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  • My Review On ReBoot

    This show sucks, because the animation is poor.
  • Now THIS was a show.

    Mainframe Entertainment gets props not just because this show looks excellent for 1994's limited technology, but because ReBoot is actually the first all-CGI cartoon.
  • ReBoot is one of the cartoons you think of when you think of the best show ever made.

    In my opinion, ReBoot had everything to make it one of the best shows ever made. It had a great story, creative and lovable characters, and could appeal to everyone. The show is about a place called MAINFRAME, a computer systems where beings have to deal with The User, and two viruses who wish to take over the city and make it their own called Megabyte, and Hexadecimal. However a guardian by the name of Bob comes and defends the city from those threats. The characters on this show are excellent. Everyone on this show can be serious, but also very funny and they are all developed well. Matrix is awesome and is really cool. Bob is a great hero who alwats finds out how to win, no matter how bad the situation is. Fong always has wisdom to give to the group. Andrala is similar to Matrix with his rebellious self and feisty, but she can also be more calm and the voice of reason. Even Hexadecimal and Megabyte and great villains. Hexadecimal is not really evil, but just causes trouble and I remember at one point, she joined the good guys. Megabyte is ruthless and can provide some great humor and his plans to take over Mainframe are pretty simple and he is one of those villains who never surrenders at all, and does everything he can to win. There is also some romantic developments to some of the characters, which is again interesting in a kids show. I also love this show actually follows continuity. In every episode I saw, this show never forgot about it and for a kids' show, it's interesting. The stories also have everything you, drama, romance, action, and suspense. It has all those genres and it comes off perfectly. The show is done in CGI, and for the first show I saw in CGI, it looks beautiful. Everything looks so creative, the characters have original designs, and the lip syncs are perfectly adjusted. The animation for it is also smooth and is not stiff at all. As the show goes on, it got more mature, but still could appeal to kids, and each episode got better and better. The show also does a great job parodying the games it uses for the user comes. It parodies Mortal Kombat, or parodies such god shows like The X-Files, or The Prisoner. My only complain in this show is that this show ended on a cliffhanger. In the last episode, Megabyte apparently won and Bob and the gang were ready to overthrow him, but we never learned if they won or not, and that's such a shame. The least they could have done was do one more TV movie to wrap up the remaining plot holes and bring the series to a better ending than this. Overall, ReBoot is a timeless classic and a show that will be forever missed by everyone. Check this show out on DVD if you get the chance.
  • This show brings back fond memories of my childhood. Reboot is a series about beings who live inside cyber space

    Reboot was about a Bob a guardian from the Super Computer who was sent to a place called Mainframe to protect it's citizens from virius and games that can destroy entire sectors. He befriends a business tycion Dot, her younger brother Enzo(who idoalizes Bob), and Phong the leader of Mainframe. He makes enemies of the local virus Megabyte who wants rule Mainframe and take go the Super Computer to gain enough power to take over the Net, and Megabyte's insane sister Hexadecimal. The series originally follows the classic format of the heroes trying to stop the villains from taking over the world, destroying the world, or trying to stop the villain of the week(aka beating many different games), but as the series continues the storyline becomes more complex and the characters develop with each new story.

    Season 1 was about Bob, Dot, Enzo, Enzo's dog Frisket, and sometimes other citizens stopping Megabyte's plans to conquor Mainframe or travel to the Super Computer, prevent Hexadecimal from causing chaos, and winning games that the user sent to save sectors and citizens from being nullfied(they were turned into a small slim creature that loses it's consciousness). The second season introduced more stories that focused on characters histories and their developments such as Dot overcoming her self doubt after falling for one of Megabyte's plans, Enzo's missing his father and being one of the only kids in Mainframe, and Bob's superiors in the Guardians involved in a plot that could lead to the destruction of Mainframe. I won't give a summary of the last two seasons because that would spoil the whole plot to the rest of the series. I will warn you that the series was cancelled before it had a true ending but even with that I would still say the series is worth watching

    Reboot was a great series and it ended before it's time, I truly hope it continues in the future so that it can get the proper ending it deserves. Check out Reboot it's funny, exciting, thrilling, and alphanumeric(have to watch the show to get the phrase).
  • Too bad it ended in a cliffhanger

    This was one my most favorite tv shows growing up as a kid. I would give it a higher rating but i was totally disappointed by the cliffhanger ending that left me wanting more. Why must great shows end like that?

