YTV (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Reboot - The Movie
    • Megabyte, now able to shift form, rampages through mainframe, but Bob insists his theories on turning a virus good will work.
    • 11/23/01
      Dot prepares for her wedding with Normal Bob while Glitch Bob remains comatose in the Super Computer. Will Turbo and the guardians be able to cure him with things going from bad to worse?
    • 11/16/01
      While most of the gang battle Rocky The Rabid Raccoon in a game, Glitch Bob struggles to find a way to separate himself from glitch, and Dot follows her heart...
    • My Two Bobs (1)
      Episode 5
      The two Bobs try to figure out which is the original and which is the copy. Dot can't decide which one to choose. A game cube drops placing Matrix, Frisket and Normal Bob into a Pokemon style game.
    • Sacrifice (4)
      Episode 4
      With time running out, Daemon finally infects all of Mainframe except for Little Enzo, Hack, Slash, and Frisket, who were in a Game Cube. With all of his friends infected, will these 4 unlikely heroes rise to defeat Daemon once and for all?
    • Daemon continues to infect more and more citizens of Mainframe, we discover more about Bob's past and his first coming to Mainframe, Bob's condition worsens, and Daemon learns about love...
    • Cross Nodes (2)
      Episode 2
      Whilst the battle against Daemon continues, Hexadecimal inadvertently turns into a sprite, we learn more of Dot's past, the nulls form an old friend, and Matrix learns more of Daemon's infection the hard way.
    • 10/19/01
      The citizens of Mainframe start to battle the supervirus Daemon who has infected most of the net. Bob is horrified to discover that she has infected all the other guardians, and he comes to the realization he is the last of his kind whilst Dot has flashbacks of, what was once, the Twin City. How will Bob defend the system from his own friends? Is Dot's past trying to tell her something?moreless
  • Season 3
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