Season 3 Episode 7

Number 7

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Apr 23, 1999 on YTV
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Matrix is shocked when he finds Mainframe inside a game cube. Dot is there... Phong is there... Even Bob?! But why did he and AndrAIa reboot as Megabyte and Hexadecimal? And who is Number One?

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  • So many bad things about this episode, I don't know where to start.

    I never thought I''d be saying this about ANY episode in the series, although it had to come sooner or later, but, this episode has to be the worst episode in the series (and that'sa saying a lot considering the series is so good). Admittedly, the only positive things about this episode is that the plot and the idea wasn't that bad, and the ending was pretty good - leading into the next episode; Matrix finally identifies his mission. The negatives? The episode was pointless, the episode lacked originality, some of the characters seemed annoying, the representation of Mainframe and the characters was unrealistic, the elements in the episode seemed, and were, repetitive, and the manner in which the plot was presented was also not that good.

    Overall, being the worst episode in the series, I wouldn't recommend anyone watching this.moreless
  • Dem bones come back to haunt you...

    This episode is a classic. I love episodes with psychological plots, so this one really appealed to me. Matrix has been driven by anger and revenge for so long that he's begun to loose his whole motivation: to get back to Mainframe and his family and friends. This episode was a good wakeup call for him.

    It was also full of some very trippy elements. Hearing Matrix and AndrAIa's voices coming out of Megabyte and Hex's mouths was very weird. And AndrAIa was getting into her part way too much. I especially liked the trial scene, and Hack and Slash sining Dem Bones. The jury was creepy too.

    The best thing about Reboot is that it balances elements for children and for adults. I never totally understood the meaning of this episode until I recently rewatched it. It's a great look into Matrix's mind and how he sees things. Highly recommended.moreless
  • Matrix has to realize just how out of touch he is with his purpose.

    I don't know why the other reviewer didn't like this. Considering this episode resulted from a hit to Matrix's head, quite a bit of leeway can be made. Basically Matrix was reevaluating his own purpose. Had he really become so cold so heartless, so revenge-driven that even his own 'family' meant nothing to him?

    Of course not. But he had to go through his trial of his mind to realize that. Personally I loved " The Trial", it was kindof eerie, but definitely packed a punch. And to have "Bob" deliver the verdict was just icing on the cake. I thoughly recommend this episode as a turning point.moreless
Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Phong, Mike the TV, Cecil, Al

Recurring Role

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The episode takes place in the 'Satellite System'

    • AndrAIa has an attraction to motorcycles, where most of the time she will ReBoot into a Biker Babe. Leading Matrix to ask "what is with you and motorcycles?

    • Enzo: Games, games, games. It was only a game. You killed my family!
      Matrix: -My family!
      Enzo: You've forgotten your family! You've let yourself become a prisoner of the games. What would Bob think of you now!
      Matrix: Bob..?
      Enzo: There can be only one. Be seeing you.

      This is foreshadowing Enzo's return

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Matrix: I GIVE UP.
      AndrAIa: To late lover!

    • AndrAIa/Hexadecimal: Nice bike...
      Matrix/Megabyte: What is it with you and bikes?!

    • AndrAIa/Hexadecimal: Happy! Sad! Happy! Sad! Happy! Sad! Intrigued! I've never been so in touched with my emotions.

    • AndrAIa/Hexadecimal: (to Matrix) I'm just playing! (knocks him on the head) Lighten up!

    • AndrAIa and Hexadecimal: Haven't you figured it out yet? I know I have...
      (Hex breaks into multiple masks)
      Masks: We ALL have!!

    • Bob: Do you have anything to say before I execute you? (flippant) Sorry, pass sentence!

    • Matrix: Tell me! Who is number one!
      Matrix/Megabyte: (a reflection of Megabyte) I am number one. I am the driving force in your life. I am hatred. I drive you on, and consume you!
      Matrix: NOO! (punches glass)
      Reflection: (a reflection of himself replaces Megabyte) I am number one. I care for no one.
      Matrix: That's not true… I love AndrAIa
      Reflection: No you don't, you love yourself. Just looking out for number one (shoots screen)
      Matrix: No! Not you!
      Enzo: I am number one. The original. Do you think this is a game? DO YOU!
      Matrix: But how? You're me.
      Enzo: But you hate me. You must! Look at what you've become.
      Matrix: You're wrong! I had to become bigger, tougher; I had to be ready for Megabyte, to survive the games.
      Enzo: Did you like the games more then Mainframe, more then your family!
      Matrix: No! No I didn't. I was trapped in the games.
      Enzo: Games, games, games. It was only a game. You killed my family!
      Matrix: My family!
      Enzo: You've forgotten your family! You've let yourself become a prisoner of the games. What would Bob think of you now!?
      Matrix: Bob..?
      Enzo: There can be only one. Be seeing you. (disappears)

    • "Be Seeing You"-quoted by Dot, Phong, and others..

  • NOTES (4)