    The show was set in a place called Mainframe. Bob was my favorite character in the show until Enzo grew up and became Matrix. He was the coolest, especially his weapon and his eye which target stuff and send the info to his weapon. I really hope that one day this show will get a proper ending, like a movie or something that ties up the loose ends but i doubt that's going to happen.
  • Set in a world within a computer this is a children's show that took Anime influences and ran with it

    When I was younger I used to love this show, it was a shame that when Citv did it's reshuffle in 1997 we were left hanging approximately half way through Season 3. As far as I know it's never been broadcast again in the UK, I only got to see the final episodes by buying the US DVDs years later.

    Anyway, set in the world of Mainframe this is one of the first wholly computer generated tv shows, made by the guys who later brought us Beast Wars the first two seasons were mainly simple stories about Bob the Guardian of Mainframe getting into all sorts of scrapes, while up against the 2 Viruses in the System ,Megabyte and Hexadecimal and the Purple Gamecubes (before Nintendo thought of them, how strange) inputted by the USER. In between this there is some good stuff but the show really takes off about mid-way through Season 2 where it becomes more story led and a little more adult. By Seasons end it was clear that they were not just a kids show anymore and by third season it wore its animé action feel on it's shoulders.

    It was Season 3 that is most definitely the best, even after I've now seen the 2 tv movies (Season 4). The balance of action and the story in general is opened up by the introduction of travel through the Net and creating new worlds, in particular the Web which is a desolate place populated by beasts. This should give you an idea that the actual references to the internet were played on a lot. The best one being the firewall which plays a big part.

    It also references popular culture on many an occasion as well which culminates in some nicely thought out p**s takes. My favourite without a doubt is the James Bond inspired opening to the episode Firewall. Very enjoyable.

    The Character animation is pretty good and gets better as the series progresses and the Characters themselves also go through journeys, My personal favourites being Enzo (a.k.a. Matrix) and AndrAIa who most of Season 3 focuses on. AndrAIa in particular is very sexy and confident and voiced extremely well to that degree. Hexadecimal as the crazy but Sympathetic baddie used by her brother Megabyte is another highlight.

    Watch it from Season 2 onwards in particular and you just might find a pleasant surprise.
  • The computer people are alive.

    I used to watch this show all the time when I was very little, in maybe third or fourth grade. So I don't remember one hundred percent what it was all about, but I do remember that I loved it a lot. It was the first show I really took a strong liking to, and I think that was because of the interesting story. I liked the computer part of it, that that was where they lived, and the game cubes that would drop down. I remember Enzo's eye and Bob and the 999,999,999.99 bucket and the slasher game episode and the Crimson Bynome. I watched the series repeat itself over four times. I was just that into it. Best thing to come out of the TV in the 90's, after Buffy.
  • A world set in a computer with characters you cared about.

    Mainframe did something really right when it made this series. Reboot went from a curiosity to a wonderfully fleshed out series. You really cared for the characters. Sure the first season introduced us to them, but by the end you were waiting to see what happened next. The second season gave us episodes that were beginning to show a darker side. The web creature, the merger of Megabyte and Hexidecimal, and finally the Web invasion, culminating in Megabyte's betrayal of BOB. Season 3 is my personal favorite. No longer tethered to ABC, the writers were allowed to go all out, with much darker themes and even some deaths. The only thing that keeps me from giving this a perfect ten is season 4. Sadly enough it was never completed, giving us a cliffhanger that will probably never be resolved. And even if they did finish it off, who could replace the original voice of Megabyte? I still hope that someday, somehow, they will finish it. For this series needs a REAL end.
  • One of those shows that went to the edge and never looked back.

