ReBoot - Season 1

YTV (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Identity Crisis (2)
    Episode 13
    With Dot stuck in a game, heavily depressed and about to give up, Phong decides to take drastic action, sending her into a possible future where she lost the game and got herself and Bob nullified.
  • Identity Crisis (1)
    Episode 12
    Dot manages to convince a the binomes of one of Megabyte's sectors to entrust her with their PIDs, so she can register them with the Principal Office. But first she has to get them safely back to Mainframe, which proves harder than anticipated when the virals attack the meeting place. And if that wasn't enough, she keeps getting mysterious flashes of a reality where Megabyte has taken control of the system...moreless
  • Talent Night
    Episode 11
    Dot is arranging a celebration for Enzo's first birthday, and Bob has to keep the young sprite occupied until everything is ready. But will Megabyte leave them be for once? What do you think?!
  • 3/18/95
    With the help of Mouse, a hired mercenary, Megabyte intends to send a heavily compressed ship into Bob's head to take control of his brain. However, things don't go exactly as planned...
  • "Mike the TV" annoys everybody with his annoying television-style cliches and reruns, but when he is trapped in a game cube with Bob, Dot, and Enzo, they find that they need his help to save Mainframe.
  • Enzo the Smart
    Episode 8
    After Bob upstages him during a game, Enzo decides to get smarter in a hurry. The Read-Only Room at the Principle Office is too much like work for the young sprite, so he's tempted into tinkering with the system "clock". Only instead of making himself twice as smart as everyone else in Mainframe, he accidentally makes everyone else half as smart! What's worse, he ends up trapped in a game cube with a bunch of his dumbed-down friends. Can Enzo beat the User by himself and fix this mess?moreless
  • The Crimson Binome
    Episode 7
    Mainframe is attacked by dastardly software pirates, who quickly scavenge the city, taking everything of worth - including Bob!
  • The Tiff
    Episode 6
    After Bob makes Dot late for an appointment, she and Bob get into a big argument. Seems Dot suddenly thinks Bob is too "random", and Bob thinks Dot is too straight-laced. Enzo and the other citizens of Mainframe try to trick the two into making up, but nothing seems to work. When Bob and Dot get trapped in a game cube, will that be enough of a crisis to get them to stop squabbling?moreless
  • 12/3/94
    Frisket swallows an unformat command, which Megabyte's henchmen uncovered. Wanting it back, Megabyte kidnaps Enzo, using him as bait to lure Frisket into Silicon Tor, where he intends to surgically remove the command from Frisket's stomach, at the cost of the dog's life.
  • Medusa Bug
    Episode 4
    Megabyte steals Hexadecimal precious Medusa Bug but finds it to be a trap which turns everything in Mainframe to stone.
  • Quick and the Fed
    Episode 3
    Guardian Bob takes a magnet from Megabyte, thwarting the evildoer's plot to create a portal to the Supercomputer, but an accident causes the device to imperil Dot's life. Bob races against time, Megabyte's henchmen, and the user, to save her from being deleted.
  • Racing the Clock
    Episode 2
    Megabyte tricks Enzo into delivering a dangerous delete command to Hexadecimal. By that time Enzo realizes his mistake, the unknowing Bob is trapped inside a Formula One Game with the command about to go off any millisecond. Enzo and Dot have to race against the clock to save Bob or he will be deleted.moreless
  • The Tearing
    Episode 1

    Bob and Dot fight to keep Megabyte from harnessing the power of a recently discovered, unusually large, "Tear". They nearly succeed, but a game unexpectedly drops down, enveloping them along with the tear, which has become a portal to the Supercomputer. Dot and Bob must defeat Megabyte inside the game, or he will escape through the stablized tear, infecting other systems and becoming more powerful.

  • ReBoot: The Ride
    Journey into the mind of virus, Hexadecimal and see how she functions, operates, and how her chaotic nature drives everyone else insane.
  • Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot
    A special presentation that appeared months before the series to show the viewers how ReBoot was created.