Season 2 Episode 7

Nullzilla (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Dec 16, 1995 on YTV
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Nullzilla (1)

Mike inadvertently shatters Hexadecimal's looking glass, unleashing a horrible black parasite that infects the virus. Suddenly, all the nulls react, flocking to Lost Angles, covering the altered Hexadecimal until she becomes became a gigantic mass of nulls, walking around and flattening random buildings.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • A mattock (as in Destruct o -) is a two-headed digging tool which usually features two different styles of blades. One part may look like a digging hoe and the other like a pick or an axe blade. Some designs are similar to the fireman's axe. Like many such tools, the mattock has historically been used as an improvised weapon. By saying use the mattock instead of just use the axe, Phong sets up the pun-ny name Destruct o matic when the blades are rotated like the chopper blades inside a food processor.

      • AndrAIa later reveals in Season 4's What's Love Got to do With it?, that she knew the whole time Enzo wasn't a Guardian, but she went along with it because she was falling in love.

      • Nullzilla AKA Godzilla

      • As we learn later in Season 4, the reason why Megabyte called Nibbles "father", is because Welman Matrix inadvertently created an explosion that gave birth to Hexadecimal and Megabyte (who were both once Gigabyte), but it turned himself into a null in the process. Thus, Megabyte calls him "father."

    • QUOTES (20)

      • Bob: (to Enzo about AndrAIa) You still haven't told her you're not a guardian?!

      • (Enzo had just explained a terse version of what Bob was explaining about returning the Nulls to normal state.)
        Bob: That's what I said.
        AndrAIa: He said it better.
        Enzo: Thanks, AndrAIa.

      • Enzo: AndrAla, listen. This is what happens to Mainframers when they lose in a game. These used to be Sprites like you and me.
        AndrAla: All of them? The city is full of nulls!

      • Megabyte: Silence! Have you fools managed to complete Phase One of the operation?
        Hack: Absolutely! Phase One and Phase Two completed!

      • Hack: Ah, you rang, your hugeness.
        Slash: All ready and waiting, oh evil one! Oh! (To Hack) Did I say evil?

      • (After Enzo bounces around like Bruce Lee in a grasshopper uniform)
        Phong: Ah, grasshopper. There you are!

      • Bob: I feel ridiculous!
        Mike: You feel ridiculous? Look at me, I'm a g-nat! What's a g-nat?
        Dot: I don't know. But it suits you.

      • Hex: If only Megabyte knew how easy it is to find. But you known what they say: He got the smarts, but I got the power.

      • Mike: I know it sounds strange, but something HORRIBLE came out of her looking glass, and IT got her!!! And it wasn't Alice.

      • Mike: Gnat slightly annoyed, high-pitched buzzing force.

      • Phong: Now all we can do is sit and wait.
        AndrAIa: I will stand, if it's all right with you.

      • Phong: Do not worry. I have prepared something for just such an emergency.
        Bob: You're prepared for a giant monster made entirely of nulls stomping around Mainframe?
        Phong: That is correct.
        Bob: How do you plan for that?
        Phong: Uhh, lucky guess?

      • Mike: Ahem. At 23:30 today, the nulls of Mainframe mounted an attack on a virus, Hexadecimal. She was unprepared for the assault, and was easily overcome. The nulls covered her completely, forming the monster this reporter has named 'Nullzilla.'

      • Enzo: Frisket, watch them, but don't eat them... yet.

      • Mike: This just in: media sprite and verminous familiar--nothing personal--threatened by strangely altered virus. News at--

      • Hack: What a good boy. Look, now he's going for a walk!
        Slash: Uhh, what phase number is walking Nibbles?
        Hack: Uhh, there is no number for walking Nibbles.
        Slash: Well that means he just ran away.
        Hack: Yep. That is right. He ran away all right.
        Slash: He's gone.
        Hack: He is. Look at him go.

      • Hexadecimal: Oh, look! Michael, Scuzzy! The SuperComputer! If only Megabyte knew how easy it is to find! Well, you know what they say: he got the smarts, but I got the power! Besides, all he has to do is ask nicely!

      • Hack: Hey, what do ya mean "joke"?
        Slash: Joke: something said or done to cause laughter; something not in earnest, or ridiculous.

      • Mike: (hysterical) Backspace for your lives! Run, run! And when you're finished, RUN SOME MORE!

      • Dr. Frankenome: It's compiled! IT'S COMPILED!! MOWAHAHAHAH!!!!

    • NOTES (11)

    • ALLUSIONS (9)

      • Dr. Frankenome: It's compiled! IT'S COMPILED!! MOWAHAHAHAH!!!!
        Referencing the famous line spoken by Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) in the 1931 movie Frankenstein. Henry speaks it as his monstrosity comes to life for the first time after he infuses it with electricity.

      • Venom

        The infection that attacked Hexidecimal was very similar to the symbiote who turned Eddie Brock from the "Spiderman" series into Venom, in fact, Hex looks very similar to Venom, with black skin and a long, reptilian tongue.

      • Nullzilla looks like Flubber.

      • The episode managed to affectionately spoof

        -the Godzilla movies (Nulzilla itself)

        - Japanese Sentai / Power Rangers TV shows (The colour coded costumes, combining vehicles and the overelaborate activation code "Reboot Robot Entymologising Force)

        - Gerry Anderon's famous puppet action adventure show "Thunderbirds" (the entire set with the revolving walls and chairs on hydraulic lifts etc)

        - The David Carradine "Kung-Fu" series (Enzo's costume and Phong's reaction to it)

      • Enzo makes a Bruce Lee noise ("Ee-yaow") when he enters as Grasshopper.

      • When Mike says "...something HORRIBLE came out of her looking glass, and IT GOT HER! And it wasn't Alice," he made reference to Alice in Wonderland.

      • The background for the opera looks very much like an old episode of "Bugs Bunny".

      • When the 5 heroes are fighting Nullzilla, they fight in the form of Rockem Sockem Robots (trying to knock its block off) and World Wrestling Foundation pro wrestling (jumping up and down on the opponent).

      • The robot that the five heroes transform into, is similar to that of Voltron.