    ReBoot holds a special place in my heart since I was a rather "geeky" child growing up. I was the son of an engineer so computers were always around and were fairly easy for me to use from day one. ReBoot was the only show out there that showed me what computers were like on the inside, even if it were entirely fantasy. It helped me open my own imagination and illuminate my own interests in computers and games alike and for that I'm eternally grateful.

    Not only was it technically ahead of it's time in the way of the stories but also in the animation. No other show used computer graphics quite like ReBoot at the time. It kept me in awe visually and made me eager to see more episodes. For a show that ran in the mid 90s it did a great job of projecting where the future of cartoons was going.

    Lastly, the other reason I kept coming back to this show, and the main reason I can't wait for it to come out on real DVDs, is the comedy. Each episode included at least one technical, nerdy reference and made fun of computing in general. It showed viewers that it was okay to like computers and it was okay to laugh at them. I will never forget this show for the laughs it game me throughout the course of its run. To anyone out there that hasn't seen it you're missing out, do yourself a favor and track some episodes down. You'll thank me later.
  • This show was great and I would like if they brought it back.

    This show was one of the best shows I had seen in TV. When I first saw it I was impresed with the progress of the show in all it's ways of being a cool show as I considered it. The show was one of a few 3D animated shows I had liked in many years watching television. The story was a great because it had many different villains but the main villains were Megabyte and Hexadecimal and the heroes were Bob, Dot and Enzo and also many more characters. I have declared that this show was one of the best shows and it was very unique compared to other shows. In conclusion for being such an excelent show I give it a 9.1 superb rating for my review.
  • Excellent Family Entertainment

    The series "Reboot" was the best show ever made for Saturday morning cartoon watchers. Well ahead of its time in graphics and character depictions, Reboot set itself apart from the usual early morning or anime cartoons made before or since. My favorite characters are highlighted by their individual personalities as portrayed in such episodes as "Game Over", "Talent Night", & many others. The interaction between Phong, Bob, Dot, & Enzo was very close to life like, with comedy to add to the dramatics of everyday life tied into a cartoon world located in a computer. With the viruses, Hexadecimal & Megabyte as true villians, Reboot makes the computer world seem almost believable. This is a must see series that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
  • Actually, nobody knows i love this.

    "I come from the net...through, systems, cities..."

    nobody knows i love this.

    I Love this's fabulous. It's original. It's about this blue guy named Bob who is a guardian. He ha lives in the City of Mainframe with his friends Dot and Enzo. He tries his best to protect Mainframe from viruses such as Megabyte and Hexadecimal. Later on he is blasted into the web, leaving Enzo to become a guardian for Mainframe. Enzo, however, loses in a game and along with a girl named AndREA and his dog Spike, he moves from game to game, trying to get back home. There are other wonderful characters in the show such as Mike the TV, Hack and Slah, Daemon, Mouse...etc, etc. I totally recommend this show!!!
  • "I come from the Net" . . .

    I doubt that I could add anything of importance to what has been written about the Canadian-produced series "ReBoot", but I hope to present a slightly different angle on it.

    I am a computer programmer (no, I *don't* come from the Net!). ; ) The show cleverly integrates computer-animated characters into its well-thought out stories, and I was able to appreciate much of the "computer-speak" used in the series. Yet, I am sure that many viewers "got" it without having any computer background. For example, we did not need to be told that "Daemon", an evil character, was named after an operating system's program ("DAEMON" stands for "DAy/Evening MONitor"; it was originally pronounced "DAY-mon", but eventually turned into "DEE-mon"). That demonstrates how well conceived ReBoot was.

    Second, we were introduced to characters and situations without having someone explain it all with a blackboard; there was no need for it. Similarly, "Star Trek" never had to explain how a phaser or transporter or warp engines worked. Shows succeed when we can suspend belief through realistic situations.

