Season 4 Episode 4

Sacrifice (4)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 02, 2001 on YTV
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Sacrifice (4)
With time running out, Daemon finally infects all of Mainframe except for Little Enzo, Hack, Slash, and Frisket, who were in a Game Cube. With all of his friends infected, will these 4 unlikely heroes rise to defeat Daemon once and for all?

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  • Bye, Bye Baby!

    I found it odd that this is Welman’s third episode as a whole being yet he is only now learning about his son Matrix and from Phong no less you would think such news would come from Dot or at least Enzo.

    Oh Hexadecimal how you amuse me. Her frequent coming ons to Bob never seize to make me laugh. However about that kiss... Ewwwww! Dot and Bob belong together and was it really necessary for the two of them to be involved in not one but two love triangles in season four?

    I like that Plan 4.04 is a reference to the episode number. But Dot’s plan was just plain ridiculous to send her little brother in a game and make a second Matrix is off the wall. It is also impossible Matrix is who he is because he was driven by his hatred for Megabyte and Enzo doesn’t have that, Plus he doesn’t have AndrAIa to ground him like Matrix did but Enzo does have Hack and Slash though who could really live with them for long I’m sure he would have offlined them after a few cycles.

    Boy is it just me or does everyone look really scary when they are infected by Daemon? Oddly enough Dot is the only one not to have that crazed smile. I like that Daemon gave Hex a good nock because it really shows that she is in fact a virus. So Daemon was the only person besides Mouse to ever force Dot to confront her feelings for Bob, why does Dot have to be like that? Why does she have to push him away? WHY?!

    Now I know Hack and Slash are supposed to be dumb but was Enzo really supposed to lose that game? Wouldn’t Dot rather he win the game, change his icon to game sprite and go on his way rather then lose and lose a sector? Yay for Guardian Enzo! It’s about time he put that outfit back on but it seems to be just a way to get to Matrix. Speaking of Matrix why did he hold the cure? None of the other guardians had that. Maybe it was because his icon was in game sprite mode when he was infected. I guess we may never know.

    I loved Phong’s kung fu action it made me laugh so much!

    Oh Hexadecimal you liked so pretty and now you’re back to looking slightly scary. But if this was indeed her final episode I guess I like it because she is back to the character she originally was. The fight between Hex and Daemon was just too awesome! It reminded me of a video game. So did Daemon get an upgrade or what? I’m guessing so seeing as she went from super to chron. Hex made me laugh when she was dancing with Bob. I have now come to the big climatic ending... Hexadecimal’s sacrifice. It was very sad indeed to see such an amazing character go but at least she left us in a blaze of glory (unlike most of our characters). Man Enzo’s icon sure was cool looking when Hex infected it or whatever. Seeing every one of Hex’s mask was intense.

    You would think Hex’s death would be the most surprising thing about this episode but no it is not. At first it is the fact that Dot prepossess to Bob, then that Ray is back (only in body though), and then the big reveal... There is a second Bob! What do I say about that? INSANE! My first thought when I first seen the movie back in 2001 was "It’s bad enough they have two Enzo’s but two Bob’s? Come on."

    I rate this episode a 8.5 because not only is it awesome but it’s chalked full of surprises! It also gets my choice for number 10 of the best ReBoot episode.moreless
  • An episode with an ending no one would expect. (SOME Spoilers)

    The final part to a four-part story. The conclusion to a great story compiled of 4 episodes. But, I didn't even suspect what happened in this episode. In this episode, it showed that even the most shy and unnoticed people can become the most unlikely heroes that end up becoming saviors. It also shows that even minor characters can play a big role in later episodes, an it was indicative in this episode. One other point about this episode is that when a character gets "cut off" from a series, it's hard to suspet who the first person might be. Not many people would've suspected that Hexadecimal would've left the series permanently. But who knows. Maybe in episodes after, "Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus," Hex may come back for some reason. Anyway, Hex will not be forgotten by fans of ReBoot. She played an important trole in the series and so did Enzo, Frisket, Hack and Slash. Although they may seem as more minor characters, they can rise to become more major characters, playing a lrager role later on. Hopefully, this will continue after "Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus" since some minor characters played a larger role in that episode. Overall, though. This is probably one of the best episodes in the series, and it should definitely not be missed by any ReBoot fanatic!moreless
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Colombe Demers


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Michael Donovan

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