesse Moss

Young Enzo Matrix #1 (Season 1)

Tony Jay

Tony Jay

Megabyte (Seasons 1-3; Recurring Afterwards)

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Phong, Mike the TV, Cecil, Al (Seasons 3-4; Recurring Previously)

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Matrix (Seasons 3-4)

Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Slash / Turbo / Herr Doktor/ Al's Waiter/ Cyrus (Season 4; Recurring Previously)

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  • My Review On ReBoot

    This show sucks, because the animation is poor.
  • Now THIS was a show.

    Mainframe Entertainment gets props not just because this show looks excellent for 1994's limited technology, but because ReBoot is actually the first all-CGI cartoon.
  • ReBoot is one of the cartoons you think of when you think of the best show ever made.

    In my opinion, ReBoot had everything to make it one of the best shows ever made. It had a great story, creative and lovable characters, and could appeal to everyone. The show is about a place called MAINFRAME, a computer systems where beings have to deal with The User, and two viruses who wish to take over the city and make it their own called Megabyte, and Hexadecimal. However a guardian by the name of Bob comes and defends the city from those threats. The characters on this show are excellent. Everyone on this show can be serious, but also very funny and they are all developed well. Matrix is awesome and is really cool. Bob is a great hero who alwats finds out how to win, no matter how bad the situation is. Fong always has wisdom to give to the group. Andrala is similar to Matrix with his rebellious self and feisty, but she can also be more calm and the voice of reason. Even Hexadecimal and Megabyte and great villains. Hexadecimal is not really evil, but just causes trouble and I remember at one point, she joined the good guys. Megabyte is ruthless and can provide some great humor and his plans to take over Mainframe are pretty simple and he is one of those villains who never surrenders at all, and does everything he can to win. There is also some romantic developments to some of the characters, which is again interesting in a kids show. I also love this show actually follows continuity. In every episode I saw, this show never forgot about it and for a kids' show, it's interesting. The stories also have everything you, drama, romance, action, and suspense. It has all those genres and it comes off perfectly. The show is done in CGI, and for the first show I saw in CGI, it looks beautiful. Everything looks so creative, the characters have original designs, and the lip syncs are perfectly adjusted. The animation for it is also smooth and is not stiff at all. As the show goes on, it got more mature, but still could appeal to kids, and each episode got better and better. The show also does a great job parodying the games it uses for the user comes. It parodies Mortal Kombat, or parodies such god shows like The X-Files, or The Prisoner. My only complain in this show is that this show ended on a cliffhanger. In the last episode, Megabyte apparently won and Bob and the gang were ready to overthrow him, but we never learned if they won or not, and that's such a shame. The least they could have done was do one more TV movie to wrap up the remaining plot holes and bring the series to a better ending than this. Overall, ReBoot is a timeless classic and a show that will be forever missed by everyone. Check this show out on DVD if you get the chance.moreless
  • This show brings back fond memories of my childhood. Reboot is a series about beings who live inside cyber space

    Reboot was about a Bob a guardian from the Super Computer who was sent to a place called Mainframe to protect it's citizens from virius and games that can destroy entire sectors. He befriends a business tycion Dot, her younger brother Enzo(who idoalizes Bob), and Phong the leader of Mainframe. He makes enemies of the local virus Megabyte who wants rule Mainframe and take go the Super Computer to gain enough power to take over the Net, and Megabyte's insane sister Hexadecimal. The series originally follows the classic format of the heroes trying to stop the villains from taking over the world, destroying the world, or trying to stop the villain of the week(aka beating many different games), but as the series continues the storyline becomes more complex and the characters develop with each new story.

    Season 1 was about Bob, Dot, Enzo, Enzo's dog Frisket, and sometimes other citizens stopping Megabyte's plans to conquor Mainframe or travel to the Super Computer, prevent Hexadecimal from causing chaos, and winning games that the user sent to save sectors and citizens from being nullfied(they were turned into a small slim creature that loses it's consciousness). The second season introduced more stories that focused on characters histories and their developments such as Dot overcoming her self doubt after falling for one of Megabyte's plans, Enzo's missing his father and being one of the only kids in Mainframe, and Bob's superiors in the Guardians involved in a plot that could lead to the destruction of Mainframe. I won't give a summary of the last two seasons because that would spoil the whole plot to the rest of the series. I will warn you that the series was cancelled before it had a true ending but even with that I would still say the series is worth watching