    Third, all the characters, scenery, and plots were seamlessly integrated. We understood, implicitly, that something was unusual, whenever an unknown entity appeared, for better or worse. Regular viewers would tremble at the mere mention of a "game cube" (i.e., a game activated by the never-seen, but deified, "user"), which could destroy parts of "Mainframe" if the inhabitants lost the "game").

    Fourth, the humor, though designed for children's enjoyment, was definitely adult in nature, and sometimes even a bit bawdy. For example, in one episode, when Dot, a central character, enters a "game" and "reboots" to match her costume and capabilities with that game's venue, she is turned into a buxom "Cleopatra", and says, "Well, I was hoping for a pair of 45's," referring to 45-caliber guns, but, adults snickered, realizing she was actually referring to her bra size! (quite frankly, I'm amazed that things like this escaped the censors' ever-vigilant eyes and ears!)

    Fifth, even though the series ended with something of a cliff-hanger (arch-nemesis "Megabyte" takes over our heroes' city, "Mainframe", once again), we understand that the the world of "ReBoot" is a constant struggle of good and evil, and we never really needed closure (yes, it would certainly be nice if the series had continued!).

    Well done!
  • This show just kept getting better and better with each new season!

    When I first saw this show premiere way back when, I was totally blown away with what they did with CG graphics. This was the first show ever to be produced completely in computer graphics. That innovation aside, Reboot could have rested on their laurels and rode the novelty out for a few seasons, but instead they told good stories and got better graphics. Each progressive season led to more indepth storytelling and even more eye popping art. They managed to create a whole new world that was intriguing and exciting to watch. They told small scale stories like Enzo running his own delivery service to large scale stories about a virus destroying the entire Net. I really wish they would continue with this series in one way or another.
  • Computer generated kids' show with a difference...

    "I come from the Net. From systems, peoples and cities, to this place - Mainframe."

    Delightful comedy. Subtle parodies. Real drama. Great stories. Reboot had it all, and more. What a shame it's finished. I think the parodies were the best, and there were quite a few of them. From Star Wars to Star Trek, The Prisoner to The X-Files - they always worked. Great show.
  • One of the best computer animated tv shows.

    I remember watching this show on the weekends when I was off school I always use to enjoy it to. When I finaly got CN on tv I was suprised to see it going on "Toonami". Infact I saw more episodes on toonami then I saw on the saturday line ups. It was one of the best computer animated tv shows out there and still is in my opinion. I wish CN would air air it from start to finish again.

    I hope that some day mainframe ent decides to make more episodes and CN airs them or that CN decides to replay the series again.
  • Welcome to the world of computer networks

    Reboot follows the adventure of Bob who travelled from many different networks to a computer system named Mainframe His format: Guardian. To mend and defend. There he meets various friends like Dot Matrix, her little brother Enzo. He also came across various enemies like Megabyte, a dangerous virus and his psychotic sister, Hexademical. During his adventures, the "user" downloads games into the system which Bob must venture into and defeat the user to prevent the city of Mainframe from being nullified. Later in the series, we go far beyond the boundaries of Mainframe, seeing places like the Internet and other computer areas that most never heard of before.

    Not many people liked Reboot cause they thought it was stupid. Yeah right. Everything about Reboot screams computer language. The fact that it's in a 3D environment made this show even better cause it best suites the title, not to mention the many alternative games I've seen. The fact that it ended with everyone hanging from suspense was really mean of Mainframe (the company who created this show). I beg them to at least bring Reboot back so it can end in a proper matter.
  • Missing the show

    This show is great, keeps you in suspense.

    I really wish they put a Season 5 on the air, heck even dvd.. Lots of movies come out in the movie theaters, but so many never actually make it there; they go straight to dvd. That is a money lsot cause it never went to theater.. This show doesn't need a movie theater, can't be a money loss...

  • I miss this show!!!!!

