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Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 23, 1995 on YTV
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The joy of receiving a new upgrade is cut short when it turns out to contain Megabyte himself, who's decided to take a more direct approach to infecting the core.

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  • Season Two Opener...

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. The episode opens with a diving shot at the Principal Office, then pans around to show you just how big the ball Dot and Phong are standing on is. An upgrade is coming to Mainframe, but all is not what it seems. Turns out Megabyte created a fake upgrade to gain access to Mainframe's Core. This episode showed just how creative the writer's of this show are. The dialogue throughout the episode is superb, especially that between Megabyte and Hexadecimal. The episode comes to a final climax between Dot and Bob, for control of Mainframe in one of the series most classic moments.moreless
  • Zip, Zip, Zoom!

    I read somewhere once that said "Infected" served as the pilot in some regions and I think this episode would have made a much better series opener then "The Tearing" but there aren’t too many shows that have impressive first episodes.

    I know Bob is still the main character for season 2 but I would have liked somebody else get the chance to do the opening narration like Megabyte and then have Guardian Enzo do it in To Mend and Defend- Game Over. At least we got a new sequence for the credits though.

    Both Enzo and Dot seemed like two children on Christmas Morning when it came to their excitement over the upgrade. But Cecil’s wish for what it was had to be the funniest "Maybe this time I will get some legs!" Poor Cecil he never did get his legs, but at least he can leave the diner after season two.

    The moving up and down from inside The Core was pretty impressive for the earlier seasons. As were the colors that the sky turned and the file coming through, it reminded me of the system restart in "End Prog". The upgrade turned out to be a fake so that Megabyte could gain access to The Core. Now how did he manage to pull of that light show and where was he coming from? This really should have been addressed in the episode. I was a little confused when watching this episode recently, in "System Crash" Dot said that no one can sustain prolonged exposure to The Core but Bob said he could which clearly he couldn’t not for long away, but in this episode Bob, Dot, and Phong are all in there and are completely unaffected. Maybe I’m missing something.

    It made me laugh how Megabyte copy and pasted Phong’s read only memory. Another thing that confused me for later episodes why didn’t he just do that to gain the "Mortal Combat" codes in "Megaframe" and "Showdown". Of course it could be Phong has had an upgrade since then and no one can copy and paste his memory anymore.

    I do believe this is the first episode in which the sad theme song plays. It plays a couple times in this episode always involving Phong. I really wish there was a downloadable score of this music I would really like to here the full version.

    I liked that Megabyte went for Dot and Phong as a way to get to Bob. Who knew Megabyte could howl like that? It was very viral indeed. I was surprised Glitch could run out of power it was the first time we seen this happen and also the last but it isn’t so surprising seeing as he was using it every second for something new.

    Seeing Dot and Bob run through the Principal office reminded me of the last few moments of "Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus" it also made me think about where they would go after that episode ended.

    A thumbs up for having the pong pukes featured and having the noise they make.

    So Megabyte’s plan was to destroy Mainframe and rebuild it in his image. Megabyte really needs to make up his mind does he want to create Megaframe or does he want to infect the Super Computer? He keeps changing his mind far too much. The buildings of Mainframe toppling over like that reminded me of "System Crash" and "End Prog". I was surprised there wasn’t a riot at the Diner after the computer said "Warning Environment Shutdown". Poor Enzo and all those biomes sure did look like they were suffering but we did get to see Enzo’s leadership skills for the first time. Even though he was in pain his first thought was of all the other people there and getting them energy so their levels could be kept up, he was even able to calm Cecil down. We’ll be seeing more of this side of Enzo later in the series.

    This episode marks Hexadecimal’s third appearance on the series. Hex, being the queen of chaos that she is, was really amused by what Megabyte was doing but makes sure to ask him if he plans on deleting her as well. If you ask me Hex is a fool to believe that Megabyte would ever give her 50% of Megaframe when he is clearly power mad. He would eventually betray and delete her like as he would anyone else who challenged his power. We learn in this episode that Hexadecimal and Megabyte are family! This sure was a shocker for me when I was young and first learned this.

    It’s a wonder Bob was satisfied with his Glitch charger I was expecting him to laugh at how primitive it was and say "I know, I know this isn’t the super computer". How was Phong able to project himself to Bob like that? This also should have been addressed. Phong’s little rhyme made me laugh "You have what you need now use his greed".

    Dot sure looked cool in that exoskeleton suit! And her outfit she wore while in it was also cool I wish she had have worn it for the rest of season two or at least in "Web World Wars" while fighting off the web creatures her outfit in that episode was just plain hideous. Dot amused me at how cocky she was looking while she marched over to Megabyte. I don’t understand how Dot wasn’t infected by Megabyte too seeing as we learn in "Sacrifice" that she can indeed be infected by a virus. Maybe the suit protected her from infection.

    So Megabyte's plan went from creating Megaframe to getting Bob to make him a portal to the Super Computer what made him change his mind? Since when has the Principal Office had a place to break down viruses? That seems a little advanced for a small system like Mainframe. Who knew Megabyte had a self destruct sequence? Either way it sure was a cool site to see. And at the end of the episode we get to see the real file come from the user. Phong is so entertaining at the end of this episode by saying "Maybe I'll get a faster modem".

    I rate this episode 7.9 for being amusing when it wasn’t meant to be. It also gets my choice number 6 choice for the best ReBoot episode.moreless
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Shirley Millner


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