    Reboot was a great series and it ended before it's time, I truly hope it continues in the future so that it can get the proper ending it deserves. Check out Reboot it's funny, exciting, thrilling, and alphanumeric(have to watch the show to get the phrase).moreless
  • Cybertopia

    Computer technology I always find the most facinating technology because of the fact it opperates on certain set principles, it's functions and independant ones at that, intelegence, the vast amount of data and programing and the endless capabilities and possibilites we can cultivate and utilize at will; it's like we've created a whole other world. This show is one of my top ten favorate animated shows of all time, I loved it then and I still love it now. Reboot is similar along the lines of cyperpunk sci-fi writers William Gibson and Neal Stepherson as well as films like "Tron" and "The Matrix" (which came a few years after this show). This show to me isn't just one of the best animated shows ever but it's also one of the best sci-fi's I've seen because there really isn't many of it's kind.

    One of the highlights of course is the animation, back then CGI animation was the new thing and just on the rise. This show was before and just about at the same time as "Toy Story". Back then when I was a kid when I saw the CGI animation for the first time I was just blown away because I never seen anything like it and felt great knowing the world of animation has once again taken another leap forward in making their art feel more real than before. Even today and this is just personal opinion mind you I think the animation still looks good today and that is an example of CGI animation when done the right way and for the right reason.

    What I loved about the animation was it was able to sucessfully create a computerized world where everything is similar to our reality and yet a lot of big differnces at the same time. Some rules are grounded and some can actually be bent. I even like how the characters are animated most notablely the humanoid and viral characters whom to me are the most impressive.

    But what really makes this show great is in it's content and characterization which I thing is brillant. I'll just say a few characters I like as well as a couple of the villians.

    Matrix: This character is just awdsome, he sort of a Snake Pliskin like character. On a sidenote I love that gun he carries which acts on his voice comand and is very powerful, I wanted a gun like that.

    He is battle hardened, rebelious, defiant so he has a problem with authority, independant, borderline selfish and selfless, a bit short tempered, carries a boiling anger toward what has happened in his life but most of all what Megabite has done to Mainframe, but always has a strong sense of honor as well as love for...

    Andrala: She is also just as awdsome let alone hot, she's Matrix's best friend/significant other, she's rebelious, really smart feisty but unlike Matrix she is able to exersise compashion and reason a lot better than he can makeing her sort of a stablity balanceing block for him.

    Fong: He's sort of like Splinter from "T.M.N.T." always has wisdom and even a quirky sense of humor. I even love the design of his character which makes him look like E.T.

    Hexadesimal is just a fun villianous that I just don't hate, is a character that could go either way, and her motives aren't exactly evil or harmful but more mishavious. Megabite is an interesting kind of villian, love the the fact he's voiced by the late great Tony Jay it really fits like a glove for the character which adds a heavy sense of mence as well as makes him scary. He almost funny has sort of a dry black sense of humor, but is plain evil his motives are simple and unwavering and is determined at all costs to acheve it.

    The story is just excelent because it just has everything I want. From action, romance, comidy, drama, the works. I love how the show like "The Simpsons", "Kill Bill", or the "Splaterhouse" video game series would have homages/homage jokes on different pieces of entertainment like video game "Mortal Kombat". TV shows "The Prisoner", "The X-Files", and "Pritty Soilder Sailor Moon". Movies "Evil Dead 2" and "Aliens". You name it it's there. But most of all I love how both the plot and the characters actualy develop which is something I never saw much and animated shows. The story really gets dark and takes some rather unfun turns. And can really tug at your emotions like Megabite started to become a villain I just plain hated because he really crossed the line with me and sometimes I just wanted to punch him hard when he pushed people too far. But most of all I really cared about the good guy characters and felt like what their were doing in the show really mattered, I wanted them to win.

    Or even the certain emotions they went though like Dot whom is sympathitic on the amount of loss she's going thoughout the show and how tough things get for her. Heck the characters even have romantic relationships that do go somewhere (my favorate couple on a sidenote is Matrix and Andrala) and we actually see the characters kiss pahionately which is another thing I don't see much in animated shows, I always found it strange whenever an animated couple doesn't kiss. My only real problem with the show was the show never had a proper conclusion, it ended on a cliffhanger that suggested another movie but it didn't happen for no good reason. I really hope somewhere along the line we will get that movie but that's a long shot. Other one was the whole series was never released on DVD, yes we have Season 3 and 4 but no Season 1 and 2. We need a rerelease of this show, please get on it.

    Reboot isn't just a show it's an experence you'll never forget.moreless

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