    I miss this show so much. I watched it when I was younger and loved it. I admit I did not know everything they were talking about with megabytes and stuff but I still loved it. I wish they would release it on DVD so I could buy them. I miss the show so much and want it back!! Bring it back!!!
  • Insides computer lives Mainframe, filled with Binomes and Sprites. Bob, the Guardian of Mainframe, helps to stop Megabyte, and Hexadecimal from creating havoc on Mainframe. Dot, and her younger brother, Enzo, helps Bob out, and survive games that the user

    I love this show! I've watched it when I was younger, and I still do. But I just wish they would a fifth season to conclude the series. What happened when Megabyte took over the Princible office. Oh, well, it's still a good series. Season 4 is my favorite season
  • Awesome!

    ReBoot was a fantastic show from its early days, with its bright, fun look and slapstick humour, to its later, darker, and more mature ones.
    I was totally addicted to this show in the third grade, and my addiction only grew with Season 3. I thought that the game-travelling concept was really nifty, and although young AndrAIa annoyed me at first, I grew to like her adult counterpart very much.
  • One of my favorite shows from YTV!

    ReBoot was one of the first CGI shows. ReBoot was very orignal with several computer puns and pop culture. The show centred around Bob, Dot and Enzo as go through adventures and fight evil agoinst Megabyte and Hexadecimal. The characters would "reboot" into games when a user would input one. This show was really smart, humorous and the CGI were amazing for a show and I really wish that there was another season of the show!
  • All time favorite show.

    I remember this would come on when I still woke up early to watch the Saturday morning toons. I would watch The Tick, then switch over to ReBoot. Luckily, there was enough entertainment in them to keep me interested. Early on there wasn't much to really make the show stand out from any other kids show.

    Season 2 got much better, and is what got me really hooked. It changed from a funny little toon, to an adventure show of good vs. evil. And the last couple episodes were just fantastic. It went from being a show I watched every Saturday morning, to a show I couldn't wait to come on again. When it was cancelled, I was devistated.

    Then one day, I just happened to be flipping through the channels, and caught the first episode of season 3 on Cartoon Network. I was hooked once again. I changed my work schedule so that I'd be home at the time it was on. Season 3 was just magical. I was glued to my seat everyday watching it. I'd lose track of time, and get all frustrated at the end of each episode.

    This is the only show that had that kind of impact on me. It will always stick out in my mind as the best show I've ever watched.
  • Such a good series to watch! Bring it back to TV!!

    I remember watchin this when i was younger and i have just started watching it again, it just brings back so many memories of how good the show was. I just remember it being so groundbreaking in the advance of how graphical it was for its time. It was way ahead of its time, but i think it was well accepted and to this day is still accepted by young ones as well as adults.

    I just loved the plots, storylines and even the characters right down to the nulls, lol.

    Bring it back!!

  • A show for everyone!

    This show is just one of the best show I have ever seen! This is not your everyday show. This....this....this.....this is just awsome! This sereis is unbeliveable! My favriote character is Hexadecimal. I love Hex. I like the desighn of her clothes. She is just a great character. I like how they made Dot such a smart character. Enzo is just like me. very cool cloths if I might add. I really think this show is influential. The series finale was the biggest cliffhanger in existance! There was supposed to be one more movie but it never played! That ticked me off.

    The relationship of Bob and Dot is really sweet. And I think it is hillarious when Hexadecimal is hitting on Bob!
  • This is one very imaginative show. Too bad it was cut short off the last episode. I always wanted to know what would happen after that, and I still am.

    This is one great series! A very imaginative world, inside a normal computer. Makes me wish I want to be part of it! If there are DVDs for all seasons out there, I'd buy them if I had the cash. Even extras like outtakes and behind the scenes would add greater value. I hope the makers reading this would bring back the show. Even a complete remake with the latest technology and continuation would be outstanding.
  • Computer systems, the User, viruses, & tons more on ReBoot!

    Mainframe did a good job on ReBoot with the last few seasons. My fave show that includes viruses, users & guardians. Viruses, users, & guardians, a real circuit racker. Data flies & combustions flare as ReBoot takes YTV by storm since 1994. I give it a 10/10 for a realistic animation & many more.
  • Educational and entertaining all in one!

