Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 11, 1995 on YTV
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Enzo is feeling alone, since there are no sprites his age in Mainframe, Dot won't let him go into the games with Bob, and Frisket is off somewhere doing his own thing. So when a game cube drops on the Diner and he runs into a young female sprite named AndrAIa, he's all too quick to make friends with her. But there's something Enzo doesn't seem to realize about AndrAIa...moreless

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  • Enzo and Andrala begin

    Lonelyness is always one of the worst feelings anyone can have, but the great thing is it doesn't last long. This is another favorate episode of mine because it's the begining of my favorate couple in the show Enzo/Matrix and Andrala.

    The story in it's was great even though it was a simple love story by it's nature but done right, but mainly because it really elevated the Enzo/Matrix character to where he is now which made him my favorate. In this one I felt it was another one of the one's where Enzo was at his emotional best.

    We discover a little depth as to why Dot, Bob and Enzo are the only humanoid computer people. Enzo is finally begining to feel the lonelyness and it's it's making a deep cut into his heart. Dot and Bob don't really spend as much time with him anymore so there is the growing apart issue. But most of all age, Enzo can bond with Dot and Bob but not deeply, age really does matter when people are just right in their age ranges it means their on the same playing field level that they are able to share a lot together; Dot and Bob we can see easily have that with one another but Enzo doesn't. And last we see that Enzo even though he is sad over the loss of his dad at the same time he's deeply angry because it was his science experent that caused the nulification of most of the humanoid computer people.

    All those things made me feel heavy pathos for Enzo.

    I really loved it when both Enzo and Andrala first met, it was a bit suspenseful at first because Andrala is a game sprite and was about to kill Enzo. But Enzo luckly wins her over with his charm and interaction which seems strange to Andrala because well obviously she's never seen or talked with a person that talks right back at her. The format of this coupling is simple, it's a pair consisting of two people totally different from one another. But that's why I love couples like that because the fact their different makes them unpredictable which is why their all the more interesting. And I love the fact that even though Andrala admits to Enzo she's a game sprite it didn't matter to him because he saw a friend.

    Andrala was a great new edition to the show that I felt was very much needed, not just does she have cool abilities like having nails that can inject any kind of drug at will but she was a fish out of water which made her funny due to her naivity and inexperence but sweet at the same time because she has a different perspective of looking at things and reacting. She can also learn really fast so she can handle herself, do what she need to at the right times well and provides a certain wisdom to Enzo in the future.

    Other than good undersea action it was really the chemestry between the two characters that was great because it was sweet, it was about time seeing Enzo interact with someone his age.

    I even like that end where at first it seems like were in store for a really sad ending, Andrala injects Enzo with a stun drug from her nails and the puts him in a missle to shoot him out to get to the treasure to win the game; Andrala then says, "Good bye Enzo" I'll admit that moment wrenched at my heart because I didn't want both to be broken apart what they had was beautiful and became so much more despite so brief a time. But of course there is a twist at the end and I know this might sound chessy but I thought thank god, I think if it ended with Andrala not going with Enzo it would of been too sad even by my standards.

    We don't find or chose our soulmates, our soulmates find us.moreless
  • This is Alphanumric all the way!

    I love that I was able to keep this on a tape. God I wish I could track down some dvds! This was an awasome show and I love Enzo and AndrAIa. She is so cool and how they meet it something I won't trade ever! She is just want he need and its so cute them aborad the USS Gubby! Enzo and AndrAIa totally in love and just cute and cool and she is so wicked! I love it I love it I love it yes cool cool and too see Bob a little annyonded by a simple white lie to impress the ladies!moreless
  • A very emotional episode (more towards the beginning) in which viewers, including me, can relate to the circumstances of Dot and/or Enzo.

    With Bob and Dot constantly busy, they have no time for Enzo. Bob thinks it's time he gets a friend, but that is easier said than done.

    Why I say this is because this is the first episode in which part of Dot's past is revealed (which is revealed more extensively, later, in Season 4). Learning all of this enable viewers to possibly sympathize, or relate to the circumstances of Dot. They can also relate to Enzo who is, obviously, distraught over the death of his father and the fact that Bob and Dot are his only friends (who aren't even his age).

    Nevertheless, the beginning of the episode, in my opinion, is the best part and it'll have viewers possibly giving weight to some tears.moreless
Tony Jay

Tony Jay

Megabyte (Seasons 1-3; Recurring Afterwards)

Andrea Libman

Andrea Libman

Young AndrAIa (Seasons 2-3)

Kathleen Barr

Kathleen Barr

Dot Matrix/ Princess Bula

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair

Young Enzo Matrix #2 (Seasons 1-2)

Michael Benyaer

Michael Benyaer

Bob (Seasons 1-2; Recurring Afterwards)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Bob Binome: I'm a gardener! I know everything!
      (The music ends. A voice hisses at him from the side.)
      Voice: That's a guardian. Guardian!

    • Dot: Now, could you help me with MY little problem?
      Bob: Huh? Enzo, I didn't even notice him!
      Dot: Exactly. We're too busy runnning businesses or saving Mainframe to have time for him.
      Bob: And, he hasn't got any friends because there aren't any small sprites left in Mainframe since the Twin City was destroyed. Oh, I'm sorry, Dot. I didn't mean to...
      Dot: No, it's okay. It's just the talk about the Twin City reminds me of my father...

    • Bob: Wow! Dot looks amazing. What a babe!
      Dot: I can still hear you!
      Bob: Oh, opps!

    • Dot: "Not good, this is not good!"
      Bob: Hey, that's my line!

    • AndrAIa: I like you, Enzo.
      Enzo: Uh...I like you too, AndrAIa.

    • Enzo: Everyone's having a better time than me! I've got no one to play with and it's all Dad's fault! If he hadn't deleted most of the Sprites I'd have some friends!
      Dot: Enzo!

    • Bob: They (Captain Quirk and Jean-Luc) set off an explosion capable of destroying an entire planet! Dot: Bad idea...
      Bob: Yeah, especially if you're INSIDE THE PLANET!

  • NOTES (10)


    • The submarine sequences with Enzo and AndrAIa in the very narrow channels battling the User shark are a nod to the similar scenes in The Hunt For Red October with Sean Connery. Even the general sense of the cinematography and their dialog is about the same as they navigate the too-close turns to avoid the torpedoes.

    • The girl who tries to get Bob's attention at the seminar with "I (heart) U" written on her eyes references a scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where a girl tries to catch Indy's attention by writing "Love You" on her eyelids.

    • The third binome out the door of Dot's Diner is "Where's Waldo".

    • During the final approach to the Atlantis-like setting where the game is to end, we see two large golden statues of a three-headed winged dragon. Closer inspection reveals that the statue is that of King Ghidorah, one of the principle rivals of Godzilla in the classic Japanese movies of the 1960's and later in the 1990's.

    • Cecil: "Tea, Earl Grey"! What is this "Tea, Earl Grey"?
      "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" was how Captain Picard would order tea from the replicators on the Enterprise in "Star Trek: The Next Generation".