Season 3 Episode 13

Megaframe (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM May 03, 1999 on YTV
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Matrix and the gang finally return to Mainframe only to discover it has been almost destroyed by Megabyte. We learn what the resistance has been doing all this time and the plan to finally save their home.

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  • One of the greatest episodes in the ReBoot series.

    Megaframe was an episode I had not yet seen despite seeing every other episode, and when I finally watched it, it felt special.

    I FINALLY got to witness what had happened while Matrix and Andria where gone and how Megabyte took control of Mainframe and destroyed it, it finally answered all those questions.

    After watching it, I probably watched it again and again at least 10 or so times in one go. This episode has got to be my favourite episode ever in ReBoot.

    It was a great way to open the episode where Matrix and the others arrived to find Mainframe destroyed and then to have Matrix and Bob finally have a reunion with Dot.

    The flashbacks where great, and when I first watched it I missed quite a bit of it and thought one of them was actually happening at the time.

    Overall a top episode, and one of the best.moreless
  • Probably the most emotional episode of the series.

    Yay Dot finally gets to do the opening naration!

    Our heros finally make it out of the web to discover their beloved home, Mainframe, in ruin. I don’t understand how they couldn’t see this in the portal in "Mousetrap". The sight of the ruined Mainframe is unbelievable and just so sad.

    I’m glad we finally get to learn what happened after the events that took place in "Game Over" through flashbacks. I’m glad Hexadecimal finally got loose and tortured her power mad brother in her own way, Say buh-bye to The Tor. But was it really necessary for her to destroy Hack and Slash I never thought I would be saddened by it but I really was.

    Is it just me or does Bob seem god like with his Glitch Powers? Although it was stupid I really can’t blame Matrix for getting angry and attacking the Viral Binomes for being in the Principal Office.

    Oh no Megabyte is in the Principal Office! Now that was a real shocker. The flashback of Dot, Mouse and the others having to evacuate was another sad scene in this episode. I find it odd that Phong rebuilt Hack and Slash but I guess he figured he would need them in the long run. Phong staying behind to buy everyone time to escape has to be the saddest part of the scene, who knew that little guy had such a heroic nature. Megabyte breaking his way into the War Room was actually scary if you ask me.

    Finally after 8 episode we get our Dot and Matrix reunion and boy does it pay off! This was defiantly the most touching scene in the episode. Having Dot not recognize him at first makes sense but after hearing him call her "Sis" she instantly knows who it is, I think it’s beautiful for her to just run into his arms crying. But it has to be undercut by Mouse pointlessly kissing Bob what was with that anyway? I couldn’t believe that Dot couldn’t hug Bob she had to shake his hand man it’s been forever since she the man who is likely to be her best friend and all she can do is shake his hand. Dot has to be the shyest character ever.

    FINALLY! After 3 seasons we finally get to hear what we have all long suspected Dot is in love with Bob! It’s about time somebody call her on it. You go Mouse! This scene is my favorite scene in the series involving Dot and Mouse it really shows how close the two have become and they really have let bygones be bygones since Dot no longer holds a grudge over the events that happened in "The Great Brain Robbery".

    "Let us talk to the head" has to be the greatest pun ever! Wow Phong really isn’t the sprite he once was it’s just plain sad seeing him like that. But I’m glad we finally get to see how cruel Megabyte can be, his torturing of Phong really proves to me that he is a virus and evil.

    Hex, Hex, Hex! To top off a great episode we get to see Hex kidnap Bob at the end it was a very good cliffhanger to end the episode.

    I rate this episode a 9 for boldly going where ReBoot hasn’t gone before and that’s a very emotional place. It also gets my number 9 choice for best episode.moreless
  • Matrix and Bob are informed as to all that's occured while they were "gone" from Mainframe and what led up to Megabyte's conquest.

    Since Bob, unwillingly, left Mainframe in, "Web World Wars", Enzo had to become "Guardian" of the system. Just when things were going his way, and the Mainframers were beginning to develop a liking towards Enzo, in "Game Over", he actually lost a game - with him, AndrAIa and Frisket all in it. In order to avoid nullification, they went into game sprite mode and went game-hopping in search for Bob.

    From then onwards to "Mousetrap", Matrix, AndrAIa, Firsket and Bob were all unware of what had occured after they "left" since the story, effectively, followed Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket into the web rather than continue the story in Mainframe (it was a great idea and it turned out for the best).

    This episode, effectively and superbly, showed and filled viewers in as to what Mainframe was like from where they left Mainframe off. An effective episode with inumerable flashbacks giving viewrs full details as to how the war between Megabyte and the Principal Office turned out. Definitely worth your time. No one can sincerely say they hated this excellent episode.moreless
Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

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Ian James Corlett


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    • Beginning with this episode, the shots used in the opening credits sequence were taken from "Megaframe," "Showdown," and "SystemCrash." In this sequence, Dot has the "Flying Toasters" screensaver on her computer in the Principle Office.

    • Dot's format is finally revealed to be Command Dot Com or of Mainframe in her opening narration.

    • Mouse, Bob, Dot, Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket now appear right before the ReBoot logo. This is the most people to appear in that shot. This shot will also be in season 4's opening credits.

    • Dot is the first female character to do the opening narration.

    • Dot finally admits to her feeling for Bob though only to Mouse.

    • It is finally revealed through flashbacks what happened to the people of Mainframe after the events of "Game Over". Hex broke free from Megabytes grip and destroyed his base. She then organized an attack on him with the nulls. She destroyed Hack and Slash (They were later rebuilt by Phong to take care of Dot. He even gave them Icons). Megabyte, who needed a new place to set up shop, attacked the principal office. Phong ordered everyone to evacuate and then he stayed behind to buy the others time to escape.


    • Hack: Goodness, I wonder what happened to his eye?
      Slash: Gee, I dunno, but I wouldn't wanna see the other eye.
      This comes from the saying after a fight "I dunno, but I wouldn't want to see the other guy!"