    Without me realizing it, I was deeply educated just by watching this show! Like Beasties, it was one of few shows to be fully computer animated back then. It's based on a group of people who protect their city known as mainframe from the wicked virus known as Megabyte. In the first season, he had terrorized Mainframe along with Hexadecimal, and failed many times thanks to Bob and his "glitch" gadget. Ocasionally, a giant purple square will come forth from the sky the citizens know as "the game", and everyone who was captivated within "the game" will serve as the computer. It's their job to defeat "the user" so they won't be transported somewhere else other than their current home.

    I think the main appeal to Reboot was its unique premise of using the inside of a computer as a metaphor. Megabyte is able to infect all those he touches; the gadget glitch can bring forth anything the wearer desires; mainframe is simply the town everyone lives in. Megabyte's ultimate goal is to hack into the super computer so he can destroy everything, especially Mainframe, since it carries Bob, the one to always foil his plans. It starts off as a charming episodic type of show of Megabyte or Hexidecimal up to no good, but then gets much deeper later on as Megabyte finally takes over Mainframe due to the absence of Bob or Enzo. The first couple seasons were really great, but makes a donwfall later on. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone.
  • One of the greatest shows ever to air. After numerous years, the episodes, plots an ideas all remain in the minds of many devoted fans. Definitely a show that you will not be disappointed in.

    Journey inside a computer where sprites, and viruses are constantly at each other. In a 3D environment, the computer in ReBoot is home to a large population of sprites, guardians, viruses, binomes, almost everything you'd find in your very own PC.

    In the city of Mainframe, chaos is always dominant and adventure, suspense, irony, humor, and action never cease. Dot, Bob and Enzo, the original 3 main characters from Season 1, all try to fight against Megabyte and Hexadecimal - the system's viruses - whilst trying to maintain the peace within the system. With many characters appearing in the series in many episodes, the series offers a variety of moods but never sidetracks away from the plot of the show and the storylines in each passing episode.

    There are excellent storylines contained within each episode and season making for an enjoyable series. The episodes, and the computer terminology brought out in each episode, not only make sense, but they all, also, relate to computers in one way or another. You could say that this show is also unintentionally educational!

    This series is an excellent one right down to the last episode. Ever since the year 1994, ReBoot has continously aired on YTV, bringing enjoyment and excitement to all of its viewers. Once again, the show is jam-packed with irony, exciting and suspenseful events, indie jokes and adventurous episodes. Ever single episode is, without a doubt, worth your time - every half hour - as they all are important to the series and season - no episode would be considered pointless to the series since every episode has a place in the show.

    This animated, 3D, sci-fi, action-packed series will have all its viewers on the seat of their pants wanting more from each passing episode. This is exactly what they get! Each episode is always better than the one before it making viewers feel comfortable spending time watching it and not feeling they could be doing something else. Viewers will definitely enjoy each worthwhile, half hour of every episode in all 4 seasons.

    Viewers will become stunned by the quality put into each episode, in anxious anticipation for the the next, and, sometimes, viewers may even be led to tears in some episodes making viewers look forward to when the series coimes on again. Although re-runs are airing currently, and I am 100% certain that new episodes WILL air in time, each episode is, no doubt, worth watching again, and again, and again. This will enable viewers to not feel that even the re-runs are worth watching.

    Trust me when I say that ReBoot is a show that will not only blow you away with its quality and storylines, but, also, ReBoot is a show with numerous episodes that will appeal to every viewer and have them enjoying every "nano" (ReBoot reference ) of each episode, season and the overall series! This series is definitely NOT a waste of your time.
  • This show was really cool to watch. I hated that the show ended all of the sudden. It did not even complete the takeover story. Either the creators should complete the story or remake the series.

    I see no real reason that this show went off the air. I guess each episode takes a lot of time and money that I guess they could not make anymore. It seems this show meet the fait of going off air like Game Over (Which I think is one of the best concepts and seres) and Father of the Pride. I wish there was a better way to get around the time and money problem. Until then, I almost seems any 3-D Animated show is going off air because of this huge problem.
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